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Creating Customer Profiles

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Creating Customer Profiles

  1. 1. Creating Customer Profiles Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover•Identifying Customer Segments• Research Tools• Creating Customer Profiles & Scenarios Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink
  3. 3. Who Are Your Customers?Don’t be general: Must be specific:• Anyone on the Internet • Male business professionals age 35-55• Women living in big cities• Young people • Mothers age 25-45 with children under• Any business the age of 10 • College students age 18-24 who spend 10+ hours/week playing video games • Small retailers with no ecommerce Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink
  4. 4. Customer Segment AttributesDemographics Buying Habits Psychographics• Age • Role • Attitudes• Gender • Frequency • Values• Education level • Online / mobile / offline • Personality• Income level • Recommendations from • Lifestyle• Occupation family/friends/colleagues • Interests / hobbies• Family life • Social proof• Geographic location Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink
  5. 5. Persona Types Competitive Spontaneous Methodical Humanistic-Fast-thinking -Fast-thinking -Slow-thinking -Slow-thinking-Logic-oriented -Emotion-oriented -Logic-oriented -Emotion-orientedLayout & Messaging: Layout & Messaging: Layout & Messaging: Layout & Messaging:-Quick access to information -Quick access to information -Detailed information -Detailed information-Appeal to competitive -Success stories and videos -Video demos and -Images & videos that shownature = other companies that showcase customers presentations peopleare using you so they should -”1-2-3” visuals -Reassurance that there are -Reassurance that you will betoo -Reassurance that the resources, manuals, training there to help-Reaffirm need to be current product/service is easy to use& in the know Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink
  6. 6. Identifying Customer Segments Current Customers Competitors’ Customers Who Can Benefit Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink
  7. 7. Survey Current Customers Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink
  8. 8. Ask Website Visitors Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink
  9. 9. Get In-Depth Feedback Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink
  10. 10. Identify Niches Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink
  11. 11. Example User Profile #1 Demographics Psychographics •Early 40s •Spontaneous persona • Children in grade school • Enjoys doing activities together • Well-educated • Family-oriented • Upper middle-class income • Active, healthy lifestyle Buying Habits Content & Messaging •Too busy to do much research •Emphasis on family before making a purchase • Show healthy ingredients • Spends time on Facebook, • Checkout must be quick Ebay, and recipe sites •Conversion goal = Purchase giftThe Thornton Family • Only uses mobile phones for basket on website texting & talking Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink
  12. 12. Example User Profile #2 Demographics Psychographics •Mid-20s •Humanistic persona • Single; no children • Gets recommendations from friends • College degree & others on social networks • Assistant Manager • Values time with friends • Earns $45K •Likes to save money / get a good deal Buying Habits Content & Messaging •Doesn’t rush to make a •Customer testimonials purchasing decision • Photos of people • Spends time on Facebook, •Conversion goals = Sign up for emailKim Harris Etsy, and fashion sites newsletter, like Facebook page, and • Uses mobile phone for texting, download mobile app talking, and apps Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink
  13. 13. User Profile Template •Demographics • Psychographics • Age • Attitudes • Gender • Values • Education • Lifestyle • Income • Personality • Family Life • Interests / hobbies • Geographic Location •Persona Types •Buying Habits • Competitive • Role • SpontaneousName • Frequency • MethodicalOccupation • Online / Mobile / Offline • Humanistic • Social Proof  Then think about messaging, content, and conversion goals Carol Morgan Cox InterMedia4web.com @CivicLink