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Q2 2011 - Europe Report

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Q2 2011 - Europe Report

  1. 1. A GLOBAL VIEW OF MOBILE ADVERTISING: Europe Regional Summary Q2 2011 InMobi Mobile Insights - Network Data Release date: July 18 2011
  2. 2. ABOUT THE RESEARCHProject BackgroundAfter launching in 2007 in Asia, InMobi quickly grew to become the worlds largest independentmobile advertising network. In the second quarter of 2011, we served 104.9 billion impressions in165 markets worldwide. With a physical presence in 5 continents, over 5,000 publisher partners,and a broad, independent market footprint, InMobi is well positioned to provide an objective,comprehensive, and representative view of the mobile advertising market.Research ObjectivesWe have three goals with this research:1.  Help educate the market. Statistics and information about the state of mobile advertising are lacking in most regions of the world.2.  Track consumer opinions regarding mobile advertising. With any emerging medium, the consumer perspective is critical to overall market success. We see a need for trending across regions in this area.3.  Collaborate with industry thought leaders to increase market insight and improve information quality ongoing. As a global independent company, we value partnerships that will strengthen our understanding of the market. Researchers, thought-leaders, and analysts are encouraged to contact us and apply for full partner access. Beginning July 2011, InMobi is moving towards Contact Information quarterly data views which will highlight broader www.inmobi.com/research industry trends and provide an overview of the research@inmobi.com global mobile advertising market.   Twitter: @inmobi
  3. 3. NETWORK DATASpecificationsData in this report are sourced from our global mobile advertising network which served 104.9 billionimpressions in the second quarter of 2011. With 165 countries receiving over 1 million impressionsmonthly, we are able to claim one of the broadest and most representative networks in the world. Exactspecifications are as follows:• Global Available Impressions in Quarter 2, 2011: 104.9 billion• Regions Represented: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America• Countries Represented: 114 countries with over 10 million impressions per month• Base Measure: Available Impressions• Reports: Market Summary, Manufacturer Share, OS Share, and Top Handsets & Connected Devices• Time Periods: Q1 2011 (January – March 2011), Q2 2011 (April – June 2011)• Comparisons: Q2 2011 versus Q1 2011RepresentationInMobi is committed to an independent and transparent leadership position in mobile advertising. With that in mind,the following issues are present in this data.Mobile Advertising Market Definition: This report covers mobile display advertising only including both WAP andAPP. SMS/Text and Search are NOT included in this synopsis.Scale and Time In Market: Representation within the network is a function of the both scale and time in market.Readers can expect more fluctuation and variance in younger, smaller markets for the company.Publisher Mix: As with any ad network, market representation is a function of the publisher mix. We have over5,000 publishers of all sizes and content types, but changes to the publisher mix in a given market could impact thedata.Advertiser Mix: Similar to publisher mix, the advertiser mix could impact the numbers in our network, although to amuch lesser extent than publishers.
