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BARBADOS                                                      NATURE TOURISM           Barbados naturallyThe Barbados geol...
Distinctively Charming            wildlife and habitat    Barbados is home to many species of wildlife    including the gr...
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Barbados Nature Tourism Brochure

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A glance at the wildlife, flora, fauna, landscapes and habitat of Barbados. By Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia http://barbados.org/distinctivelt-charming/

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Barbados Nature Tourism Brochure

  1. 1. BARBADOS NATURE TOURISM Barbados naturallyThe Barbados geology, habitat, flora and fauna are distinctive. They include the gullies, underground lakes and caves and the precious coastal eco- systems like Graeme Hall Swamp; habitat to a 100species of migrating birds and permanent residents.Geologically Barbados is unique, being actually two land masses that merged together over the years. This and other anomalies make this Caribbean island quite phenomenal, and there are geological structures that you will find only in Barbados. NATURE: THE ARCHITECT OF CHARACTER The physical character of a place is defined by nature itself. Beach, sand and coconut trees www.Barbados.org depict a tropical island. Luxury hotels and upscale seaside residences make it elegant. PO Box 16B, Baslen House, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados. Nature is deeper than sand, sea, landscapes, 246 429 2653 beautiful resorts and buildings. It is the distinctivelycharming@Barbados.org foundation of life, character and lifestyle. Barbados is Blessed with abundant nature and character.
  2. 2. Distinctively Charming wildlife and habitat Barbados is home to many species of wildlife including the green monkey, the mongoose,friendly sea turtles, singing frogs, flying fish, birds, bees and butterflies. Farm animals graze in the fields as egrets forage behind the tractors and workers who plough the red earth for crops of sweet potatoes, cassava, okras, yam and tropical vegetables and fruit.The Barbados blackbelly sheep roam the farmers fields and highways freely.