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The CUP MPs dress code - Sara Gonzàlez - Diari ARA

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Sara Gonzàlez, journalist at the Diari ARA Newspaper, asked to share some thoughts & ideas about the CUP MPs dress-code at the beginning of the !0th Term. Our pleasure, as always!

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The CUP MPs dress code - Sara Gonzàlez - Diari ARA

  1. 1. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                   The  Catalan  Parliament     CUP  MPs  dress  code     Sara  Gonzàlez  -­‐  Diari  ARA         You  think  theres  a  minimum  of  clothing  when  the  deputies  should  be  aware  of?     Politics   dresses   the   same   customs   and   codes   from   centuries   ago   in   order   to   differentiate  and  visualize  concepts  like  "Influence,  Right  and  Power".     The  Politics  dress  code  has  been  converging  toward  the  same  canons.  No  matter  the   ideology.  Political  men  dressed  almost  alike.  Women  politicians  have  a  catalog  and  a   broader  view.     Attributing  an  ethics  "good"  in  a  concrete  dressing  mode  and  negative  connotations  to   "other  dressings"  is  antithetical  and  old  style.  Placing  the  key  debate  on  the  dignity  or   indignity  depending  on  how  you  dress  is  #oldpolitics.  In  the  future  are  we  gonna  deny   the  dignity  of  an  Arab  Catalan  MP  hijabed  or  a  naked  MP  of  the  Catalan  Naturist  Party?   Its  crazy.  We  must  not  forget  that  we  are  referring  to  elected  Officials.     Members  must  have  the  freedom  and  are  free  to  dress  the  way  they  wish  or  they  fit:   with   or   without   tie;   with   or   without   jacket;   with   the   latest   creation   of   a   famous   celebrity  designer  or  with  a  shirt  Monica  Oltra  style  (logos  or  social  issues  claims).     Should  we  be  afraid  to  change  Politics?  Absolutely  not.  Marcus  Aurelius  asked  "what   can  occur  without  change?".     To  oxygenate  Politics  is  to  update  it;  make  it  more  human;  less  elitist  and  closer  to  the   People.  Its  just  that  goal  of  the  CUP:  to  change  Politics  at  all;  Breaking  old  molds  and   old  ways.  This  attitude  has  to  be  welcome.     There   should   be   neither   a   minimum   nor   a   maximum   dress   code   patters,   having   all   the   possible  respect  towards  to  all  personal  &  political  decisions  of  the  MPs.     #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   1   www.ingenia-­‐pro.com                            @ingenia_pro      
  2. 2. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 What   do   you   think   that   CUP   Members   of   Parliament   keep   the   dress   you   have   on   the   street?       It   is   their   best   iconic   flag,   their   ultimate   message.   "We   support   other   values,   other   ideas,  we  propose  an  alternative  of  180  degrees  and  we  defend  it  also,  with  the  way   they  dress,  opposite  of  the  establishment."     It  is  an  act  of  consistency:  they  want  to  represent  the  people  of  the  street;  they  want   to  be  their  voice.  Politics  has  been  increasingly  moved  further  away  from  the  People.   The   CUP   have   a   golden   opportunity   to   humanize   and   rebuild   bridges.   The   ruling   parties,  even  those  ones  on  Opposition  have  lost  the  exclusive  social  conversation.       The  arriving  of  the  CUP  at  the  Catalan  Parliament  changes  and  alters  all  scripts:  forms   and   depths.   Risto   Mejide,   famous   Ad   Men,   said   a   few   weeks   ago   in   the   same   ARA   Newspaper:   "dress   like   you   the   job   you   want   to   have."   The   CUP   didnt   campaign   on   winning   the   election   neither   winning   the   Catalan   Government.   They   have   another   different  mission:  to  combat  the  system.     It  will  be  very  interesting  to  see  if  the  three  MPs  as  they  advance  during  his  first  term   evolve  into  a  realistic  institutionalism  or  maintenance  on  tying  the  flag  of  Utopia.         How   about   that   the   President   of   the   Catalan   Parliament,   Nuria   de   Gispert,   ask   "formality"  when  dressing  in  Parliament?     Did  the  president  asked  herself  when  dressed  like  a  Fairy?       Source:  El  País   #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   2   www.ingenia-­‐pro.com                            @ingenia_pro      
  3. 3. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                   How  important  is  the  dress  flirting  with  the  message  to  convey?       Coherence   is   essential   to   defend   values,   messages   and   the   ways   in   which   these   are   attached  and  displayed.     There   is   no   interference   between   the   CUP   MPs   defending   their   messages   and   forms   the  way  they  do.             @aleixcuberes  is  an  @ingenia_pro  founder  &  consultant     #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   3   www.ingenia-­‐pro.com                            @ingenia_pro