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Integrated Digital Marketing

  1. Integrate Digital … Integrated Media Marketing Social Media Marketing Course Fall 2012 Lynchburg College School of Business and Economics Dr Ira Kaufman ©2012
  2. Companies Fail to Integrate Survey -1,222 managers U.S., Britain, France Netherlands, Belgium, Germany • 61% use Facebook; 39% Twitter, 24% YouTube • Progress on social media use – 29%, said they were “doing nothing,” – 27% said they were in the “first steps,” – 15% were “integrating social media” – 12% integrated social media into corporate plan •
  3. Integrated Strategy • By integrating all of the marketing and communications efforts into one overriding strategy (incorporating mobile, social media, content, sales, advertising, direct marketing, search [paid and organic], email and digital marketing), not only does every department have a better understanding of what other departments are doing, but also the end goals are unified and not conflicted.
  4. 360 Approach
  5. 9 Elements to Integrate -1 1. Design your website/ hub as engaging, interactive, easy to navigate and action oriented. 2. Search Engine Optimization -With 8.2 billion indexed pages integrating targeted keywords and SEO tactics with social media is critical 3.Optimize mobile site- if its hard to read, 61% leave, 40% goes to competitor 4. Digital Marketing Optimization- Social Media Marketing connects 1.5 billion members globally via social networks. Consistent, engaging and sharing posts generates action on your website
  6. 9 Elements to Integrate -2 5. Content Management- rich key word laden content promotes sharing easily with friends, colleagues 6. QR Codes grew 1,400 % linking to website and collecting consumer data. 7. Email Marketing Strategies with ROI of $41/ dollar spent develop email, online and social acquisition strategy 8. Paid Search (PPC) can be tailored to any budget, location or business to capture a very qualified audience. 9. Targeted Online Advertising provides quick exposure while adding new tools to target and convert customers
  7. Marketing Mix • Develop Powerful Call to Action • Choose Tactics • Design Integrated Blueprint
  8. Integrated Media Marketing Synergize … Build on each other traditional online advertising marketing social public Social/Mobile relations media BUZZ
  9. Is Advertising Dead? • No! Advertising is flourishing. • Social media will never be able to replace TV or any other means of communication. • We just need to use every media format the way it was intended to be used. • We need to start thinking. A creative interface and idea is nothing in the digital space without the mechanics and the tactics. Jesper Astrom
  10. Social Strategies • Access Targeted Social Communities • Amplify Traditional Marketing Channels – Este’e Lauder free makeover • Encourage Social Sharing – Leverage users social identities to share content • Integrate Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) • Use QR codes, Pinterest, Instagram to drive traffic to web
  11. QR codes work
  12. Content Management • Create rich content that promotes sharing easily with friends, colleagues • Encourage mashup (mix digital media- graphics, audio, video, animation to create a new work • Reward conversation and engagement • Include keywords in content updates • Produce consistent updates – Utilize staff resources through training – Outsource updates through regular client input
  13. Integrated Media Marketing Best Practices • Review your corporate legal framework • Design a strategy reflecting customer touchpoints • Integrate and synergize your media • Monitor competition’s digital footprint • Develop social media employee policy • Design a proactive crisis strategy • Incorporate links as metrics sm • Evaluate RGV (Resources Generating Value)
  14. What Has Changed ? Barriers are lowered • Blogging  web publishing • Wikis group  collaborative authorship • Social bookmarking and photo tagging  creating knowledge together and classification • Social networking  virtual communities and viral distribution
  15. Instagram VyE&feature=player_embedded
  16. Who’s on LinkedIn? • 175 million Professionals globally • 62% outside US • Avg income $109k • Avg age 37 - 52 • Executives from all Fortune 500 • Entrepreneurs – 31% • Executives – 18% • Decision Makers – 42% *From Advertising
  17. Should I Be Marketing on Facebook? Yes Facebook is the #1 social destination
  18. More than 850 million active users  2nd most trafficked website  57% female  The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older  Average user spends 55 minutes/day on FB  More than 1.5 million local businesses have pages on Facebook  More than 20 million users become fans of Pages each day  The Nielsen Company found that the average time users spend using Facebook per month grew nearly 10%, topping seven hours.
  19. Twitter • Twitter is a free micro-blogging • Tweets- text-based posts 140 characters • 465 million global users in 2012 • 1mil new accts &175 mil tweets per day • How to access: client (10%); mobile (16%) web (64%) • Retweets 92% - interesting content » 84%- personal connections » 66%- humor » 32% incentive » 22% celebrity
  20. Social Video • 800+ million users/ month • 4 billion hours watched/mo • 72 hrs uploaded/ minute • 70% traffic outside the US "double the prime time audience of • Create a YouTube channel all three major U.S. networks • Syndicate Your Videos combined” • Use videos for events, special services, customer service, how-to
  21. Social Bookmarking • Share bookmarks • Collaborative knowledge gathering • Voting on popular posts • Research
  22. Stumble Upon Recommendations
  23. If you think and operate with new models, you will realize new results • The next three years businesses will Integrate Marketing Strategies to realize a powerful competitive edge • Companies are changing how they relate to their customers • Are you prepared?
  24. About the Presenter Dr. Ira Kaufman, President, Ira combines 30 years of rich experiences with businesses and non-profits to guide them to leverage the power of social media for marketing, recruitment and organizational development. Ira collaborates with a team of experts to design interactive environments to by integrating traditional advertising, online marketing, public relations and social media. His strong values and sensitivity to organization innovation and change are the foundation of his work. Ira has a PhD in Marketing and serves as a consultant, public speaker, and lecturer for companies and Senior Executive programs. Currently Assistant Professor, Lynchburg College School of Business and Economics. LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: URL: © 2012