  4. 4. EUROPE SUMMARYEuropean Regional Profile: Q2 2011 Q2 showed continued mobile ad growth in Europe on the InMobi network, growing by over 21%. "   InMobi now serves over 10.7 billion impressions a quarter in Europe. The volume of mobile impressions in Europe signifies the reach mobile devices can offer local, regional and global brands. Smartphone growth is pacing the market, growing by over 1.5 billion impressions over the quarter. "   Smartphones grew at 31.3%, while advanced phones at 8.2%. As smartphones are growing at much faster pace it underlines the rich mobile media consumption and Available Impression Volume & Composition usage by Europeans. Global Q1 2011 Q2 2011 % Chg Development Index Apple passes Nokia to become 8,884,632,942 10,758,744,734 21.1% na Total the #1 device manufacturer bySmartphone 4,960,465,597 6,513,197,379 31.3% 142Advanced 3,924,167,345 4,245,547,355 8.2% 63 mobile ads in Europe. WAP 6,483,847,844 8,096,659,821 24.9% 90 "   After a strong Q2, Apple now represents App 2,400,785,098 2,662,084,913 10.9% 148 19.5% of all InMobi ads in Europe. www.inmobi.com Source: InMobi Mobile Insights – Network Research, Q2 2011
  5. 5. EUROPE Europe OS Share: Q2 2011 Available Impressions Global Android OS Impressions % Share Pt Chg Development 20%   Index 25%   iPhone OS Android 2,675,674,932 24.9% -5.0 174 RIM OS iPhone OS 2,097,075,868 19.5% +3.3 142 7%   Symbian OS RIM OS 1,694,120,668 15.7% +6.1 240 Nokia OS Symbian OS 1,358,640,253 12.6% -0.3 65 13%   Others 19%   Nokia OS 798,025,861 7.4% -0.8 36 Others 2,135,207,151 19.8% -3.3 n/a 16%  Android continues to grow and remains the top mobile platform in the region, but lost-5.0 share points in Q2. iPhone OS and RIM OS capture share from Android in Q2 asthey grow quicker."  Q4 2010 and Q1 2011 showed Android growth far outpacing the market, but that trend has been reversed in Q2. This is partially driven by the strength of the Apple iPad."  The top three OS platforms (Android, iPhone OS, RIM OS) represent 3 out of every 5 ad impressions delivered in Europe. Source: InMobi Mobile Insights – Network Research, Q2 2011
  6. 6. EUROPEEurope Manufacturer Share: Q2 2011 Available Impressions Global Manufacturer Impressions % Share Pt Chg Development 2%   Apple Index 6%   Apple 2,097,075,868 19.5% +3.3 142 4%   19%   Nokia Nokia 2,009,664,803 18.7% -0.9 47 6%   Samsung Samsung 1,880,540,476 17.5% -0.0 116 RIM RIM 1,694,120,668 15.7% +6.1 24010%   HTC HTC 1,099,364,514 10.2% -4.2 199 19%   SonyEricsson SonyEricsson 661,730,747 6.2% -1.9 96 LG LG 386,777,573 3.6% -0.5 87 16%   Motorola 236,007,399 2.2% -1.7 68 Motorola 17%   Others 693,462,684 6.4% -0.2 n/a Others Apple becomes the #1 mobile phone manufacturer by share of ad impressions in Q2. "  Apple gains +3.3 share points while Nokia lost -0.9 share points. "  RIM continues to perform well in Europe, capturing an additional +6.1 share points in Q2. "  Devices from 5 manufacturers (Apple, Nokia, Samsung, RIM and HTC) in Europe represent 80% of all mobile ads in the region. Source: InMobi Mobile Insights – Network Research, Q2 2011
  7. 7. EUROPEEurope Handset and Connected Device Detail: Q2, 2011 Global Handset Impressions % Share Pt Chg Development Index Apple iPhone 1,399,838,332 13.0% +1.1 154 RIM BlackBerry 8520 716,887,354 6.7% +2.4 273 Samsung GT-I9000 512,298,343 4.8% -0.1 390 Apple iPod 461,017,014 4.3% +0.3 106 HTC Desire 457,267,727 4.3% -2.5 521 Apple iPad 236,220,521 2.2% +1.9 179 HTC Desire HD 220,641,939 2.1% -1.3 268 RIM BlackBerry 9700 201,046,701 1.9% +0.2 244 RIM BlackBerry 9300 188,512,521 1.8% +1.0 274 Nokia 6300 175,412,447 1.6% -0.6 73 RIM BlackBerry 9800 157,286,904 1.5% +0.9 283 Samsung GT-S5230 129,668,733 1.2% +0.5 438 Nintendo DSi 107,597,468 1.0% +0.0 329 HTC Droid Eris 103,958,535 1.0% +0.3 3293 of the top 6 devices in the European mobile landscape by ad impressions are Appledevices. The iPhone remains the #1 device in the region."  RIM BlackBerry 8520 globally gained +0.8 share points, while in Europe it gained +2.4 share points to index considerably higher (Global Development Index : 273) in the region."  A connected device, the Nintendo DSi, makes the top 15 devices in the region with over 100 million impressions in Q2 2011. Source: InMobi Mobile Insights – Network Research, Q2 2011
