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Impression Marketing presentation to ESTA- Electronic Security & Technology Association

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Impression Marketing presentation to ESTA- Electronic Security & Technology Association

  1. 1. Howard Deskin & Shelly Goodman October 24, 2013 Impression-Marketing.com
  2. 2. Who are we? • • • • • • Howard Deskin: Partner & CEO/Internet Marketing Mgr. Anne Moss Rogers: Partner & Creative Director Shelly Goodman: Client Account Manager Marketing company specializing in digital marketing Team of 9 associates with 50+ clients Focus areas: Healthcare, Home Services, Professional Services, Non-Profit, Senior Living Properties, Manufacturing We Take a Disciplined Approach to Creativity Impression-Marketing.com
  3. 3. Security Companies & Marketing Today’s traditional offline marketing can be enhanced by incorporating online marketing tactics Impression-Marketing.com
  4. 4. Security Companies & Marketing Old strategies New strategies • • • • • • • • Cold Calling Yellow Pages Print Ads Billboards + Website Mobile Internet Advertising Social media Impression-Marketing.com = MORE LEADS
  5. 5. The off-line and on-line worlds are becoming more integrated Impression-Marketing.com
  6. 6. The internet makes it simpler for customers to direct their own buying cycle. No waiting for the next trade show, ad, or calls from sales reps. Instead they’re able to get exactly the information they want exactly when they want it. Before making contact, business buyers have already completed 57% of the purchase process via the internet. Impression-Marketing.com
  7. 7. What is Integrated Marketing? Controlling the Chaos Impression-Marketing.com
  8. 8. Marketing Spending Impression-Marketing.com
  9. 9. Media Consumption Trends Impression-Marketing.com
  10. 10. Print vs. Online Ad Spending Impression-Marketing.com
  11. 11. Online Budget Allocation by Tactic
  12. 12. It’s all Online Now!
  13. 13. Going Mobile • Google has indicated your search results will be penalized if you don’t have a mobile friendly site • At least have a scaled-down version of your desktop website • Utilize “browser-detection” and “responsive design” to ensure the mobile site displays appropriately
  14. 14. By 2014, Mobile is Predicted to Overtake Desktop Internet Usage Impression-Marketing.com
  15. 15. Google won’t Leave it Alone! • Your website needs high quality content! • Get rid of fake spammy links to your website! Impression-Marketing.com
  16. 16. Google won’t Leave it Alone! Searches • Precise & Fast • Conversational Search • People ask questions Can I put a security system in a tree house? Where can I get a hi-def security camera? Is ADT really free? Impression-Marketing.com
  17. 17. E-mail Marketing Great way to stay in touch with your customers, prospects, vendors, employees, etc. Impression-Marketing.com
  18. 18. E-mail Marketing Best Practices • • • • • • • Keep it fun & lively Clean design & good mix of text, images, videos Write an attention-grabbing subject line Tie in blogs and social media Compelling offer and clearly state benefits Send often, at least once or twice a month Use a good system! – Constant Contact, Mail Chimp Impression-Marketing.com
  19. 19. E-mail Marketing Best Practices • Track results! • Encourage conversation with polls or surveys • Don’t oversell. If you’re going to sell something, focus on that one thing. • Provide expert information that benefits or adds value for the readers • Post the newsletter to your website & social properties Impression-Marketing.com
  20. 20. E-mail Marketing Best Practices Impression-Marketing.com
  21. 21. Upscale MedSpa Impression-Marketing.com
  22. 22. Google PPC Ads Great market research tool • Appear on 1st page of Google & drives targeted traffic to your website • Leverage what works in PPC & use on your website • Easy to change ads for specials & new services However – don’t write Google a check that your website can’t cash! (Avinash Kaushik) Impression-Marketing.com
  23. 23. Google PPC Ads Paid Organic – non paid Impression-Marketing.com
  24. 24. Display & Remarketing Ad Campaigns They follow you around They know what you like They appear in the strangest places They wear you down Eventually you buy! Offered on Google & Facebook Impression-Marketing.com
  25. 25. Display & Remarketing Ad Campaigns Ads will target: • People who visited your website (remarketing) • People who visited sites of similar interest (topic targeting) • People who have searched google for particular topics of interest • Pages that contain certain keyword phrases (content targeting) Great for branding & awareness very high impressions Impression-Marketing.com
  26. 26. Display & Remarketing Ad Campaigns Impression-Marketing.com
  27. 27. Display & Remarketing Ad Campaigns Impression-Marketing.com
  28. 28. Display & Remarketing Ad Campaigns Remarketing Text Ads Offered by Google Appear on websites you visit Impression-Marketing.com
  29. 29. Landing Pages Great for sending Display & PPC ads to Focused on one call to action (no distractions) Impression-Marketing.com
  30. 30. Branded Service ▪ Website ▪ Blog Post ▪ Mobile Impression-Marketing.com
  31. 31. Branded Service ▪ Newsletters ▪ Social Media Impression-Marketing.com
  32. 32. Learn & Adapt • PPC Results Showed Large Interest in Video Cameras Impression-Marketing.com
  33. 33. Customer Testimonials/Reviews Potential customers rely on reviews in their decision process
  34. 34. Customer Testimonials/Reviews Google + Reviews Helps your search rankings!
  35. 35. Video is Hot! Use videos from your vendors Brand them as yours if available
  36. 36. Why Your Company? Why not Comcast, Verizon, ADT, Cox, AT&T? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. You are local You are experts It’s not free! (lifetime cost) You are problem solvers One size does not fit all Can talk to the owner More inclusive service contracts Other?
  37. 37. Social Media Explained
  38. 38. You Have to Track & Analyze Results A lot of data is available – what you infer from it is what matters Impression-Marketing.com
  39. 39. Key Elements to Track Unique Visitor Traffic Site Speed Bounce rates on pages Time on site & pages Keyword searches Paid search Mobile phone traffic Referrals Conversions Email & Social Keyword Rankings with Competitors Impression-Marketing.com
  40. 40. Ideas for ESTA Members You’re in a hi-tech business – you should look hi-tech • Upgrade / Redesign Website ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Add relevant industry keywords Add Calls-To-Action Use Video Blog, blog, blog Offer support materials (product manuals) Link to Social Media Fresh content • Be Social ▪ ▪ ▪ • Use Pay-Per-Click & Display Ads ▪ Promote specials, new products & services • Get Local ▪ ▪ Sign up for local online directory listings Be involved in your community • Be Responsive ▪ Mobile Responsive Website Incorporate Social Media into your ▪ Provide platform for product reviews plan with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Post across all platforms Send e-newsletter to customers/prospects Impression-Marketing.com
  41. 41. What’s Working for You?
  42. 42. Special Offer for ESTA Attendees Free website assessment & analytics review! Impression-Marketing.com
  43. 43. Stalk us online at Impression-marketing.com ImpressionMarketing @impressionM Free marketing information! Impression-Marketing.com