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Conversion Content Marketing by Scott Brinker

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Put your content to work by making conversion a measurable goal. Take the six principles and go from being passive to active — from being generic to specific. That’s conversion content marketing.

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Conversion Content Marketing by Scott Brinker

  1. ConversionContentMarketingby Scott Brinkersbrinker@ioninteractive.comTwitter: @chiefmartechttp://www.ioninteractive.com
  2. #contentmarketing @ioninteractive
  3. Progress and Creativity in the Renaissance
  4. “Step into an intersection of fields, disciplines, or cultures…combine existing concepts into a large number of extradordinary new ideas.” — Frans Johansson The Medici Effect
  5. We’re in the middle of a modern marketing Renaissance today.
  6. Two HousesAlike in Dignity
  7. Content Marketing> Useful or entertaining> Highly relevant to topic> SEO and SMO friendly> Free, easy to consume> Builds brand, reputation> Continuous production> ___________________
  8. ConversionOptimization> Call-to-action oriented> Move visitors forward> Immediate results> Not free, but tempting> MVT & A/B testing> Performance metrics> _________________
  9. How could content marketing andconversion optimization be better?
  10. Content marketing can be shy when it comes to asking someone out. Attractive Content visitor marketing
  11. Conversion optimization is like honing pick-up lines.
  12. Sometimes people don’t want to be picked up.
  13. Free Used CarLove Salesman Content Conversion Marketing Optimization
  14. ConversionFree Content Used CarLove Marketing Salesman Content Conversion Marketing Optimization
  15. Principles ofConversion ContentMarketing
  16. #1 Content is king. ** Conversion optimization pros take note.
  17. > Depth> Quality> Human> Specific> Different
  18. #2Conversionis alwaysoptional.
  19. > Subtle-ish> Respectful> Patient> Present
  20. What about the other 90%?
  21. What’s the next step?
  22. #3Always betesting.
  23. > Big ideas> Refinement
  24. THINK BIG(the secret of A/B testing)
  25. segment
  26. segment simplified
  27. 8.12% conversion 9.23% conversion 11.4% conversion
  28. Harness your traffic with MVT.
  29. Headline& Subhead Video Left CTA Category Thumbs & CTA Links
  30. ~50% lift
  31. #4Form shouldn’tbe formulaic.
  32. > Conversion paths> Applications> Microsites
  33. 84% lift+ bounce rate reduced 48% Athena Health example courtesy of http://www.bgcboston.com
  34. “We’re killing theindustry average.”200% liftover industry averages as reported in B2B Magazine December 2009
  35. “We have much better insight.”19.6% conversion rate
  36. #5Produce copiously.
  37. > Portfolio strategy> Segmentation> Real-time
  38. “data deduplication”
  39. “data recovery”
  40. “data retention”
  41. “backup window”
  42. “snap server NAS”
  43. “data storage”
  44. “business continuity”
  45. >16%conversion rate
  46. 10% Test &90% Iterate
  47. Test & New40% 60% Iterate Content
  48. In summary…
  49. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  50. 5 Principles of Conversion Content Marketing#1 Content is king.#2 Conversion is always optional.#3 Always be testing.#4 Form shouldn’t be formulaic.#5 Produce copiously.
  51. Thankyou forlistening.Scott Brinkersbrinker@ioninteractive.comTwitter: @chiefmartechttp://www.ioninteractive.com
  52. Effective web & mobile experiences Get your ideas into market quickly Empower all content stakeholders to distribute & test Experiment very different content experiences Easily manage the explosion of content touchpoints& messages on the web Know in real-time how it’s all performing © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved.
  53. The ion platform makes it happenCreate Publish Test AnalyzeConversion content Take your ideas live Launch A/B & MVT Specialized reports toexperiences like instantly. experiments easily to maximize conversionlanding pages, determine the most opportunities.microsites, conversion effective experiences.paths, forms, mobileand more. © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved.
  54. 10x Increase © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved.
  55. Decreased CPA by 20% © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved.
  56. 3x Improvement © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved.
  57. Double Digit Conversion Rates © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved.
  58. Let’s connect!info@ioninteractive.com 561-394-9484 @ioninteractivewww.ioninteractive.com © i-on interactive, inc. All rights reserved.