  8. 8. EUROPE Europe Summary: Q2, 2011 Available Impression Volume & Composition Top 5 Manufacturers: % Share of Available Impressions Q1 2011 Q2 2011 % Chg Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Pt. Chg Total 8,884,632,942 10,758,744,734 21.1% Apple 16.2% 19.5% +3.3Smartphone 4,960,465,597 6,513,197,379 31.3% Nokia 19.6% 18.7% -0.9Advanced 3,924,167,345 4,245,547,355 8.2% Samsung 17.5% 17.5% -0.0 WAP 6,483,847,844 8,096,659,821 24.9% RIM 9.7% 15.7% +6.1 App 2,400,785,098 2,662,084,913 10.9% HTC 14.4% 10.2% -4.2 Top 3 OS Systems: % Share of Available Impressions Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Pt. Chg Android 29.8% 24.9% -5.0 iPhone OS 16.2% 19.5% +3.3 RIM OS 9.7% 15.7% +6.1 "   The InMobi Europe network remains healthy, growing by 21% over the last 3 months. "   UK was the fastest growing mobile ad market in Europe, gaining +3.9 share points of regional ad share. "   Apple becomes the #1 manufacturer in Europe by ad impressions. "   Android, the most popular mobile OS in Europe, controls a quarter of total impressions. Source: InMobi Mobile Insights – Network Research, Q2 2011
  9. 9. MEASURES AND TERM DEFINITIONSMeasures:Available Impressions: The total number of ads requests made to the InMobi network% Share (of Available Impressions): The % of total available impressions in the specified region allocated to the inventory type, device,manufacturer, or OS under analysis.Global Development Index: An index of the % share of the inventory type, device, manufacturer, or OS under analysis in the specifiedregion or country relative to that same inventory type, device, manufacturer, or OS share globally.Regional Development Index: Global Development Index: An index of the % share of the inventory type, device, manufacturer, or OSunder analysis in the specified country relative to that same inventory type, device, manufacturer, or OS share in the relevant region.% Chg: The percentage change in absolute value between two different time periods.Pt Chg: The difference between two share percentages for an inventory type, device, manufacturer, or OS under analysis in different timeperiods.Definitions:Smartphone: Any impression served to an iPhone OS, Android OS, RIM OS, webOS, Windows Mobile OS, Linux Smartphone OS, PalmOS, Nokia N & E Series Phones, or Samsung Bada.Advanced: Any impression served to any OS or handset not included in the smart phone definition above.WAP (Wireless Application Protocol): Any impression served using Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) which is an open internationalstandard for application-layer network communications in a wireless-communication environment.App (Application): Any impressions served to a mobile application resident on the consumer mobile device.Carrier: The mobile network operator (MNO), carrier service provider (CSP), wireless service provider, wireless carrier, or cellularcompany providing service for mobile phone subscriber served the impression.OS (Operating System): The system software (programs and data) running on the mobile devices that manages the hardware andprovides common services for execution of various application software receiving the impression.Handsets and Connected Device: The make and model of the mobile device receiving the impression.Manufacturer: The OEM manufacturer of the mobile device receiving the impression.Other: An aggregation of any remaining impressions not specifically detailed previously. Typically an aggregation of everything under 1%share.InMobi Regional Definitions:InMobi defines all regions per Wikipedia with the following modifications:“Asia Pacific” includes the 15 Oceania countries as listed in Wikipedia.“South America” includes South & Central Americas as listed in Wikipedia.
  10. 10. NEXT STEPSThis data is part of a series of network reports that are released monthly.Additional regions and markets will be released throughout the quarter.Release ScheduleOnce a quarter InMobi will release a full data report which will include global, regional and countrydata views. The next full release is planned for mid October. Monthly data updates including keyinformation by market will be released via our mailing lists and website.While we move to a quarterly release schedule, we will still continue to releases insightful data onkey markets across regions on a monthly basis. These releases will shed light on emerging trendsand unique developments specific to those key markets.Open Source Research: Getting InvolvedObjective industry analysts and thought-leaders are encouraged to comment, question, andparticipate. We will be sure to consider and update the research based on feedback and questionsto improve the quality for all end users.To join our monthly research mailing list, contact us at Research@InMobi.comTo download the full reports, visit us at www.InMobi.com/research