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Embedding information literacy through critical skills and a new curriculum - Dodd

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Presented at LILAC 2017

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Embedding information literacy through critical skills and a new curriculum - Dodd

  1. 1. Embedding Information Literacy through critical skills and a new curriculum “LILAC Annual Conference, Swansea University, April 10-12, 2017 Lorna Dodd Senior Librarian, Maynooth University, lorna.dodd@nuim.ie, Tel: 01 708 6447, @LornaDodd
  2. 2. A new curriculum with a key focus on critical skills
  3. 3. Information Literacy Problem Solving Independent Learning Critical Thinking Analysis Reflection Communication Skills Understand academic standards Ethical Responsibility Critical Skills in the new Curriculum
  4. 4. Maynooth University Graduate Attributes “…graduates are expected to be… capable of gathering and critiquing information from a variety of sources” (Maynooth University, 2014)
  5. 5. Deep Knowledge & Critical intellectual skills Autonomous and responsible learners Breadth of perspective Skills for life and work A Maynooth Education
  6. 6. Content Vs Skills
  7. 7. An opportunity for the Library to be heard….
  8. 8. • Mapping & evaluating the information landscape • Managing & presenting information • Managing the transition • Understanding ethical & social dimensions of information • Researching within the disciplines Deep Knowledge & Critical intellectual skills Autonomous and responsible learners Breadth of perspective Skills for life and work Information Literacy Framework for ‘A Maynooth Education’
  9. 9. Designing the curriculum through collaboration
  10. 10. Weeks 1-2: “learning to learn” includes basics of library Weeks 3-4: “information literacy” assessing, finding sources and lots of other things Weeks 5-8: “essay writing” small Wikipedia assignment embedded Week 9: “introduction to quantitative thinking” (basic excel, correlation, etc) Week 10 to 12: “public speaking” Semester 1
  11. 11. Information Literacy has become the centre of the critical skills modules
  12. 12. Semester 2 White Paper Assignment -Integrating discipline knowledge & critical skills -Using topics such as homelessness drug liberalization, commuting, cyber security, addiction Poster Presentation -Capstone for Critical Skills Year -Research, contextualize & demonstrate the practice of a Critical Skill developed this year -Demonstrate knowledge of a frame and how the practices embedded in this frame can be applied in practice
  13. 13. Before Assignment: Review the ACRL frames with the students After Assignment: Students identify which ‘Frames’ were applicable and write about how the exercise developed both “knowledge practices” and “knowledge dispositions”
  14. 14. Critical Skills Tutors deliver content and mark assignments……. If information Literacy is truly embedded and in context….. ….Then so should its delivery….. Librarians train the tutors but don’t deliver content……..
  15. 15. Image: http://disney-sheet-music.com/let-it-go-lyrics/ If Information literacy is to be truly embedded we need to Let it Go!
  16. 16. “I’m trying to constantly embed and reinforce information literacy in the exercises… [it] is found throughout” Dr Brian McKenzie, Critical Skills Coordinator
  17. 17. Critical Skills has had a seismic impact leading us to ….. review our approach to IL delivery …Opening up possibilities in other parts of the curriculum …And revising our organisational structures
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