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Ubiquitous Services and Ethics: MIMOSA, MINAmI, and UBI-SERV

  1. Ubiquitous Services and Ethics: MIMOSA, MINAmI, and UBI-SERV Iiro Jantunen Comnet / Aalto University
  2. Ambient Intelligence Services a.k.a. AmI Services a.k.a. Ubiquitous Computing/Services a.k.a. Pervasive Computing/Services
  3. Hype cycle of technologies
  4. MIMOSA Project MIcrosystems platform for MObile Services and Applications 1.1.2004 – 30.9.2006
  5. MIMOSA partners
  6. MIMOSA architecture
  7. MIMOSA architecture implementation
  8. Application scenarios in MIMOSA Fitness Housing Sports Health care
  9. MINAmI Project Micro-nano Integrated Platform for Transverse Ambient Intelligence Applications 1.10.2006 – 30.9.2009
  10. MINAmI consortium
  11. MINAmI architecture
  12. Health care scenarios in MINAmI
  13. User-centric design in MIMOSA and MINAmI MIMOSA WP1 Applications & Services MINAmI WP1 Usage and ethical assessment WP = Work Package
  14. Ethical Assesment in MINAmI Ethical Guidelines for Mobile-phone-centric Ambient Intelligence
  15. Extending the view of users for ethical assessment
  16. Ubiquitous Health Service Ethics in China
  17. China-specific UCD issues in ubiquitous health services TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine
  18. Elderly in the society: West and East Li Yang: Ost trifft West