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Opening Keynote: Putting IBM Watson to Work

Presented at InnoTech Austin on October 20, 2011. For details on InnoTech, visit www.innotechconferences.com

Opening Keynote: Putting IBM Watson to Work

  1. 1. Putting IBM Watson to WorkManoj SaxenaGeneral Manager, IBM Watson Solutions © 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. On February 14, 2011, IBM Watson changed history introducing a system that rivaled a human’s ability to answer questions posed in natural language with speed, accuracy and confidence.  Watson Wins!  Largest Jeopardy! in 5 years  34.5M Jeopardy! Viewers  1.3B+ Impressions  Over 10,000 Media Stories  11,000 attend watch events  2.5M+ Videos Views (top 10 only)  10,897 Twitter  23,647 Facebook Fans1 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. IBM Watson a look behind the scenes System Specifications IBM Technology Depth 2880 Processing Cores Content Analytics 90 IBM P750 Servers Business Analytics 16 Terabytes Memory (RAM) – 20TB Disk Big Data 80 Teraflops Computing Power Workload Optimized Databases / Systems Data Warehouses In the past 5 years IBM has spent over $14B in acquisitions and $6B in R&D annually2 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Agenda What is IBM Watson and why is it important? How is IBM putting Watson to work? What can we expect in the future?3 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. The World is Getting Smarter + + = Instrumented Interconnected Intelligent An opportunity to think and act in new ways— economically, socially and technically.44 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Unstructured data is proliferating. . . … 249B e-mails (2.8M/sec) and 200M Tweets daily … 35 hours video uploaded to YouTube per minute In 2005 there were 1.3 billion RFID tags in circulation… … by 2010 there will be 33 billion. An estimated 2 billion people will be on the Web by 2011 ... … and a trillion connected objects – cars, appliances, cameras, roadways, pipelines5 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Businesses on a Smarter Planet are “dying of thirst in anocean of data” 90% of the 80% of the Traditional world’s data was world’s data technology solutions created in the today is only leverage 20% of last two years unstructured the available information 1 in 2 83% 5.4X Business leaders don’t of CIO’s cited BI and more likely that top have access to data analytics as part of their performers use they need visionary plan Business analytics6 © 2011 IBM Corporation Source: GigaOM, Software Group, IBM Institute for Business Value
  8. 8. Today’s business challenges are causing organizations torethink what it will take to get ahead tomorrow Emerging IT  Structured & unstructured (global) Traditional IT  Probabilistic Applications  Discovery Oriented  Structured data (local)  Small and Big Data  Deterministic Applications  Natural Language  Search Oriented  Small Data  Machine Language7 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Healthcare Industry is beset with some of the most complexinformation challenges we collectively face Medical information is doubling every 5 years, much of which is unstructured 81% of physicians report spending 5 hours or less per month reading medical journals “Medicine has become too complex (and only) about 20 percent of the knowledge clinicians use today is evidence-based.” Steven Shapiro, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, UPMC8 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Why is it so hard for computers to understand humans Structured Data Unstructured Data Physicist Birth Place “One day, from among his city Where was A. Einstein Ulm views of Ulm, Otto chose a water color to send to Albert Einstein N. Bohr Copenhagen Einstein as a remembrance of born? M. Curie Warsaw Einstein´s birthplace” Source: Excel File, Database, etc. Source: http://www.schaeffenacker-ulm.de/en/otto.html Person Organization L. Gerstner IBM “If leadership is an art then surely Jack Welch has proved Welch ran J. Welch GE himself a master painter during this? W. Gates Microsoft his tenure at GE” Source: Jack Welch and the GE Way, Robert Slater Source: Excel File, Database, etc. Source: IBM Research9 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. A Brief History of IBM Watson IBM Research Jeopardy! Watson Watson Project Grand for Industry Challenge Healthcare Solutions (2006) (Feb 2011) (Aug 2011) (2012) Cross-industry Scale up Commercialization New class of industry Demonstration specific business analytics solutions that R&D leverage Big Data10 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. IBM Watson brings together a set of transformationaltechnologies to drive optimized outcomes Generates and Understands evaluates natural hypothesis for language better outcomes and human Renal Failure speech UTI Diabetes Adapts and Learns from user selections and responses …built on a massively parallel probabilistic evidence-based architecture11 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. IBM Smarter Healthcare A smarter health system improves visibility and collaboration across all health system participants making best use of resources to prevent and treat diseases, reduce overall healthcare costs, and keep people healthy. + + Instrumented Interconnected Intelligent Capture accurate, Enable seamless Use advanced real-time information analytics to improve information from sharing across research, diagnosis devices & systems groups and treatment12 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Why is Watson Technology ideal for healthcare? What condition has red eye, pain, inflammation, Understands natural language questions  blurred vision, floating spots and sensitivity to light? Analyzes large volumes of Physician Notes, Medical Journals, Clinical Trials, unstructured data  Pathology Results, Blogs, Wikipedia Generates and evaluates hypothesis  Possible Diagnosis Uveitis Confidence 91% Iritis 48% Keratitis 29% Presents responses with confidence  Supports iterative Family History, Patient Interview, Physical Exam, dialogue to refine results  Current Medications Learns from results over time  What actions were taken? What treatments were prescribed? What was the outcome?13 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. IBM and WellPoint are working together to put Watsonto work in healthcare Leverage medical records TO diagnose and identify + = treatment options TO IBM Watson enhance the quality of medical care delivered WellPoint IBM Watson Serving 1 in 9 insured Americans "Imagine having the ability within three seconds to look through all of that (medical) information….at the moment youre caring for that patient." Dr. Sam Nussbaum, WellPoints Chief Medical Officer, WellPoint14 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. From battling humans at Jeopardy! to transforming business IBM Watson Healthcare Financial Services Diagnostic/Treatment Assistance, Investment and retirement planning, Evidenced-Based Insights, Collaborative institutional trading and decision Medicine support. Tech Support Government Contact center support and services. Public Safety, Improved Information Enterprise knowledge management. Sharing, Security, Fraud and Abuse Consumer marketing. Prevention IBM Watson has the capabilities to address business and societal challenges15 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. Learn more at: www.ibmwatson.com. www.facebook.com/ibmwatson. www.twitter.com/ibmwatson (Tweet #ibmwatson ) www.youtube.com/ibm See Watson in action at an IBM Lab, Briefing Center or Analytics Solution Center16 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. 17 © 2011 IBM Corporation

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Presented at InnoTech Austin on October 20, 2011. For details on InnoTech, visit www.innotechconferences.com


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