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Best 12 Wordpress News Themes

Collection of the best news Wordpress themes with great design and other powerful features. Best themes to build news portals and magazine style websites.

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Best 12 Wordpress News Themes

  1. 1. BEST 12 PREMIUM NEWS THEMES Collection of the most powerful wordpress news themes having great design and layout.
  2. 2. DEADLINE Simple to use, Deadline can be set up quickly and easily, whether you’re an experienced developer or occasional blogger. It’s designed to be customisable to exact requirements – putting you in control of the look and feel of your website in moments. This theme is fully responsive and uses fluid grids, fluid images and smart mark-up to ensure your site automatically adjusts to any device and screen resolution. You don’t need to manage two or more sites for different devices! CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMOS
  3. 3. FORESTER Custom Widgets Our themes come packaged with multiple custom widgets including Twitter, Flickr, and additional custom widgets. Advanced Control Panel You can take full control of your theme with our powerful yet easy-to-use theme options panel from setting to styling. Search Engine Optimized Smart design and XHTML valid code ensures maximum search engine visibility CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMOS
  4. 4. WP-CLEAR With its clean, minimalist and professional- looking design, WP-Clear is one of our most popular themes ever. Version 3.0 now offers a responsive design, multiple page layouts and templates, plus a built-in control panel. Add it all up, and youve got a flexible, easy-to-use platform for your business blog, online magazine or business website. CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMOS
  5. 5. DELICATENEWS DelicateNews is a content-heavy magazine theme wrapped in an elegant and "delicate" shell. Featuring a 3-column grid and many homepage content outlets, this theme gives you the opportunity to feature tons of content without making your website feel cramped or messy. CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMOS
  6. 6. ZENKO MAGAZINE Zenko Magazine is a stylish & colorful theme intended for those who want to launch a magazine or blog! The flexible layout allows you to easily adapt your content to the theme. CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMOS
  7. 7. SIMPLEPRESS SIMPLE WORDPRESS THEME SimplePress is a slick new page-based theme great for anyone looking to give their website a clean and professional look. My goal with this design was to make something similar to our other business- oriented themes, but with a simpler and crisper aesthetic. The theme features a un- bloated bloated homepage with a beautiful javascript slider and clear hierarchy, as well as fully functional Blog and Gallery sections. CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMOS
  8. 8. TRIBUNE Tribune is a revolutionary WPZOOM theme, offering users a professional and elegant display of articles and full control over theme features.  Custom Menus Management  Threaded Comments Support  Custom Widgets & Features  SEO Options Section  Custom Page Templates  Custom Logo Input  Automatic Image Resizing  Internationalized & Localized  Banner Management Section  Custom Background Support CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMOS
  9. 9. WP-AIRE Bright, light and flexible is what you get with WP-Aire. Whether you want a business website, a simple blog layout or a full- fledged magazine-style site, WP-Aire will have you and your WordPress site flyin high in no time at all. CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMOS
  10. 10. EVERTIS The perfect theme for your magazine or blog with tons of features like featured articles, social bookmarks and a very flexible layout which is easy to customize. CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMOS
  11. 11. WP-SMOOTH WP-Smooth is a dark but stylish premium WordPress magazine theme with multiple color options and layouts. It has a built-in control panel that makes it flexible and easy to use. CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMOS
  12. 12. VOLTVolt theme for WordPress is designed formagazine, news and editorial ventures.With content and readability being theprimary goal, the theme is designed withflexible layout pattern and decent space foradvertisements. The theme introduces alayout swapping option that will let youmove the content in desirable location, andis helpful when you are experimenting withvisual hierarchy and user eye pattern. CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMOS
  13. 13. CADABRAPRESS CadabraPress is a revolutionary WPZOOM theme, offering users a professional and elegant display of articles and full control over theme features. CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMOS