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An EMIS to Support Institutional Planning at the University of Colima

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INTE 2012 - An Educational Management Information System (EMIS)to Support Institutional Planning at the University of Colima

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An EMIS to Support Institutional Planning at the University of Colima

  1. 1. An Educational Management Information System (EMIS)to Support Institutional Planning at the University of Colima O Martha Magaña, Pedro Santana and Victor de la RochaJune 5-7 - Prague, Czech Republic
  2. 2. Colima, México 2
  3. 3. University of ColimaO Higher Education Institution. O 72 years of history.O 128 departments.O 30 undergraduated schools. O 14,244 students.O 34 high schools. O 11,801 students.O 30 graduated programs. O 592 students. 3/1 9
  4. 4. IntroductionO Educational planning is responsible for establishing the goals and objectives of education.O Annual Reports are in place to achieve educational targets.O The reports that are commonly collected and considered as relevant information for the management indicators: O Enrolment. O Dropout rates. O Student academic performance. 4/1 9
  5. 5. BackgroundO For achieving the educational targets, it is necessary a rigorous monitoring and evaluation system.O The problem in our University the obsolescence of the system for data gathering, information management, planning and decision making. 5/1 9
  6. 6. Background Partial, unreliable and inconsistent data in word Manual data processor format analysis Departments and schools This process was time Unable to undertake a consuming, labor Big problem toproper systematic process organize the data intensive, and inefficient Inadequate resources for monitoring 6/1 9
  7. 7. Stop the cycleO Evidence-based policy.O Result-oriented implementation.O Affordability of IT solutions.O A committed and competent staff. O Planning advisors. O Head of departments and schools. 7/1 9
  8. 8. ObjectivesO Support educational planning at the University of Colima. O Simplify management information. O Reduce time needed for gathering information. 8/1 9
  9. 9. Solution An Educational ManagementInformation System (EMIS) 9/1 9
  10. 10. What is an EMIS?O A system to collect and analyze management indicators related to the education sector. It aims to support the processes of strategic planning, resource assignation, monitoring, policy formulation and decision making in Institutions of Higher Education. 10/1 9
  11. 11. What does EMIS do?O It improves efficiency in supplying educational data.O It enhances the process of transforming data into information for decision making.O If used effectively, IT technology facilitates the process. 11/1 9
  12. 12. System architecture Outputs Dissemination e-Planea Reports, Tables, Printed Charts Electronic Research EMIS database producti- WEB vity Data Web interfaceSchools Departments 12/1 9
  13. 13. Usability testingO Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) O Perception of easiness while using it O Perception of the usefulness O Attitude towards the use O Intention of usageO 13 participants (100% of the planning advisors) 13/1 9
  14. 14. Outcomes
  15. 15. Easiness Perception 15/1 9
  16. 16. Usefulness Perception 16/1 9
  17. 17. Attitude towards the use 17/1 9
  18. 18. Intention of use 18/1 9
  19. 19. ConclusionsO This work presents the creation of an EMIS called e-Planea at the University of Colima.O The evaluation of this platform gave as a result that the platform is: O Useful. O Efficient. O And Considered a good idea. 19/1 9
  20. 20. Thank you An Educational Management Information System toSupport Institutional Planning at the University of Colima Martha Magaña, Pedro Santana and Victor de la Rocha