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InKnowVision March 2014 Buy-Sell Problem Solver Case Study Webinar

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Last month we unveiled our Buy-Sell Problem Solver™ client engagement tool which includes:

- Legal Audit
- Tax Minimizer
- Value Identifier
- Funding Review

This new tool is specifically designed to help advisors quickly engage new business clients and uncover advanced planning opportunities.

View the recording for a case study showing how InKnowVision’s Buy-Sell Problem Solver™ led to a comprehensive planning engagement with a family business worth over $100M.

The owners of this successful family business thought they were doing everything right:
- They had a buy-sell agreement in place
- Their agreement was fully funded with insurance
- They continually updated their insurance to keep pace with the growing company value

Unfortunately, the agreement they had in place was going to cost the family millions of dollars in unnecessary taxes when it was triggered. Join us to learn how we helped this family solve a significant problem they didn’t know they had.

Who should attend:
- Investment Advisors
- CPAs
- Attorneys
- Insurance Professionals

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