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county oil exploration well pad reserve pit drilling muds mud cuttings durum wheat. yield and yield component area environmental stresses variability national ovine center consanguinity building livestock management antimicrobial activity. bacteriocin cfs lactobacillus pentosus channidae cyprinidae fish fauna river swat malakand sustainable utilisation fire ethno-botany environmental changes baobab fluoride uptake fluoride contaminated soil fluorosis bean serum lipid profile haematology aqueous extract flower tridax procumbens warri river factor analysis phytoplankton physicochemical parameters tanoe-ehy rainy-season mammals elaeis guineensis jacq. greenhouse gas ld50. gamma irradiation ethnobotanical ethno-genetics authentication super-barcodes ngs dna barcoding phytomedicinals mollusc food zohra samreen ashiq hussain syeda ayesha ali bibi sazain lalbibi saima azam najeeb ullah shumaila yasmeen imran taj abdul wadood khan farooq shahzad muhammad kamran taj saqiba jogezai plant protection beneficial traffic density roadside soil rice equivalent yield monetary advantages fertilizer economy soil quality green manuring triticum astevium wheat stem rust ug99 ssr-mlgs population structure pgt srr markers beans phaseolus edamame leguminous vegetable abundance antlion chicken meat functional food chicken feet bone substitute chicken floss soil arthropod’s collembollan ipm’s tactic bioconversion lignocellulolytic enzymes marine woodborers philippines. tropical methanol proximate sea grass high nutrition value super food medicinal herb lushoto. stakeholders’ characterization swot analysis innovation platform lower dir blood orange cadmium cetyltrimethylammonium bromide. micellar 1-(2-thiazolylazo)-2-naphthol (tan) cobalt napthalene acetic acid benzyl amino purine misting system humidifier education seed dormancy stratification wild oats air pollution tolerance index brick kiln hydrogen fluoride varieties inoculants moisture summer. milk protein depression legazpi city liverworts mosses biofertilizer. entisol soil chili variety mycorrhizae glomus mosseae sustainable development kenya. sustainable development goals green concept sea level. arenga pinnata soil nutrient nursery. ratio mâle/female sarotherodon melanotheron mineral food improved local varieties chad gis mapping. gis modeling crop suitability agricultural questionnaire. plant protection applications kocaeli prunus persic. prunus armeniace prunus domestice scavenging activity phenolic content pollination. flowers chalicodoma cincta cajanus cajan red delicious lesion diameter golden delicious fungi associated water hyacinth sphenomorphusvariegatustropidophoruspartelloi. lowland dipterocarp forest endemism organic nutrient cucumber sucking pests population density oil content. organic and inorganic fertilizers in vitro fenugreek callus production 4-hil inceptisol glomus generative adapted acaulospora sp al-diwaniya river biometric characters carasobarbus sublimus relative humidity natural 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indices open source strigolactones. methyl-jasmonate brassinosteroids abscisic acid ethylene cytokinins auxins quality assessment. fit and unfit water quality gazania. leaf anatomy anatomy extracts atuna racemosa river tributaries salug river tigua river bukidnon san fernando germination characters seed priming in nacl or kno3 safflower cultivars sea urchin. sexual dimorphism geometric morphometrics tripneustes gratilla thin-plate spline grids line × tester analysis repellence efficacy biopesticides aphids threats agro-ecosytems woody species deadhearts. infestations stem borers improved rice genotypes mindanao state university c-stocks. rhizophora apiculata sonneratia alba diet cephalopods stomachs bowl. sepia officinalis oil ecuador. amazon region essential oils gc–ms stachys lavandulifolia. stachys inflata ecological management chemical properties soil fertility caterpillar droppings burkina faso. shannon diversity index point intercept transect hard corals coral reef ecosystem brassica napus. weight of 1000 grain diameter of fruit grain yield length of fruit natural wetland species similarity lowland rice field rotting côte d’ivoire. protective bacillus subtilis pineapple cattle milk powdery mildew dilute acetic acid garlic. sodium bicarbonate sediments canal total coliform. silage quality. fodder climbing bean organic sources niger oilcake bonemeal vermicompost minor oil seed crop commercial fishes water pollution aculeata hymenoptera scoliidae wasps. taxonomic ground dwelling gis. qorveh plain parnaíba river. communities ecology anuran fauna biogeography potassium nitrate water use efficiency. rhodes and blue panic dealers farmers blood profiling. biochemical markers pesticides maxent representation gap analysis