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WH1 SOL Unit Reviews PP

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WH1 SOL Unit Reviews PP

  1. 1. Early Man Homo-Sapiens emerge from Africa between 100,000-400,000 years ago Paleolithic Era (Old Stone Age): Nomads, simple stone tool and weapons, make fire, spoken language, Cro-Magnons made Cave Art Neolithic Era (New Stone Age)- Agricultural Revolution, Domesticate animals, make pottery, weaving Archaeologist- study fossils, human remains Radio Carbon Dating- determining the age/date of an artifact Stonehenge: England, started during the Neolithic Era and ended during the Bronze Age Aleppo and Jericho: earliest settlements in the fertile crescent Catalhoyuk: Neolithic settlement under excavation in Anatolia http://youtu.be/fu9-7ZJ1h1g http://youtu.be/6Sn911TNR4M
  2. 2. Ancient Egypt Nile River Valley: “Upper and Lower” King=Pharaoh Sphinx, Great Pyramids Slavery accepted Hatshepsut- 1st female pharaoh Amenhotep/Ankenaton- Only one true god (Ra), wife= Nefertiti Thutmose/Rames II (The Great) build temples and monuments King Tut- Boy king, Valley of the Kings Cleopatra- Marc Antony from Rome commits suicide Hieroglyphics Rosetta Stone- used to understand Hieroglyphics Kush/Nubians- live in “Upper Egypt” http://youtu.be/bqyjoaPUXAI
  3. 3. Mesopotamia Cradle of Civilization Fertile Crescent Tigris & Euphrates Sumerians- 1st city, cuneiform, ziggurats, arches, domes Phoenicians- alphabet, ships, trade, purple dye, colonies Lydians- coin money Babylonians- Hammurabi’s Code Persians: Empire, tolerance of conquered, development of imperial bureaucracy, Zoroastrianism {All Polytheistic} Hebrews/Jews Monotheistic-Judaism Founder>Abraham 10 Commandments= law + moral code Moses- leads Jews out of slavery Jerusalem-sacred city Torah- holy book Yahweh- God http://youtu.be/jAMRTGv82Zo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84y2q4giihY&f eature=share&list=PL4E51082F4702F439&index=5
  4. 4. India Hinduism: Caste System Vedas & Upanishads Many forms of one god Reincarnation “Follow the Dharma of your Varna, to have good Karma, and be released from Samsara (reincarnation)” Nirvana=Moksha • Harappa & Mohenjo Daro • Indo Aryans migrate through the Khyber Pass • bring the Caste System with them • Gupta Empire= Golden Age, math (zero), medicine, literature Mauryan Empire= roads, hospitals, vets Buddhism: Siddhartha=Buddha 4 Noble Truths Eightfold Path NO Caste System Ashoka spreads Buddhism
  5. 5. China Great Wall: Qin (“chin” a) Shihuangdi built to keep invaders out Silk Road: Trade from China to Med Sea Civil Service System, Paper, Porcelain, Silk Calligraphy Buddhism- spreads from India Animism-spirits inhabit everything Yin and Yang- opposite forces in nature CONFUCIANISM: relationships, respect for elders, politeness DAOISM: one with nature, simple life LEGALISM: strict laws, harsh punishments
  6. 6. GREECE Aegean Sea, Peloponnesus, Mediterranean Sea, lack of arable (farmable) land= trade, colonization Polytheistic- mythology Athens: Monarchy>Oligarchy/Aristocracy>Tyranny> DIRECT DEMOCRACY Athens- strong navy, arts, education, trade Sparta- strong army, military based, farming Persian Wars: Greece and Athens team up against the Persian Army Peloponnesian War: Sparta V. Athens, Sparta wins, Greece is weak Philip of Macedon- conquers Greece Alexander the Great- giant empire, hellenistic culture
  7. 7. GREECE- important people Homer- Iliad and Odyssey Aeschylus & Sophocles- Drama Herodotus & Thucydides- History Archimedes & Hippocrates- Science Pythagoras & Euclid- Math Socrates, Plato, Aristotle (SPA)- Philosophy Phidias- sculpture Draco and Solon- tyrants, reform Pericles- leader of Athens during Golden Age http://youtu.be/uxOANJ-sSu0 http://youtu.be/xvRWUCfAPs0 http://youtu.be/ZSGM4YfReQY
  8. 8. ROME Italian Peninsula, Alps, Mediterranean Polytheism- based on Greek gods Social Structure: Patricians- Plebeians- Slaves Republic > Empire (Julius Caesar and Augustus) PAX ROMANA-200 years of peace & wealth starts with Augustus ROME=REPUBLIC- representative democracy Consuls-Senate-Assembly TWELVE TABLES Innocent until proven guilty Punic Wars- 3 wars, Carthage V. Rome Rome wins all three, Scipio Roman general Hannibal Carthaginian General territory grows
