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The nuts bolts_of_prudal (2)

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The nuts bolts_of_prudal (2)

  1. 1. The Nuts & Bolts of Prudal A Cloud of Services
  2. 2. Part OneThe Company
  3. 3. Productivity Roll out new commodities as often as possible. Both frontend & backend teams MUST collaborate to roll out new updates, patches, and releases etc. Every 9-18 months roll out a new product.Innovation: Innovation can MAKE or BREAK the company. Its no longer Location... Location... Location. Its Innovation... Innovation... Innovation.
  4. 4. Productivity (Contd)Employee Benefits: Implement the 20% rule. All employees are given 20% of the week to be productive on there own time while in the office. This means they can brainstorm, play video games, code, whatever there hearts desire. This in turn drives more motivation in achieving greatness for the company as well as promotes personal project completion. Offer a bonus every month to honor all the most productive workers in the company. Whether it be brainstorming, coding, market researching etc. Employees will be more productive and will be more eager to be productive if they know a prize is awaiting them at the end of the month.
  5. 5. Expansion Facebook is geared towards mainstream usage. In order to become as powerful as the powerhouse Facebook we need to start out as a mainstream society social network. We need to open city-by-city. This way we can monitor growth. It will in-turn ease the process of growing. For example: its faster to pass out flyers in a city than the world, right? Apply this to our expansion schematics.
  6. 6. Theory 1.0Whatever goes up must come down. Thats a basic law ofPhysics right? Well the same can be said about Facebook.The sooner we can get production rolling, the sooner we will beready to take first place when Facebook goes under.We need to start while Facebook is at its all time high. Prettysoon its nothing but downhill for Facebook. And once Facebookhas fallen, everybody will know of Prudal and begin to use it.Or, if we grow in popularity Facebook may loose its mojo. Forexample: just as Facebook stole MySpaces thunder. We toocould very well steal Facebooks thunder.
  7. 7. Theory 1.1 Its more of ease to grow per-city rather than per-country. We will have agents in the designated regions campaigning while implementing our advertising tactics. Soon enough, if all goes as planned; cities, states, even countries will hear about Prudal before we even get agents to them. This will be done through word of mouth. We will buy extremely short website URLs such as you.me to advertise rather than to use thiswebsitenameisverylong. com. This is easier for that guy on the street to remember, that is if we are to use shortened URLs.
  8. 8. Revenue Lets face it allot of our users wont feel the need to spend allot of money for the power of modularity. So we empower the use of credits. The end user can watch videos or listen to commercials embedded in there dashboard to gain more credits. They can also buy credit cards in the stores. We will have group pages where they can advertise on the site. Just as facebook has little text ads on the sidebar of every page, we too will empower this methodology. There are plenty of solutions we can roll out for revenue. The possibilities are limitless. Our marketing team work along side the software logic team in coming up with solutions to turning a profit
  9. 9. Misc. Facts Facebook has succeeded by offering a product to the general populous. If we wish to prevail in the industry we too need to offer a product to mainstream society. This is your problem Rick, you invest all your time and money in companies that dont offer products to mainstream America.
  10. 10. The Website Part 2
  11. 11. Prudal - The Social Network Everything is modulated. In other words everything is customizable, interchangeable, and theme-able Use Keywords such as: PersonaPlus (Themes), Plugins, Modules, Addons, Packages, Premiums, and of course widgets.
  12. 12. DashboardThe Wall: Your wall will consist of a notebook like tool. In resemblance to http://www.google.com/notebook. This will gear the site more towards a blogging look and feel rather then a micro-blogging platform which Facebook tends to favor with its word count restrictions.The cPanel Your cPanel will always remain intact no matter what may be loaded on the Wall. For example: Lets say you have a module that allows you to run a chat room with many of your friends. Well, all you need to do is add it as a widget to your cPanel and as you navigate through facebook, the widget will always appear on your page. Without the need of reloading the page
  13. 13. Flavors! Just as there are complexities to the different types of ice cream. Our site will empower complexities or as we call it Flavors. When the user signs up, he will be presented with an extremely simple layout. He can then watch videos and learn through tutorials and so forth as to how to completely customize his Prudal site. He will also have the ability to roll back to previous versions of his works. In case he messes up or his account gets too cluttered with modules.
  14. 14. ConclusionFuture revamps
  15. 15. My Approach What we need to do, is get Venture Capitalism to invest in our company. Which shouldnt be too hard. Read the following blog post for more information on how Im gonna approach this manner: http://www.techi.com/2010/06/9- steps-to-creating-a-social-networking-site-that-kills- facebook/ Ive been pondering on this website for at least 2 years. Ive got it all figured out Ricky. Ive even got the layouts of our buildings which we are gonna use.