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Photography & Development of Magzine Cover

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Photography & Development of Magzine Cover

  1. 1. Development & Photography Drafts of Magazine Cover
  2. 2. This is the image I chose for my magazine cover.CAMERA: Fujifilm Finepix S2980ISO: 100APERTURE: f/4.2EXPOSURE: 1/125thFOCAL LENGTH: 26mmI took the idea of having a director as the front covermodel (previously mentioned), instead of the usualconventions of having an actor/actress from the featuredfilm.I carefully got the subject to pose for a eye-level midprofile shot, this decision for when I need to producespace for the sell lines. I also took the image like this tofocus in addition to her clothing and make-up as she issuggested to be a ‘new young contemporary director’ inthe urban drama industry. Plus, the subject is Caucasianwhich subverts the stereotypes of Urban Dramaproductions as most figures are of black origin.
  3. 3. Here is the secondary image of this subject.CAMERA: Fujifilm Finepix S2980ISO: 100APERTURE: f/4.2EXPOSURE: 1/125thFOCAL LENGTH: 26mmHere, the subject has different clothes so I could trydifferent effects on the cover whilst editing. I alsocarefully got her to pose in a seductive manner thiscould interest the reader (‘Sex sells’), also thesubject pulling her hair also connotes that uniqueaspects are referred in the magazine as this is whatthe magazine is about.Though, I felt that this image wasn’t as effective asthe other as a cover for a film magazine. This isbecause of the long shot of her and the position ofher head on the length of the page.
  4. 4. Here I began with a orange background to create the side spine of the magazine. Next, I then edited the mainimage by cropping it and altering the colour curves of the image to get a strong and desired colour. I also added asoft-glow effect to the image to make the subject look vivid and explicit to catch the eye of the reader.
  5. 5. After, I used a magic layer mask to create a fade from themain image to the white foreground so that nothing gets inthe way of the masthead.I also added a ‘fx’ text to experiment with colour ways justto see if the masthead would collide with the head. Forexample like the ‘GQ’ logo.
  6. 6. Though some of the text is over the subjects hair and clothes, Ihave come to terms to suggest that the text should be layeredunder her/ behind her.This is get a professional feel to the magazine.I have also implanted professional ideas as I have kept to the 3colour house theme rather than a multi-coloured product.
  7. 7. Furthermore, I added a scanner bar, Instagram logo and a barcode to express that the magazine forms tomultimedia convergences rather than magazines like Empire & Total Film that only have the bar code.This could also imply that my magazine would be more successful in the web 2.0 industry as I am reflecting and interms with other convergences like Instagram that seen as one the most fastest growing softwares/socialnetwork/photo galleries in the web 2.0 world.I also added a price and issue date to the bar code so that buyers/customers would know from the bar code if itisn’t mentioned near the masthead.
  8. 8. Here is another example but using the second image.But I didn’t believe it would make a good magazine cover so I declined the further idea.
  9. 9. The Alternative version
  10. 10. Here is a male version of the same magazine, I also conformed to house themes as well but however changed upthe font to get a different and softer tone as the female version was a bit too harsh and vivid to the eye.
  11. 11. The Final Drafts