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  • Hi everyone, I am Ilan, Founder and CEO of Producteev.com, and we’re based in New York (even I have a very deep french accent..)
  • I’ve seen several startups using big physical boards with postits all around, and it was a good solution to get organized… back in 1989. But, today, we really need to make a step What is producteev? Taskmanagemet for teams/groups connected to all of your existing communication channels ), and allows you to Collaborate with your teammates thanks to exclusive and intuitive social features.
  • There are a lot of Project and Task Mngmt out there, BaseCamp, Quickbase, ZohoProjects, RememberTheMilk, etc. Why launching Producteev? Because of several factors: Needs of Web workers have changed throughout the years, and applications didn’t catch up to it : The Social Web (we got inspired by all type of cool features from Facebook, Twitter, UI : Netvibes et al. Open: we connected Producteev to a lot of the comm channels that you’re already using, so It’s easy for you to have access to your work : Twitter, msn, Gtalk, desktop, mobile. Sophisticated Notification system. We need to beat the postit, which is currently our biggest competitor! User-friendly (nice UI) , Simple to use and Sticky : makes you wanna come back to the site (twitter like + live feed)
  • Our biz model is very straightfwd : free during beta, then freemium model : free up to 3 users, then 1$/user/month + addon system
  • Team of young and yet experimented internet professionals : I worked for several startups, last one is Zlio.com where I was heading the US operations, Aric is a brilliant Dev, student at Epitech, Francois is one the best designers in France (previously at Virtuoz)
  • Le Web Launch Ok