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pictures of regular verbs

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  1. 1. What did you do yesterday? • Simple Past Tense • Regular Verbs • Irregular verbs • Wh- and Yes / No questions in Past Tense • Be in Past Tense E OD NS S Dpt of English Language ALO UBIA .S. ARRI.E OV C
  3. 3. Talk SpillPinch Want
  4. 4. Listen JumpWalk Play
  5. 5. Open CloseLaugh Count
  6. 6. Play TV games DanceCry Watch TV
  7. 7. Wait Use a computerClean Climb
  8. 8. Play football Play the piano Call Cook
  9. 9. Turn on Turn offShare Study
  10. 10. Push FixPull Look at
  11. 11. Wash AskColour Look for
  12. 12. REGULAR VERBS Spelling rulesTo form the affirmative past tense of most regular verbs:• Add –ed to the base form of the verb (wash-washed).• If the verb ends in –e, add –d (live-lived)• If the verb ends in a consonant preceded by a vowel,double the final consonant (stop-stopped)• If the verb ends in –y preceded by a consonant,omit the “y” and add –ied ( copy-copied)
  13. 13. Write the past tense form.1. Dance_________ 1. Wash_________2. Plan_________ 2. Work_________3. Clean_________ 3. Shave_________4. Type_________ 4. Carry_________5. Study_________ 5. Listen________6. Shop_________ 6. Turn ________7. Look_________ 7. Ask ________8. Play_________ 8. Answer ________9. Empty_________ 9. Push ________10. Stop_________ 10. Wait ________
  14. 14. SIMPLE PRESENT POSITIVE STATEMENT NEGATIVE STATEMENTI work in Mushrooms Company. I don’t work in The Coke Company.He lives in that small house. He doesn’t live in the big one.We study in the CETis We don´t study in the CBTisMaria knows how to cook. Maria doesn’t know how to make tortillasToday I have a party. Today I don´t have classes.My mom has my wallet My mom doesn’t have her purse
  15. 15. SIMPLE PAST POSITIVE STATEMENT NEGATIVE STATEMENTI worked in Mushrooms Company in I didn’t work in The CokeMay. Company.He lived in that small house 2 years He didn’t live in the big one.ago.We studied in the CETis last year. We didn’t study in the CBTisMaria knew how to cook. Maria didn’t know how to make tortillasYesterday I had a party. Today I didn’t have classes.My mom had my wallet last night. My mom didn’t have her purse
  16. 16. PRONUNCIATION. Practice with a partner and locate the regular verbs according to their pronunciation. (See the verb list in the appendix). /d/ /t/ / id /Play played Walk walked Need neededMail mailed Stop stopped Wait waitedTry tried Look looked Visit visited
  17. 17. Expressions for Past Tense last ago yesterdaylast night 10 minutes ago yesterdaylast Sunday an hour ago yesterday morninglast week three days ago yesterday afternoonlast weekend a week ago yesterday eveninglast year a month ago the day before yesterdaylast month a year ago
  19. 19. Win BreakFind Give
  20. 20. Cut ThinkTake a picture Throw away
  21. 21. Hold BuyHurt Hit
  22. 22. Write ReadSleep Run
  23. 23. Take a bath WinFly Put on
  24. 24. Catch ThrowDraw
  25. 25. Swim SpeakMake a sandcastle Fight
  26. 26. Come GoRide Sing
  27. 27. Eat Drink
  28. 28. Look for the Past Form of the following verbs in your list.1. Drive ________ 7.- get ________ 13.- buy ________2. Take ________ 8.- eat ________ 14.- ring ________3.- run ________ 9.- see ________ 15.- sing ________4.- do ________ 10.-forget ________ 16.- bring ________5.- leave ________ 11.- make ________ 17.- read ________6. -go ________ 12.- write ________ 18.- hear ________
  29. 29. Write the correct form of the verb on the lines. Use the Simple Past Tense.• John Lennon (be) _________ born in 1940 in Liverpool, England, where he (grow up) ___________. As a teenager, he (meet) _________Paul McCartney, and they (begin) _________ to write songs together. After several years, they (form) _________ a new group called the Beatles, with George Harrison and Pete Best. However, Best (NO-stay) _______________ in the group. Bingo Starr (join) _________ the group in place of Best. In 1964 the group (perform) _________ its first hit son “Love Me Do”. ….. Next Page….
  30. 30. Write the correct form of the verb on the lines. Use the Simple Past Tense.• Between the years 1962 and 1968 the Beatles (be) _________ the most famous group in the world. In 1969, Lennon (decide) _________ to perform alone. He (write) _________ the song “Give Peace a Chance” and (make) several albums alone. He also (act) _________ in films. From that time on, he (have) _________ many problems. For example, he (leave) _________ his wife, Yoko Ono, for a time. Finally, in 1983, Mark David Chapman (kill) _________ Lennon. Lennon’s life (end) _________, but his music lives on today.
  31. 31. WH- AND DID QUESTIONS QUESTION ANSWERWhat did you do last I played soccer with my friends. Sundays?Where did you play soccer? I played soccer in the park.How long did you stay there? We stayed there for about 2 hours.Did you enjoy the match? Yes, I did. I got so exhausted but I liked it.Did you do something else that No, I didn’t. Well, I just called my day? girlfriend and went out with her.
  32. 32. Ask the following Questions to your partener and answer back too1. Where did you go on vacation?2. What did you do?3. Who did you see?4. Which movie did you watch on vacation?5. Did you like it?6. Did you meet someone special?7. Did you study anything?8. Did you read a magazine?
  33. 33. FIND SOMEONE WHO... Name1. watched the news. ____________________2. listened to the radio. ____________________3. ate at a restaurant. ____________________• visited grandparents. ____________________• studied for an exam. ____________________• went to the movies. ____________________• cleaned your room. ____________________• took a shower. ____________________9. played an instrument. ____________________10. worked in the computer. ____________________
  34. 34. Now, It´s time forpracticing in class! lmarevalillo@hotmail.com