cryptography encryption cryptography and information security security steganography cryptography and coding cryptographic protocols decryption authentication privacy watermarking big data information security data mining elliptic curve cryptography • algorithms and bioinformatic algorithms and bioinformatics hhb hb lpn bb84 text generation transformers singular value algorithms intrusion detection system watermark medical images access controls quantum cryptography vector control direct torque control confidentiality permutation data privacy untraceability tel man-in-the information iot e-health healthcare data management blockchain technology internet of things (iot) gpt malware generation visual auditory cryptography access control identity management sql injection electronics support vector machines software security e-cash cryptography and information security quantum resistant cryptography internet of things smart card password authentication user authentication pid control robustness electric vehicle brushless motors • cryptography and coding • cryptographic protocols hardware attack mitigation hardware attack randomization middletext fingerprint optimization glcm feature extraction arduino ofdm integral attack chosen plaintext attack key size compromising emanations trust management routing quantum mechanics meta-heuristics secret-message cover- image rsa cryptanalysis denial-of-service attack mobile authentication copyright lsb steganography steganalysis keccak grøstl su rns computational intelligence in advanced topics in software en advanced control systems & str man-in-the-middle linkable ring signature blockchain did verifiable random function post-quantum cryptography ntru lattice ring-lwe cyberterrorists cyberspace and communication cyber-security cybercrimes access control. organizational model smart factory industry 4.0 generative pre-trained transfo pre-trained transformers generative parameter imperceptibility capacity wireless sensor networks quantum cryptograph algorithm bioinformatics communication visual cryptograph symmetric : identity management · indust methodology performance analysis dwt fpga’s ycbcr security threat sql attack substitution recognition biometrics cloud-computing video surveillance validity period digital certificates signal processing networking iot-enabled signal processing for iot dynamic range reverse converter cryptosystem machine learning. security engineering data integrity cryptographic data security 5g and networks for big data big data mining telemedicine harris stenography • web engineering • quality management • knowledge-based systems • software engineering cloud computing virtualization knowledge processing embedded system and software policy management key recovery attack active attacks side channel attack somewhat homomorphic cipher-text attack encoder attack partially homomorphic fully homomorphic zero knowledge homomorphic encryption pandemic emergency privacy trade-off post quantum cryptography ntru encrypt ntru cipher image dct compression selective encryption multimedia security cloud erp crt secret sharing scheme (sss) threshold cryptography privacy-preserving smart grids decription mathematical cryptology network protocols balance nash mobile ad hoc theory of games modelling reputation attacks cross section analysis cyber security policy comparative study cyber security strategy cyber security hybrid systems artificial intelligence decision support systems xor-cascade encryption lightweight protocol mac iot bilinear pairing protocols phishing game theory pell’s equation scalar multiplication public key cryptography a pillar automobile industry blind spot vehicle camouflage technology stealth technology electronics and instrumentation engineering optimization and optimal control network based systems instrumentation and control components timestamp ilc adaptive control batch reactor induction motor control adaptive hystresis controller internal model model free adaptive control yaw control unmanned-aerial-vehicle helicopter closed loop system control design labview systems tool kit aircraft mission planning line-of-sight navigation guidance and control control system aircrafts combining classifiers time-series shapelets tests statistics leverage points outliers lad regression internal model controller stability analysis direct synthesis method integrating systems simc rules kharitonov’s theorem double integrating plus time delay level control in cylindrical tank. giant magneto strictive effect converse piezoelectric effect photo strictive effect amplification of micro displacement wagneto strictive effect • e- commerce control systems ( instrumentation and control systems trojan severity trojan detection effectiveness hardware trojan identification hardware trojan detection trojan risk • fuzzy systems hardware security covert attack & overt attack cbc sp-network s-box hamming distance eer multi-modal biometrics frr minutiae iris blowfish far advantage and limitation of