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Jones, Peters & Shields - Transform your training the sequel: return of the interactive IL trainers

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Jones, Peters & Shields - Transform your training the sequel: return of the interactive IL trainers

  1. 1. To get *really* prepared for this session… Save this number in your phone: 0203 322 5822 or Save this address in your mobile device: http://PollEv.com
  2. 2. Transform your training Starring Rosie Jones: University of Manchester Karen Peters: London Metropolitan UniversityEmily Shields: Manchester Metropolitan University
  3. 3. ObjectivesBy the end of this session, you will have:• engaged in a number of practical activities to take back to your workplace;• seen a range of active learning approaches within e-learning;• an understanding of facilitation techniques to encourage student participation;• an appreciation of how to foster active learning throughout your institution/service.
  4. 4. After 2 weeks we remember: Doing the real thing 90% of what we say Simulating the real thing and do Evaluate, create, apply! Giving a talk 70% of what we say Discussing in groups Active Feeding back to class learning Watching a film or 50% of what we hear and see Passive demonstration 30% of what we see Looking at graphs learning 20% of what we hear Hearing lectures Cone of 10% of what we read Reading learning: Dale 1969
  5. 5. This picture is a link to the Xerte tutorial show in the presentation ctivee-learning
  6. 6. What is a facilitator?• A facilitator helps individuals or groups achieve their goals• A facilitator is someone who assists the progress of individuals or groups, who makes processes easier
  7. 7. Jigsaw Re-directing questions Simple techniquesThink, pair, Wait timeshare Rounds
  8. 8.  Divide group into smaller Jigsawgroups Each small group work onaspects of problem Set limits for each group Bring back together tosolve the problemEach group provides apiece of the puzzle
  9. 9. 1 Drinks are on the house2 Night Tonight Night3 Just between you and me4 I understand
  10. 10. Just between you and me I understand Drinks are on the houseNight TonightNight
  11. 11. Redirecting questions• What does everyone else think the answerto this is?•Does anyone have some information on thatin their notes?• I’m glad you asked this. Why don’t we alllook at this problem and see if we can workout the solution.• Which parts of the problem don’t youunderstand?
  12. 12. Think, Pair, Share
  13. 13. Wait time?• Wait 5-10 seconds then rephrase orsimplify• Resist temptation to fill silence!• Quality and quantity of answers increaseswhen at least 3 seconds’ silence
  14. 14. Rounds1 x notetaker1 x timekeeper/facilitatorEveryone speaks in turn
  15. 15. Create anatmosphere ofactive learning
  16. 16. Staff training
  17. 17. Let people explore Jane Doe John Bull AN Other UN OwenIconarchive: Janko Jovanovic.The G-Force
  18. 18. Jane DoeProfessional and personal informationkept privateBlog: I am a Film andTV / Politics graduatewith a huge passion for what’s newand changing in the media…
  19. 19. John BullImpressions to a futureemployer? @Gissane90 tattoos booze an Boobs crack house
  20. 20. Paper quizzes
  21. 21. Online quizzes
  22. 22. Customer Service Excellence – Service Level Targets 24 one month before 5
  23. 23. Meetings
  24. 24. InfoSkills BingoWrite down three areas that you think theInfoSkills team are responsible for OR involved in
  25. 25. Human BingoFun icebreaker for sessions where networking is important Has milked a cow Cycles to work Has run a marathon Has met a celebrity Knows what a muntjac isSpeaks another language
  26. 26. InfoSkills Bingo Used in a Summer meeting of teaching staffto get people talking about the previous year and what they did in IL teaching. Has given an out of the Has used a activity that is new ordinary session this year to them this year Has given a session to Has had a difficult situation in academics this year an InfoSkills session Has used the stand-up Has used post it notes in an exercise for Boolean activity this year
  27. 27. Choose a card that represents… your attitude towards being interactive in teaching sessionshow you feel dealing with difficult situations the current library structure
  28. 28. Choose a card that represents your thoughts about your time here at LILAC
  29. 29. What we’ve done today… Directing the session Icebreaker Wait time Library bingo Digital identity activity Text voting Rounds Colour coded voting Flipchart activityJigsaw Shouting out answers to a quiz Q. Facilitating Odd one out Asking the group questions Online quizzes Think, pair, share Picture cards Human bingoPeer instruction Re-directing questions Paper quizzes
  30. 30. Web Links:• Xerte http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/xerte• The online Xerte tutorial used in this session:https://learning.londonmet.ac.uk/xerte/play.php?template_id=162• Poll Everywhere: http://www.polleverywhere.com• The ‘text wall’ poll from this session:http://www.polleverywhere.com/free_text_polls/jPWvWQIcCMaYqsR