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Apple Forecast For Second Half Of 2015

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has had a great year, with the stock price increasing 44.71% over the last year. The iPhone 6 was a major success and continues to sell well, playing a major role in the stock price’s rise. Since February 10th, the stock price has stalled, trading in a range of $120 and $133 since then. The stock price is now poised to make another major jump all the way above $150, as a couple of catalysts are coming in the next month and the company’s current products continue to excel.I Know First supplies financial services, mainly through stock forecasts via their predictive algorithm. The algorithm incorporates a 15-year database, and utilizes it to predict the flow of money across 2000 markets. Apple has slightly bullish signal strengths in both time horizons, with the signal stronger for three-months.

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Apple Forecast For Second Half Of 2015

  1. 1. The World Wide Developers Conference and Beyond Apple Forecast For The Second Half Of 2015
  2. 2. What is We utilize an advanced algorithm based on artificial intelligence & machine learning The machine follows the flow of money from one market into another for over 2,000 markets I Know First identifies the best market opportunities on a daily basis ?
  3. 3. A Broad View of Apple 37.93% gains over last year Stock has been stalled between $120 and $133 since February 10th 80% of music sales globally happen in the Itunes store The Stock is now poised for a major surge due to a few catalysts www.iknowfirst.com
  4. 4. World Wide Developers Conference Apple’s largest event of the year where they unveil new products and reveal upgrades to its operating system Apple is expected to address the threat music streaming and Spotify poses on market share • Apple’s advantage is customer loyalty- it is easy to convert customers to a different channel than to convince them to join • Apple will easily make certain songs and artists free to get customers hooked on music streaming www.iknowfirst.com www.iknowfirst.com
  5. 5. Apple’s Other Developments Itunes Radio Apple TV Apple HomeKit
  6. 6. www.iknowfirst.com www.iknowfirst.com
  7. 7. Apple vs. Samsung In Perspective Samsung came out with its new Galaxy 6s smartphones  Sold 6 million units in April Apple came out with the Iphone 6 six months ago Sold 15 million unites in April Sales of I Watch continue rolling into the second quarter www.iknowfirst.com www.iknowfirst.com
  8. 8. Apple’s new Bond Issue Apple is issuing corporate bonds in Japan to take advantage of the low interest rates Apple is happy to take any opportunity to advantageously return some of its $193 billion in cash to shareholders The past 4 times Apple has dipped into the bond market, the stock rocketed around 20% over the preceding 6 months Analysts are bearing on Apple: www.iknowfirst.com
  9. 9. I Know First’s Forecast For Apple Learn How to Read the Forecast As of June 3rd, 2015, the I Know First algorithm is bullish in the three- months & one-year time horizons.
  10. 10. How To Read The Prediction Two indicators: Signal – Predicted movement of the asset Predictability Indicator – Historical correlation between the prediction and the actual market movement Become an Algorithmic Trader with these algorithmic trading strategies www.iknowfirst.com www.iknowfirst.com
  11. 11. Read Our Full Analysis Apple Algorithmic Forecast For The Second Half Of 2015 www.iknowfirst.com www.iknowfirst.com
  12. 12. I Know First Sample Portfolio Click To View www.iknowfirst.com
  13. 13. Sign Up For Our Free Newsletter Receive: • Latest Market Opportunities Identified ByThe Algorithm • Detailed Analysis Reports By Our Analytical Branch • Stock Charts Generated ByThe Algorithm • Exclusive Deals www.iknowfirst.com
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  15. 15. Algorithmic Trading With