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Article to Video Converter

Use this article to video converter to make videos easily from your articles.Article video marketing is one of the most effective way for online marketing simply because people prefer watching videos.

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Article to Video Converter

  1. 1. Article to Video Converter How to Turn Your Article to Videos EasilyWhy should you turn your article to video? There are many good reasons for that. Once, this wayyou can reuse your articles in order to build links on video sharing sites like Youtube. You canalso use them a video article to promote products or your website.Article video marketing is an alternative way for effective online marketing. I do not have to talkabout the importance of using videos and articles for marketing and SEO purposes. Articlevideos are simply combine the advantages of those. By converting your article to video you canhave an extra source you can use.Why This Sort of Marketing is Effective?The fact is that people do not really like reading. Which do you prefer toget info a long article or a 5-10 minutes video containing the mostimportant facts spiced with images and voice? I’m sure you would choosethe second. Videos are loved by people! You can “sell” your info easier byputting it into a video. Videos are easier to understand and much moreenjoyable. That’s why article video marketing can be so effective becausein a short video all the necessary info can be stuffed plus it can be boostedwith other marketing tricks.Use Article to Video SoftwareThere are many ways to create article videos such as article to video software. These are specialconverters which helps you to turn your articles into videos. You simply add the text, set upsome extra options if you wish and they automatically convert the article to video. You do nothave to spend your time with complicated video makers.One of the trusted service for creating article videos is Article Video Robot which is the bestservice for this purpose. They provide many options beside the converting as you can select frommany design functions and if you would like you can use the text-to-speech technology andchoose who is going to read your article.Usage of Article to Video Converter  Copy and paste your articles. www.scriptech.net
  2. 2.  Organize your article to paragraphs (or let the software to do it for you)  Choose from the readers – There are more than 10 (option)  Add some design or music (option)  Add you contacts  Save it as AVI or SWF  Distribute it automatically up to 20 video websites (option)As you, can see this article to video service is really easy to use, you follow the steps and that isall. For some cents you can can have a perfect article video. If you think this service could beuseful for you visit the official website to check out the prices, samples and get access to the freetrial. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE TRIALMore Useful Tools for Article MarketingUnique Content Generator SoftwareTop Article Rewriter Software To Create Unique ArticlesArticle Rewriter Software – Unique Articles QuicklyArticle Video Marketing – Turn Article To Video www.scriptech.net