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Open up and share: finding and re-using information literacy (IL) learning material. Graham

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Presented at LILAC 2010

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Open up and share: finding and re-using information literacy (IL) learning material. Graham

  1. 1. Open up and share: finding and re-using information literacy learning material Nancy Graham March 2010
  2. 2. Outline  LILAC 2009 symposium findings  IL RLO Share wiki  JISC OER projects  JorumOpen  Community of Practice
  3. 3. LILAC 2009 symposium findings
  4. 4. Discussion topic Overall finding Design/ Development We are still creating learning material that is already available. Need to agree on generic, good quality learning objects for all to use. Storage/ preservation Currently no single point of access to high quality IL learning material. Standards of storage should be agreed by us all. Sharing Clear licensing was a big issue for all. Need to agree how we want to share material. Quality control No consensus on how to control quality – need to revisit this. Re-purposing Little re-purposing going on. Need an audit of currently available material to stop duplication of effort. Community of Practice Huge demand for face to face events and online support, advice, information.
  5. 5. IL RLO Share wiki  http://ilrloshare.wetpaint.com  Set up after symposium  A-Z list of IL RLO repositories etc.  Discussion forum  Online community of practice  …so please join us!
  6. 6. JISC OER Projects  Testing out real sharing models  JISC Good Intentions report – sharing best with shared goals (librarians)  What can we learn from the OER projects?  Check if there’s a project at your institution:  http://www.jisc.ac.uk/oer
  7. 7. JorumOpen  New version of Jorum opened Jan 2010  Allows anyone to download learning objects  Allows anyone in UK HEI to upload objects easily with Easy Deposit tool  www.jorum.ac.uk
  8. 8. Community of practice  Use the wiki to share resources, ideas  Also add resources to JorumOpen, IRs, websites etc.  Events – OER 10 – IL RLO workshop at UoB – Hands-on workshop at UC&R conference  http://ilrloshare.wetpaint.com
  9. 9. IL RLO workshop at Birmingham  Guest expert speakers in creating and re- purposing RLOs  Hands-on sessions to try out new software etc.  Look out on wiki, JISC mailing lists etc. for booking information
  10. 10. Useful URLs  http://ilrloshare.wetpaint.com  www.jorum.ac.uk  www.jisc.ac.uk/oer  http://www.informationliteracy.org.uk/Res ources_By_Theme/Teaching_resources.as px
  11. 11. Nancy Graham n.graham.1@bham.ac.uk