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Mario Guerrero - Automating the Sales Cycle

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Success Stories Track - ICON14

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Mario Guerrero - Automating the Sales Cycle

  1. 1. My History Spent 11 years Corporate America September 2001 – Started Over without safety net. Opened first location No plan No automation No rational reason to do this
  2. 2. One man show. One word….Unimpressive!
  3. 3. Who We Are Today 4 locations 1,300 members Revenue $3,000,000 35 Staff Members System / Process Driven Growth by automation and tech
  4. 4. Our Business Our Student Base: families, kids, recreational adults At our largest school: 46% Kids age 4-8 35% Kids age 8-12 19% Adults
  5. 5. Our Business At our Adult school, we see the inverse 86% Adults 14% Kids
  6. 6. Our Business Business to Business Service 10 schools with After-School Programs Provide martial arts classes in their location Buckley Caedmon YWCA PS 6 Parkview Ideal Leman Family School West Family School East VCS
  7. 7. Revenue
  8. 8. Revenue Product Process Automation
  9. 9. The Road to $1Million Customers Value Total Revenue 10 $100,000 $1,000,000 100 $10,000 $1,000,000 1,000 $1,000 $1,000,000 10,000 $100 $1,000,000 100,000 $10 $1,000,000
  10. 10. Our “Sweet Spot” # Students Tuition Revenue 400 $2,500 $1,000,000
  11. 11. Attract Interest Capture Leads Nurture Prospects Convert Sales Deliver & Satisfy Upsell Customers Get Referrals Sales Cycle
  12. 12. Attract Interest Capture Leads Nurture Prospects Convert Sales Deliver & Satisfy Upsell Customers Get Referrals Sales Cycle
  13. 13. Before Infusionsoft… Different services for: -Email marketing - Prospect Tracking -E-commerce - Stats reporting No real process across locations. People driven, not System driven. AweberAweber Member SolutionsMember Solutions PayPalPayPal ChampionswayChampionsway ExcelExcel Mind BodyMind Body First DataFirst Data Constant ContactConstant Contact
  14. 14. Before Infusionsoft… We relied on staff to do everything manually. As we grew, we found all staff was not created equal. Training was not uniform. We needed systems to tie everything together and to provide a structure where all staff could excel.
  15. 15. With Infusionsoft… • Lead Generation • Prospect Tracking • Trial Class Purchasing & Scheduling • Email marketing • Pre-frame Upgrades • Online store • Analytics It’s been a process of evolution
  16. 16. With Infusionsoft… Before IS Online Trial Revenue 2012: $ 7,000 After IS Online Trial Revenue 2013: $ 17,400 That’s 148% Increase with Infusionsoft. Prospects paid us $17,400 to try out program. That alone more than pays for Infusionsoft.
  17. 17. Conversion Rate Lead to Prospect 2013: 28% Prospect to Member 2013: 61% Retention Rate: 72%
  18. 18. With Infusionsoft… - Online Trial Purchase - Web Form - Westside - BJJ - Adult BJJ - Lost Lead - 2 Class - In Store Purchase - Web Form - Eastside - Kids - Little Champ - Current - 1 Class “Grappling Gary” “Ninja Nancy”“Karate Ken” - Trial Reservation - Tribeca - Kickboxing - Adult Basic - Trial - 2 Class Basic level = Identification via Tags 3 different scenarios, instant snapshot:
  19. 19. In the beginning… • Web form opt-ins • Wide angle approach • Tested different magnets… - Schedule & pricing - Free reports - Free videos
  20. 20. In the beginning… Everyone’s first Campaign = Follow-up emails & phone prompts + Tags!
  21. 21. The Goal = Online Trial Purchase 2 classes for $29.99 establish value Infusionsoft: Legacy order forms Separate forms for each trial type: -Kids class trials -Adult kickboxing trials -BJJ trials
  22. 22. Opportunity Stages Immediately upon purchase: Back end: - Location ownership assigned - New Opportunity created - Program & Trial Tags applied Front end: - Instant “human” interaction!
  23. 23. New Opportunity Receipt + Personal Contact + What to Do Next
  24. 24. Opportunity Pipeline A prospect goes through through various “checkpoints” before they reach the member stage. Loss can happen at ANY of these points. Goal = Prevent the Loss
  25. 25. Opportunities Campaign • We built a campaign solely for Opportunity Stages • Begins at Online Purchase, with other “drop in” points (we’ll get to that) • Fully automated except for manual stage switches. Because it requires manual upkeep, we had to find a streamlined interface for our sales team (we’ll get to that too)
  26. 26. 1st Class Scheduled Introductory email that answers common questions & orients the customer with what to expect before they even walk in the door Re-enforces information given over the phone when scheduling the customer
