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Tower Industry Business Models: IHS Towers

An original infographic explaining the exceptional services provided by IHS Towers for today's wireless and telecommunications networks. Check out their six different business models that are helping to connect Africa.

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Tower Industry Business Models: IHS Towers

  1. 1. TOWER INDUSTRY BUSINESS MODELS www.IHSTowers.com IHS Towers provides the infrastructure necessary for today's wireless & telecommunications networks to function throughout Africa. With six different business models to suit different needs, we are connecting Africa. Colocation Build-to-Suit Buy-Lease-Back Managed with License to Lease Managed Services Inbuilding Solutions Colocation is the sale of space and services on an existing tower to a mobile services provider needing point- to-point secure communications. Our team of Site Development Project Managers handles every step of the project to build a site specific to an operator's requirements and then manage that site. We buy network operator’s towers & lease space, and provide services back to them. This frees up their capital & allows them to expand their network quickly. Plus, they know they’re getting best-in-class service & up-to-date practice. We have the authority to lease out space on a tower owned by a third party & manage shared resources. Tower owners reduce their operating costs, eliminate capital expenditure & secure a better quality of service. We offer a full suite of services to manage any tower site, which we can tailor to our customers' needs -- all with the aim of reducing operating costs & capital expenditure, and improving quality. Connected solutions for large buildings, offices and complexes require more robust mobile services. IHS provides an efficient & discreet way of creating better coverage for operators indoors. 6 @IHSTowers ihstowers.com