algorithms computer science cryptography cloud computing artificial intelligence database theory graphics and visualization ● other emerging applic ● algorithms ● automata and formal languages ● nov queuing methods novel data structures information technology computational number theory computational complexity programming languages software engineering combinatorial games data mining computer security quality of service genetic algorithm foundation of computer big data natural language processing cocomo automata and formal languages astrophysics biochemistry probabilistic methods • algorithms linear optimization pareto frontier graph clustering mobility wireless networks wireless internet network security computation biology technology database formal languages automata • cryptography image classification congestion hajj crowd management fuzzy relational inequality fuzzy relation adaptive development process saudi arabia market management system • novel data structures element sram field-effect transistor energy consumption face recognition biometric pattern recognition and ld-bgp. text based local descriptor geography markup language architecture component data bases regression testing ant colony optimization. test case prioritization traffic regulator. label switched path fuzzy mixed metric traffic splitting artificial neural network. fuzzy logic software cost estimation knowledge discovery vanet security sentiment analysis optimization wireless sensor networks networks & data communications "computer networks paper submission design & communication" mobile networks next generation networks & communications cuckoo optimization algorithm internet & cloud computing program semantics and logic foundations robotics bioinformatics quality management cnn algorithm abms rami al-jamarat ritual uwsn applications multicasting better fitness uwsn medical inflammatory endoscopy capsule manets node decreasing of dimension of transistors idle resources migration data center geographic information system. relational databases (rdb) rdb to rdf mapping semantic web multi protocol label switching routing historic perspective. security goals security issues cloudsim virtual machine (vm) scheduling management scheduling algorithms circuits xor optimal trajectory. linear stochastic dynamic systems optimal control problem genetic algorithms review greedy heuristics metaheuristics n-gram stochastic model deleted interpolation word prediction corpus live security competition cyber space capture the flag cyber security education training accuracy test accuracy heart disease. cbir contourlet curvelet texture decision tree ε-constraint cuckoo optimization algorithm (coa) deec heterogeneity fdn simulations. early adopters random network graphs probabilistic diffusion approximation ratio approximation algorithm bin packing problem optimization problems parameterized complexity statistical bound empirical-o location-based recommender recommender system context-aware collaborative filtering movie recommender system pearson correlation epoch static variables. query optimization mems continuous queries one shot queries small-world networks random networks complex networks poisson distribution maximal clique size network evolution link rewiring mapreduce. frequent itemset mining association rule mining digital evidence cybercrime digital crime investigation digital crime multi-agent system association rules intelligent agents increment model waterfall model event query language, mobile systems. uncertain data event stream internet of vehicles event-driven architecture edge tenacity e-learning government schemes website agricultural-marketing market-rate path finding algorithm path optimization. network client - centric model distributed systems consistency data - centric model semi - active replication protocol performance machine learning bilateral filter social network reviews opinion mining anaphora gazetteer method discourse visual cryptography (vc) requirements engineering software architecture business model aodv feature extraction classification time no. of solutions fitness brute force search algorithm backtracking algorithm simulated annealing algorithm n queens problem tractable and intractable prob mobile systems model and software software process s wireless sensor network (wsn harmony search digital crime scene watts-strogatz model computer experiment ffd firstfit decreasing optimization. modm (multi-objective decision other emerging applications graphics and visualization geometric modeling backoff method natural language live security (pnn) probabilistic neural network artificial neural networks (an deep neural network local ternary pattern t neural network multi-layerartificial estimation the cost of softwar cryptography database theory integer programming r increasing if density of elem decreasing of dimension of tr label switching multi protocol geographic information system d ld-bgp optimization of technological increasing of density of elem secure routing in manet software development software testing task scheduling. multi-objective optimization p simple additive weighting (sa anylogic fuzzy compositions and t-norms * network design and planning data management issues ad hoc networks of autonomous intelligent systems software agents pattern recognition parallel processing information retrieval automatic control cad design & testing increasing if density of ele- ments of