  27. 27. 1st Class Complete Goal = Get them to come back Staff pushes to accomplish this in-person, our automation is there as a safety net. Insurance policy.
  28. 28. 1st Class Complete Should the net fail…. emails go off to the program director prompting attention at 1-week and 4-weeks after initial stage entry
  29. 29. Trial Complete • Other stages are similarly programmed. • Upon trial completion: “Satisfaction Survey” • Purpose: – Ensure our procedures are being followed – Gauge customer experience – Appear attentive to customer’s needs – Gather testimonials
  30. 30. Trial Complete Membership upsell: For prospects that are “thinking it over”, we deliver an email series spanning a few weeks aimed at addressing concerns (most common hurdle? price & commitment)
  31. 31. End of the Road? Membership Purchased  Tag: Current + Program Lost Lead  Tag: Lost Lead Ok great… but what about everyone else? Phone calls? Walk-ins? Referrals?
  32. 32. Where do Prospects come from? ONLINE •Active: web form signup/trial purchase •Passive: observation, maybe they call or walk in later PHONE •phone inquiry •reserving a trial class WALK-IN •walking in for info •walking in to sign up
  33. 33. Integration Problem In 2013, we sold 430 martial arts trial programs online, through Infusionsoft. That’s up from 250 trials sold in 2012. That’s great! But wait…. How many trials did we sell total?
  34. 34. Integration Problem Online Tryouts 2013 430 Paid Trials $17,400 Total Tryouts 2013 1,568 Paid & Free
  35. 35. Next Step in Evolution • In order for to integrate “Offline” prospects the same as “Online” prospects, we needed to: – Automate Tag & Opportunity Creation – Centralize input – Merge existing web opt-ins with new data from person-to-person contact
  36. 36. Harnessing Campaign Power We accomplished all of this via Custom Fields and Internal Forms Dedicated Campaign
  37. 37. Every time someone calls to reserve a trial class, sales team must fill out “Trial Reservation” form. Basic info collection. Drops into “First Class Scheduled”
  38. 38. Every time someone new walks in and fills out a waiver, sales team must fill out “Walk-In Tryout” form. More detailed info. Drops into “First Class Complete”
  39. 39. Tracking Prospects • Great, so the data has been input. But how do you keep track of when people actually come in? • Needed a scheduler to tie into Infusionsoft. But no scheduler would fit our needs. • Too many programs = too many parts. Goal was to simplify.
  40. 40. Making Life Easier IMAGINE THIS: It’s 3PM, class of 4-year-olds and their strollers are trying to leave while a new class of 6- year-olds is starting. Both phones are ringing and you have a new walk-in lead asking for information at the desk, with two tryouts scheduled to come in the next hour. The least # of clicks it takes to get information, or to do a task, the better.
  41. 41. Challenge Clicks needed to change an Opportunity’s stage and return to the dashboard: 7 Windows to change between: 2
  42. 42. Solution Calendar + IS Sidebar The Infusionsoft Sidebar plug-in allows us to keep all the information in one place, and perform actions from a single display.
  43. 43. Clicks needed to change an Opportunity’s stage: 4 Windows to change between: 1 Calendar Always Visible
  44. 44. Direct Sales 1. Find prospect 2. Educate Prospect 3. Guide through sales process based our goals 4. Tell them what to do. Contact Point Action YOU want Website Visit Fill out form Email Purchase online trial Phone call Schedule intro class Trial class Buy membership
  45. 45. Little Champs Program Kids 5 to 7 years old Attend class up to two times per week Stronger Foundation for Martial Arts Training Focus, Self-Discipline, & Attitude What is Self-Defense When to use martial arts
  46. 46. Little Champions Program Six Month Program $1,182 Six Monthly Payments of $197 or Save $118 with a single payment of $1,064
  47. 47. Basic Program Six Month Program $1,290 Six Monthly Payments of $215 or Save $193 with a single payment of $1,097
  48. 48. Black Belt Training Program One Year Program $2,820 Twelve Monthly Payments of $235 or Save $283 with a single payment of $2,537
  49. 49. Premier BJJ Program One Year Program $3,300 Twelve Monthly Payments of $275 or Save $323 with a single payment of $2,977
  50. 50. Leadership Program One Year Program $3,600 Twelve Monthly Payments of $300 or Save $353 with a single payment of $3,247
  51. 51. Student Life Time Value Tiny Champs $1,182 Little Champs $1,182 Junior Basic $1,290 Black Belt Training $2,820 Premier $3,300 Leadership $3,600 Total $13,374
  52. 52. Modern Martial Arts NYC Questions? Mario Guerrero…..tkd@4blackbelt.com Sam Verdure……...sam@4blackbelt.com