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Job Board Script to Build Profitable Job Portal

Job board script that has all the necessary functions to build a job portal that offers great options for job seekers as well as employers.

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Job Board Script to Build Profitable Job Portal

  1. 1. JOB BOARD SCRIPT TO BUILD PROFITABLE JOB WEBSITEPG Job Board Script is one of the most professional job board software I have ever met. If youare thinking about starting a job portal, I think you have already checked many job boardsoftware. You can find many good ones, but there are so many out-of-date and crappy ones, too.After testing many job board scripts, I have to say this software is far better than the others,because it has much more features than the others, moreover, the necessary functions such as jobseeking, employer options and the administration is highly developed and tweaked. This jobboard script is the best solution to build your job portal.But before telling more about it, I would like to give some tips about how to build a job boardthat will make you money.  The first thing you have to consider is to build a a niche job site. There are so many big ones and to compete with them is nearly impossible, but if you choose an untapped one, you can have better rankings and at the same time you can serve one particular audience better.  Keep in in that your site must serve the needs of the job seekers and employers at the same time.  Your site should allow job seekers to upload their CV and resume.  You site must have advanced search functions in order to make searches more accurateWhy this Job Board ScriptUsing this job board script is very simple and fast for job seekers. They can search in many waysto get the closest results and they can simply save the results. With one click they can apply forjobs and employers can get contact via email. They can give detailed information in their profileand they can upload their photos and references, too.  Job seekers can get notifications if they want.  Internal messaging system to contact employers  Choosing language and others.Options for EmployersIf we check this job board script from the employers point of view, they can use many options,too. They can search among the job seekers in many ways using keywords search, specifyinglocation, Job Category, Work Experience and Degree Level or they can also filter their search.During registration they can set up their company profile page adding all the necessaryinformation. They can get in touch with job seekers simply.You can try all the user options here www.scriptech.net
  2. 2. Administration OptionsIf you check the administration panel of this job board software you will find tons of options foroptimizing and boosting your job portal. Personally, I also like the billing system as it enablesmore than ten payment billing systems, in addition, you can accept payment via SMS, too.Other features of PG Job Board Script  Detailed language, moderator, member and site section management.  Countries database management.  Newsletter and Advertising modulesOverall, if you want to build a job website that offers great features for job seekers, employersand at the same time offers great monetization options, you should give try for this job boardscript. YOU CAN TEST IT HERESource: http://scriptech.net/other-quality-software-collection/job-board-script-start-expert-job-portal/ www.scriptech.net