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  2. 2. QUESTION 2- HOW DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT REPRESENT PARTICULAR SOCIAL GROUPS? • I have chosen to compare my magazine with one I found called fortune as I thought it was quite similar. Ok the layout is more simple on the Fortune magazine but in terms of the male being the center of attention they are identical, also the clothing of both of the guys is identical as it is casual. Like I have mentioned before in the previous question the casual look gives off the impression that these are normal guys and their achievements can easily be reached by normal people. So my magazine represents the social group of young people by having a young looking male on the front cover, similar to the fortune magazine.
  3. 3. QUESTION 3 – WHAT KIND OF MEDIA INSTITUTION MIGHT DISTRIBUTE YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT AND WHY? • I managed to find two media institutions that might distribute my media product, the first is Dubset Media holdings. Dubset media holdings is all about the promoting dubstep music and giving it a chance to succeed. The other institution is IPC media this institution is the UK’s leading consumer magazine and digital publisher. These two institutions might want to distribute my media product because they are dubstep involved which is ideal and the other is known for publishing magazines which is also a bonus for my magazine.
  4. 4. QUESTION4- WHO WOULD BE THE AUDIENCE FOR YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT? • The image to the right completely sums up the kind of people who might be interested in the magazine and who it is aimed for. My magazine is aimed at young people generally and overall people that are looking to have a good time. I chose this as these are the people who are associated with remixes of popular songs. The genre of my magazine’s music will be played on nights out and at party’s for example and the people that relate to that are both young males and females.
  5. 5. QUESTION5- HOW DID YOU ATTRACT/ADDRESS YOUR AUDIENCE? • Its simple how I attracted my audience, with a bright colour scheme, a main image which stands out and a catchy title. Especially when I included the image of the UK TOP 40 logo on my front cover, this instantly attracts people who are up to date with their music. Also my logo, which is a DJ this will attract the people who are interested in mix-ups and a change to songs. My background and colour scheme is also quite trendy and this carries on throughout the magazine, this will help me to attract my target audience as people that are my age and older are likely to have the same taste as me and they will like the way that my magazine looks.
  6. 6. QUESTION 6- WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNT ABOUT TECHNOLOGIES FROM THE PROCESS OF CONSTRUCTING THIS PRODUCT? • During this process I have learnt how to use the quark and Photoshop programs. They have been very useful to me in making my magazine the way it is. Photoshop made me edit the images the way I wanted to by cropping things out and making my images look tidy so they stood out on my main magazine. Quark was also useful it allowed me to layout my magazine in the way I wanted to. I found the 3 column setup very useful as it allowed me to see what my magazine looked like in more detail, and when it came to my double page spread I could see where abouts the half way point would be( where my page would split) and I could adjust where I put things so that it looked better. • I also used PowerPoint to analyse each one of my pages. And Google drive, this helped me to put things on my blog so that they can be seen.
  7. 7. QUESTION7- LOOKING BACK AT YOUR PRELIMINARY TASK, WHAT DO YOU FEEL YOU HAVE LEARNT IN THE PROGRESSION FROM IT TO THE FULL PRODUCT? • For my preliminary task I had to do a school magazine. This got me familiar with using the quark and Photoshop programs, this experience had me ready to use these programs again to make my music magazine even better. I have learnt how to use these programs properly. I have also learnt how to put things onto the blog and how to collect audience feedback by putting my magazines onto YouTube with a classmate analyzing them. But by doing the preliminary task it prepared me immensely to getting my magazine even better.