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Mobile Gaming Monetization Trends - 2016

  1. Mobile Gaming Monetization Trends - 2016 Sohan Maheshwar Senior Developer Evangelist
  2. 2 InMobi InMobi is the world’s most powerful mobile advertising & discovery platform offering a wide range of monetization options for app developers via a comprehensive suite of ad formats including video ads, custom- framed interstitials & native ads. InMobi reaches over 1.5 billion unique mobile devices & works with 30,000+ game & app developers.
  3. 3 Agenda Mobile Gaming Monetization in 2015 Mobile Gaming Monetization in 2016 1 2
  4. Mobile Gaming Monetization Trends 2015
  5. 5 Trend I: Video Ads ● Mobile Video Ad Spend went up 70% in 2015. Total of $2.62 billion dollars spent. ● Video Ads have better app install conversions, are high- engagement and mean more money for the developer. ● Rewarded Video Ads have seen an increase in popularity thanks to its opt-in format. ● Crossy Road made $3m from Rewarded Video Ads alone.
  6. 6 Trend II: Apple TV and Chromecast Games ● 4th gen Apple TV has support for apps and games including 3D games. ● Monetization will come to Apple TV on tvOS. ● Google Chromecast 2 has updated hardware and casts games from Android and iOS
  7. 7 Trend III: Game Studios As Publishers ● Popular studios have started moonlighting as publishers. ● Examples include Rovio and Fingersoft ● Easier to invest money in user acquisition and paid marketing. ● Many studios are also localizing their apps to suit the large Eastern markets.
  8. Mobile Gaming Monetization Trends 2016
  9. • Twitch has 120 million users a month. • YouTube Gaming, MobCrush, all have beta released live streaming of mobile games. Trend I: Live Streaming Mobile Games
  10. Trend II: Playable Ads • App-install Ads that let users ‘play’ a game within the ad. • InMobi launched it in 2015. • Google recently launched their product too.
  11. Trend III: In-Game Branded Assets/Power-ups - Native for Gaming • In-game assets that are branded with a company name. • Asset can be interactive or static.
  12. Trend IV: The rise of VR • Official launch of the Oculus Rift • Gear VR, Google cardboard compatible with many devices. • Mobile gaming will adapt to VR soon.
  13. Trend V: Look East • Google Play to re-launch in China • Number of smartphone users in India to touch 200 million in 2016 • Apple App Store has added lower pricing tier in India.
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  1. -rewarded video ads great way to nudge towards IAP, also can be used in non-game apps -Crossy Road made $10m in 2015. 3m of which came only from rewarded video ads
  2. -These games are supported using Siri Remote as well as separately sold ‘traditional’ consoles. -SpotX, AppLovin have already announced launches of ad SDKs for tvOS. -It will take away from console sales. Further the divide between serious and casual gamers. New paradigm of gaming from your mobile phone into the living room. -Apple TV and Google Chromecast are slightly different in their approaches. But fundamentally in the same ecosystem.
  3. -Companies like Sega, Ubisoft etc have invested in getting their games localized for Eastern markets, given the size of the markets there. -This works vice versa as well. For instance Neko Atsume, a japanese app about cats saw some traction in foreign markets. so they localized it for the west and released it.
  4. Twitch was bought by amazon for ~$1 billion. Even SDKs ilke Everyplay which record gameplay on mobile are quite popular.
  5. -InMobi in partnership with Voxel launched Playable Ads. -The technology allows users to ‘stream’ an app inside an ad through virtualization. -Didn’t work because of tech difficulties and publishers weren’t too keen on taking time away from their games. But market is evolving. -Google just launched their version of Playable ads and it might see a resurgence. - Can work for non-game ads as well.
  6. Static and non static assets are branded with a company’s name. Sometimes these assets are interactive ,as in the case of the Idea power up in this ad in Angry Birds. In countries like India it is tough to monetize through IAPs thanks to low credit card penetration and high entry point of IAPs. So game dev focus on a mixture of ad revenue and branding opportunities. For example: Amazon presents XYZ game.
  7. According to Meeker, India is the top country that adds more new internet users. In 2014 alone India added 63MM+ new internet users. Currently India has 232 Million internet users growing +37% y-o-y. 65% of India’s internet traffic comes from Mobile. Other mini trends - netflixation, offline rewards, feeder apps