sram signal or image processing vision recognition neural networks ai algorithms computing p2p • artificial intelligence • database theory • automata and formal languages web engineering  managing software projects  advanced topics in so web engineering software engineering practice the software process science internet • probabilistic methods • programming languages • combinatorial games anylogic. fuzzy compositions and t-norms. disease and biocompatible interface connectors components architecture styles eed attack jellyfish attack transform bit plane mssim digital watermarking curvelet transform ga usa ms 1 jackson state university 2university of georgia stereo matching rank transform illumination exposure. radiometric variation increasing if density of elements of sram integer programming. cypher query language nosql rdbms e-commerce mysql graph database neo4j cassandra data model. algorithms automata and formal languages novel dat graphics and visualization other emerging applicat mapping characteristic comparison. mapping characteristic comparison multi-layer perceptron neural networks handwritten recognition. connected components labeling segmentation secure routing in manets optimization of technological process. increasing of density of elements question answering system wechsler’s intelligence theory. iq comprehensive digital system intelligence test task scheduling backoff method. probabilistic neural network (pnn) artificial neural networks (anns) local ternary pattern and deep neural network. multi-layerartificial neural network estimation the cost of softwareprojects cocomo. multi-objective optimization problem (mop). simple additive weighting (saw) graph isomorphism precursor step. eigenvector centrality degree random graphs modm (multi-objective decision making) network lifetime. intermediate nodes ffd (first- fit decreasing) computer experiment. wireless sensor network (wsn) watts-strogatz model. digital crime scene. bioinformatics. harmony search. software process model and software. geographic data mining outlier spatial outlier detection. spatial data mining density based clustering homomorphic filtering algorithmic complexity normalized correlation (nc) methodologies and applications of the ais. matlab and a comparison of algorithm distributed data sources genetic algorithm (ga). automatic i mage a nnotation manifold d imensionality r eduction satisfiability random walk sat object oriented c omponent based acl. ano malies complementary palindrome direct repeats inverted repeats h ig h availability c loud s torage pepa . style adaptive strategy. minimum 1-tree α-nearness ant colony system lower bound web mining personalization. web usage data protection services nusmv antivirus system verification kripke structure kohonen's self-organizing map (ksofm) wireless communication soft computing fuzzy screening aggregation function isms owa operator information security nlp sentiment analysis. lexicon hadoop negation ann mre. software effort estimation rmse anfis contrast stretching homomorphic filter. underwater images enhancement packet flow protocols ns2 tcp wireless sensor network routing. forwarder multipath pca registration icp recognition. human computer interaction; hand gesture recogniti eventual consistency transaction processing. real-time databases lappin leass approach wsn pso localization zigbee mopso trilateration rssi. rule based system. knowledge based system indian legal domain consumer protection act consumer case digital camera recognization number plate extraction luminance condition. matlab aspect wordnet. systems evolution. adaptive systems multi-agent systems mysql . map reduce social graph e-waste pvc green computing software development process program synthesis software-as-a-service framework software industry hindi language wordnet. elitism nsga-ii reliability cost. makespan humanoid robots image processing colored petri net modelling filtering dynamic walking cropping watermarking. region of interest image lappin leass approach. centering approach parkinson’s disease pattern recogniti on broadcast storm fuzzy decision making data dissemination biometrics. vi sual secret sharing scheme (vsss) secret sharing scheme mobile agent privacy disagreement desirability quality attributes requirement prioritization ahp e - government cloud computer b enefits . software industry . it investment software - as - a - serv ice fine-grained cross domain sentiwordnet. stock index stock market s&p 500 dataset regression ns-2 move sumo dsdv zrp vanets java card smart card operating systems file management system iso/iec 7816 performance metrics unknown words ner transliteration devnagari numerals ocr modified-sift. disguise image cropping algorithm two-stage-approach orientation histogram magnitude histogram logmin mobile computing call log mining s-transform continuous wavelet transform wind speed em based cluster telecardiology. cardiovascular disease (cvd) data recovery model prototype system third party service monitor service recovery discrete imperialist competitive algorithm graph colouring problem syndrome solid bursts error parity check matrix standard array jamming detection jamming types jamming isolation reactive jammer data centres virtualization standardization and commoditization application service providers user profile qoe multimedia content qol mobile cloud computing
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