quantum cryptography photon polarization filter algebraic degree algebraic normal form present rectangle ns2 block cipher stream cipher fuzzy logic. c++ tcl sobel ise design suite 14.2 verilog canny carry select adder area-efficient digit-serial redundant basis. finite field multiplication multiplexing mentor graphics tools. fft processor power. current steering inl(integral non linearity) dnl (differential non linearity) current source binary weighted ripple carry adder modelsim simulator test vectors two-stage operational amplifier complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) multi-objective genetic algorithm (moga). analog design faults dectection simulation distance measurement eudiean distance a xor-based conditional keeper pseudo-footless clock data pre-charge dynamic matc content addressable memory (cam) circuit ternary content addressable memory (tcam)circuit convolutional encoder design. noise immune design predictive technology. gdi transmission gate dgmosfet cmos sgmosfet feature selection gei gait analysis avtm. pca pls active contour two-dimensional object detection watershed and undecimated discrete wavelet transfo side scan sonar (sss) accumulated cell average- constant false alarm rat multi class svm soft sets fuzzy sets clustering texture homogeneity segmentation power law descriptor. rough sets classification svd and lbp. cbir dwt. fake currency detection dct gradient magnitude laplacian of gaussian spearman rank correlation normalised bivariate histograms joint adaptive normalisation pearson correlation coefficient chinese remainder theorem digital image double density dwt (dddwt) and dual tree dwt (dtdw discrete wavelet transform (dwt) quantization index modulation (qim) svm classifier cmfd detection rate fusion swt multi-focus image integration pca. iop wavelet transform glaucoma texture features fundus images feed forward neural network canny edge detection seed block region growing wavelet decomposition zero crossing rate. multi-speaker activity detection general kalman filter and em algorithm speech processing speech enhancement speaker identification excess mean-square error nnlms cardiac output inertial sensor trajectory recognition algorithm knn classifier. svm gesture trajectories linear discriminant analysis folded tree wireless sensor networks (wsn) wallace tree nodes fault detection & outlier r language mobile communication hbase mapreduce hadoop heterogeneity precision agriculture. wireless sensor network xbee zigbee mic power amplifier phemt 3g shield at commands. sms ppg double swastika slot antenna. return loss vswr educational system framework examination server e-government services authentication. secure examination fir filters error correction codes. soft errors mb ofdm papr hpa clipping techniques coplanar feed slotted ground plane circular fractal antenna fractal geometry wlan/wimax light-weight block cipher saturation attack three stage protocol single stage protocol & compact coding intensity phase time bit - plane decomposition lsb steganalysis redundant number systems sctp multi-level multi-dimensional java language. binary number systems ascii(american standard code for information inter rsa algorithm hash function elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem group signature digital multi-signature intercept-resend attack multi-stage protocol quantum key distribution man-in-the-middle attack photon number splitting attack additive inverse encryption algorithm addition subblock output transformation feystel network multiplicative inverse block round keys round function lai–massey scheme multiplication penetration software test agile development project management scrum shared secret key. block size. aes online information security. qr barcode information hiding tempest test system. malicious node benevolent node wireless sensor networks (wsns) quantum key distribution (qkd) quantum cryptography (qc) bell’s theorem genetic algorithm simplified data encryption standard tea randomness tests lex camellia nist statistical test suite histogram deviation decomposition fuzzy set private key rfid systems symmetric encryption algorithm generic fourier descriptor k-nearest neighbour sign language image processing nonlinear systems; reduced-order control; global s minimum_support prefixspan projection based. spade gsp sequential pattern candidate generation privacy preserving lll algorithm coppersmith's method factorization ellipticcurve cryptosystems. message en route attack false base station attack edge wavelet multimedia lsb steganography bmp image file bmp image file blake hash functions jh sha-3 finalists sha-2 skein suppression anonymization generalization data publishing. privacy preservation vehicle-to-vehicle (v2v) vehicular adhoc networks (vanets) intelligent transport system (its) vehicle –to-infrastructure (v2i). mobile adhoc networks (manets) signcryption set protocol cryptography and coding untraceability
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