The State of App Downloads and Monetization Infographic : MENA 2015

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This infographic captures the trends and patterns in the mobile app world of MENA as witnessed on our network for the year of 2015.

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The State of App Downloads and Monetization Infographic : MENA 2015

  1. 1. THE STATE OF APP DOWNLOADS & MONETIZATION MENA- 2015 Insights SAUDI ARABIA REMAINED THE LEADING MOBILE APP MARKET IN 2015 Top app destinations m-COMMERCE AND TRAVEL CONTINUED TO DRIVE GROWTH IN THE MENA REGION THE POPULARITY OF IPHONES HAS DRIVEN THE OS GAP TO A MINIMUM CPI premium - iOS over Android % share of installs by country Games 48% m-Commerce 34% 6%Travel Entertainment 2% Social & Communication 6% m-Commerce m-COMMERCE APPS REMAINED POPULAR ACROSS MIDDLE EASTERN MARKETS Share of m-Commerce app installs across top app destinations Saudi Arabia Israel South Africa Egypt 2x 1x 1x 1x iOSPremium 54% Kuwait UAE Saudi Arabia 52% 46% +1255% +277% Travel +788% Entertainment Bahrain 8% Saudi Arabia 56% 9% UAE 3% Kuwait 5% Bahrain South Africa 6% Israel 3% Share of app categories Growth in app categories Insights are based on InMobi's network data for 2015 | Follow us on @InMobi | ios premium = ios CPI - android CPI x= cost of an android app install m-Commerce share of installs Share of app installs % change over 2014