11 David Bowie Quotes to Inspire Action and Innovation

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Motivation for marketers and creatives from Ziggy Stardust himself. Read the full article here from Marcella Jalbert and IMPACT Branding & Design here: http://www.impactbnd.com/blog/david-bowie-quotes-to-inspire-action-and-innovation

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11 David Bowie Quotes to Inspire Action and Innovation

  1. 1. ll amid ©Wl@ ©2tl©t@S t© llrlSplr@ A@tl©rl and llrnrl©vatll©rl MOTIVATION FOR MARKETERS FROM ZIOOY STARDUST HIMSELF PRESENTED BY E
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  3. 3. “ N d©rv"t kmw W/ fl@T@ llvrl QQHTTQ hr©m rl@r@, , but H pr©mls@ lb W©rn“t l©@ l©©ulrvg. ” DAVID BOWIE
  4. 4. W l deh't have styletlp loyalty. Thate Why people perceive rhe phahglhg all the TITTTG. But there is a real pphtlhtlty lh my subject rhatter. As ah artist or‘ artltlpe. I do peleve I have more lhtegrlty thah ahy phe pt my pphterhpprarleefi/ » DAVID BOWIE
  5. 5. “ Speak lh extrerhee, ltll eaye y©tl tlrhe? ’ DAVID BOWIE
  6. 6. R all art la tlhatalple. lte hmhl la het trly that lrh lea lay the atltherc, There la he atltherltatye aptye yepe. There are ehly rhtlltipe r%©llh@a. ” DAVID BOWIE D
  7. 7. “ The ehiy art lll eyer ettlciy la attliti that l cah ateal lrehrl. ” DAVID BOWIE
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  9. 9. “ retl cah helther yylh her leee it yetl cieht rtlh the race. ” DAVID BOWIE
  10. 10. R it arham rre aehhethhea that eyeh lhtelleeht peepie yyll ahalyze a aiteateh er rhale a ltleeerreht alter ehiy eceehlalhe the atahearel er traeitehal atrtlettlre eta piece. » DAVID BOWIE D
  11. 11. “ l the ehiy leeeerh lh the ealhhe et eccehtrlety? ’ DAVID BOWIE
  12. 12. “ Tehherrevv pelehge te these vvhe cah hear it cemihgfi/ I Di-V| D BOWIE