species distribution modelling vitex doniana. climatic envelope white rust puccinia horiana p. flourescens biological control in vitro and in vivo testing pgpr carnation extract aloe vera gel nano plastic gaviota strawberry cultivar selection differential single seed descent augmented design weed species cuminum cyminum foeniculum vulgare trachyspermum copticum l. allelopathic effects arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus forage corn rhizobium bacteria narrow sense heritability broad sense heritability. scholarly journals bread wheat cultivars robber crab. exploitation biological data university of tabriz seedling dry weight shepherd's purse seedbed type. year sowing bambara groundnut methylanthranilate passer domesticus anthraquinone lathyrus sativus lignocellulosic pleurotus sajor-caju alley cropping agroforestry hedgerow bio-concentration heavy-metal phyto-remediation drought tolerance selection indices. path analysis genetic improvement stomatal conductance magnetic water biomass. water use efficiency maggot mixture specific growth optimal ration schilbe intermedius fingerlings feed efficiency peanut canonical correlation analysis oil quality. ttkst isolate wheat inheritance duplicate recessive epistasis stem rust perlette flame seedless vitis vinifera l. pigeonpea disease management striga resistant maize varieties. striga asiatica spatial arrangement capability of agricultural productivity land use planning azaran watershed in kashan striga alectra cowpea benin city. municipal waste dumpsites physico chemical microbiological zeoponix yield and yield components planting pattern plant density islet intertidal snake island coral pool mountaineers hunza pakistan. trekkers eco-tourists mountain tourism strategy aquaculture blood cockle welfare. tribal people herbal practitioners real-time pcr. plga-peg mtt assay aspergillus sp. solid state fermentation. pectin pectinase antibacterial activity multidrug resistant salicornia herbacea l. seed extract gram-negative bacteria gram-positive bacteria guzara forests. antimicrobial compound lactic acid bacteria (lab). leaf gas exchange relative water content. chlorophyll fluorescence durum wheat co-inoculation bacillus rhizobium adaxial abaxial genetic variation rice ( oriza sativa l.) principal component analysis genetic advance path coefficient correlation butterfly glyphosate resistance introgression transgenic lines gts 40-3-2 event precipitation pattern dehshir forage production yazd. gas exploitation company employed attitudes aghjari oil root yield advanced lines sweet potato isomers toxicity decomposition monocrotophos seawater - freshwater interface asam-asam river n. fruticans wurmb. acid soils microelements dystric cambisol aluminum hierarchical classification morphotypes sudanian and guinean climate zones agro-morphological diversity qualitative descriptors benin quantitative descriptors botanical race superoxide dismutase peroxidase catalase low temperature wabane mount bambouto invasive weed euphorbia golondrina oviposition sylvatic animals rhipicephalus microplus levantine sea biochemical component fatty acids edible seaweed turkey. coconut husk phytophthorakatsurae phosphorous acid additive sorghum epistasis genetic parameter polythene sheet growth behavior cutting sizes salix tetrasperma ggebiplot stability agropyron intermedium forage yield tree breeding controlled pollination cultivar development progeny trial fruiting efficiency clarias gariepinus oilfield wastewater mucor spp aspergillus spp superphosphate earthworm toxicity test km and vmax. p-nitrophenyl-β-d-glucoside tamarind p-nitrophenyl-β-d-galactoside β-galactosidase β-glucosidase trap markers fe transporters microtuberization sucrose concentration capparis sepiaria adaptation mechanisms soil acidity cape jasmine; industrial effluent; growth media; w phonological stage management practice wheat varieties wheat yield mountains jordan planting/irrigation gene expression basil cvomt jharia coalfield heavy metal pollution index nisoc staff offices agility capabilities organizational agility national iranian south oil company geotourism ghalat fars province touristic land phenotypic character prunus africana β-sitosterol co2 emission energy consumption economic analysis farm inputs morphological traits pseudomonas azotobacter oman sea otolith priacanthus tayenus orchidectomy testosterone testis libido fertility hemp sowing date yield components. aquatic resources lake kivu fisheries statistics dead palm trees volvariella volracea mushroom pests gas exchange black poplar mineral ions treated waste water oscillatoria tenuis zygogonium ericetorum. contaminated water ulothrix tenuissima yellow mottle virus genetic effect maternal etnomedicine cikondang indigenous village
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