  9. 9. ROME Constantine- legalizes Christianity, changes capital to Constantinople Diocletian-splits empire in 2 Western Roman Empire Falls: Invasions, TOO big, political instability, inflation Eastern Roman Empire continues to thrive- Constantinople/ Byzantine Empire Christianity-roots in Judaism, Jesus, afterlife, New Testament Apostles spread- Peter and Paul http://youtu.be/w-Nh-zSMzqo http://youtu.be/CWCwnkdPPCc http://youtu.be/2kRwJJwxGZE
  10. 10. Byzantine Empire Trade & Protection Surrounded on three sides by water JUSTINIAN- takes back Roman land, expands trade, Nike Revolt Hagia Sophia- church THEODORA= wife, lots of political power Copy Greek and Roman culture Language- Greek Greek Orthodox Church Roman Laws City falls to Turks in 1453 and it renames Istanbul The Great Schism 1054 Church splits in two WEST- Rome, Latin Pope, Icons ok, EAST- Constantinople, Greek, Patriarch, no icons http://youtu.be/46f-3rane14 http://youtu.be/ng--WLT0Xjc http://youtu.be/46f-3rane14
  11. 11. Russia Copies Byzantine Empire Onion Domes Cyrillic alphabet Ivan III- “The Great” gets ride of Mongols Ivan IV- “The Terrible” Kills all those who disagree with him Czar/Tzar “Caesar”- Russian KingMongols invade and unify Russia (Ghenghis & Khubla Khan). Destroy countryside and Kiev along the way New capital at Moscow 3rd Rome
  12. 12. Islam Founder= Mohammed Mecca (Kaaba) Medina (Hijrah-622) Monotheistic= Allah Quran Arabic Achievements: Arabic numerals (0-9) Algebra, architecture, copy texts, med, Spreads to Spain, Africa, and parts of Asia despite barriers Moors= Muslims in Spain Expansion into W. Europe is halted by Charles Martel @ Battle of Tours 5 Pillars of Islam Creed Almsgiving Fasting Pilgrimage Pray 5x a Day facing Mecca
  13. 13. AFRICA EAST Nubia/Kush- upper Nile River/ South of Egypt Axum- Red Sea, Christian Kingdom SOUTH- Limpopo and Zambezi River Great Zimbabwe Sahara Highway trade route WEST- Niger River, lslamic Salt and Gold trade Ghana Mali-Mansa Musa, Timbuktu Songhai
  14. 14. Mesoamerica Polytheistic- human sacrifice Math Calendars Inca- Andes Mountains Roads, Terrace Farming, Bridges, Quipu (knots in rope), Brain Surgery http://youtu.be/l2NzutZZo7s Aztec- Mexico, calendar, Tenochtitlan, Chinampas, human sacrifice, Cortez Maya- Yucatan Peninsula Large temples, Math/zero Chichen Itza, Glyphs, Pok –ta -Pok
  15. 15. Early Middle Ages Europe= Germanic invasions Protection= feudalism Franks- settle in Gaul (France) Roman culture Magyars- settle in Hungary Angles & Saxons- settle in England Vikings- Scandinavia, attack Europe, settle in Normandy Roman Catholic Church is very powerful! Monks- Monasteries, copy books by hand, illuminated manuscript Pope makes Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor http://youtu.be/8qSkaAwKMD4
  16. 16. Late Middle Ages Nation States start to appear Hundred Years War: France V. England Long bow, cannon Joan of Arc- French girl who help unify the French forces France Wins Strengthens the monarchs power, weakens feudal system Scholars=Church England- Will the Conqueror- Battle of Hastings 1066 Common Law- Henry II Magna Carta- limit King john France- Hugh Capet est. French Throne Spain- take back land from Moors, Ferdinand & Isabella expel Jews and Muslims
  17. 17. Black Death B-U-B-O-N-I-C Decline in population Feudalism ends Church power declines Serfs revolt Crusades Christians V. Muslims Pope Urbans Speech Crusaders (Christian) take Jerusalem (Holy Land) Establish Crusader States Muslims under Saladin take back the Holy Land Constantinople is sacked Effects- Pope and power of church decreased Monarchs power increased Increased trade Bitter feeling btw Christians, Jews, and Muslims http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZy6XilXDZQ&list=PLA72B0BF6DE99BA2F&feature=share&inde =1
  18. 18. Renaissance “rebirth” Starts in Italian port cities like Florence, Genoa, Venice New banking practices Da Vinci- Mona Lisa & Last Supper http://youtu.be/_UVfIN2NM4E Michelangelo- “David” & Sistine Chapel Petrarch- Father of Humanism Humanism- celebrate the individual Secularism- non-religious Classicism- rebirth of Greek and Roman values Medici Family- leaders of Florence, patrons of the arts Machiavelli- “The Prince” How a leader should rule Absolute power “End justify the means” Do good when possible, evil if necessary
  19. 19. Northern Renaissance Renaissance ideas spread North of Italy- Flanders Erasmus- “Praise of Folly” Sir Thomas More “Utopia” ART- Middle Ages- church and salvation Renaissance- individuals, nature, secular religious but with detail and emotion not seen in MA (north) Merge Humanist ideas with Christianity Gutenberg- movable type printing press, people read Bible