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imapp Info Solution- Canada Immigration Application Processing for Temporary and Permanent Residence

  1. Know About Canada Immigration Application Processing for Temporary and Permanent Residence
  2. TWO TYPES OF IMMIGRATION STATUS FOR NON-CITIZENS  1. Temporary Residence  Advantages = much faster application process, can still travel and sometimes study or work throughout Canada  Disadvantages = time limited (but could be for a considerable length of time)
  3. Basic immigration status con’t  2. Permanent Residence  Advantages = Route to Open Work Permit after approval in principle(work at any job), Canadian citizenship (after 3 years residency) and permanent residents of Canada generally have exactly the same rights as Canadian citizens, except:  (1) they cannot vote or run for political office;  (2) cannot travel on a Canadian passport;  (3) need to live in Canada for two of the past five years to keep status;  (4) might be ordered to leave Canada if convicted of a serious criminal offence.  Disadvantages = very lengthy processing time, relatively expensive to apply, more difficult to qualify for than temporary residence
  4. Visitors Requiring Temporary Resident Visas and Work or Study Permits  Citizens of the majority of countries and territories of the world require a visa to visit or transit Canada  A study permit is required to study for more than six months  A work permit will be required for most types of work, however “business visitors” who do not plan to enter the Canadian labour market do not require a work permit
  5. Work Permits are Often a Good Way to Test Out if You and Your Family Will Like Canada  Work Permits: perhaps the most common application error is not realizing that your proposed employer must obtain a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada before you apply for your permit – the proposed employer must demonstrate the unsuccessful efforts made to recruit and/or train willing and available Canadians, and thus that there is a need for a foreign worker
  6. Application Processing Times  Application processing delays vary greatly depending on where the application is made, and what kind of application is involved  Visitor Visas very quick processing: from 1 day (in Ghana) to 105 days (in Iran)  Study Permits quick processing: from 1 week (in Turkey) to 18 weeks (in Nigeria)  Work Permits moderate processing: from 1 month (in Japan, Tunisia, France, Turkey, Austria, Mexico and Chile) to 37 months (in India)
  7. Key: Pick Your Place of Application  Submitting (1) the correct documents, in (2) a complete manner, with (3) all the required supporting documentation will best avoid undue delays in any application to CIC for entry into Canada  But, picking the fastest location through which to submit your application is really the key to happiness  For some applicants, submission within Canada will be quicker; for others, overseas applications will be more speedy
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