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Romancing the Media for Speakers and Trainers

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Romancing the Media for Speakers and Trainers

  1. 1. Romancing the Media How speakers and trainers can create a buzz in the mediaANDREW CHOW
  2. 2. Ice Breakers What kind of News Maker? YOU What will this be?
  3. 3. Understanding Publicity
  4. 4. Which programs on Singapore Radio are suitable for you?
  5. 5. Expert Views
  6. 6. Daily Motivational
  7. 7. Group Interactive
  8. 8. Conversational
  9. 9. Business Nuggets
  10. 10. Malaysia(BFM 89.9, the Business Radio)• Open For Business – (10am weekdays) publicises interesting start-ups• Raise Your Game – (11am weekdays) offers personal development opportunities,• Techtalk – (weekday noons) helps to demystify technology and harness it for business owners• The Resource Centre – (1pm weekdays)
  11. 11. Making a Connection with the Media (Singapore & Malaysia)
  12. 12. Do your research on media/press related to your field
  13. 13. Write your press release the way you want it to be Read
  14. 14. Start Communicating with them even before you have a story
  15. 15. Organise a joint-event with the media
  16. 16. How to Propose a series of Talk Shows/Interviews
  17. 17. Start with a general overview
  18. 18. Prepare all the Questions for your Host
  19. 19. Prepare 2 versions of answers: Short & Long
  20. 20. Leverage on current hot topics (link to your forte)
  21. 21. Becoming a Regular GuestHow to get invited back on radio over and over again
  22. 22. Mention other topics of interest in the conversation
  23. 23. Remember the host’sProfessional Interest • Recommended other great guests to their shows
  24. 24. Remember the host’s Professional Interest Michael PodolinskyRefer other speakers to radio host
  25. 25. Make your pitch only at the very end
  26. 26. After the interview, fulfill all promises made on air quickly
  27. 27. Build Rapport with Host on air Enjoy the Conversation• Arrive early to have a casual chat with the host• Alert the host for any potential question you wish to avoid during the show• Never ask the host for an endorsement• Continue chatting even when you are off air, taking a break• Be Personable (mention the host name often)• Prepare give-away to listeners
  28. 28. How to leverage on media features for marketing?
  29. 29. Share on Social Media• Slideshare : Powerpoint• Podcast : Radio• Youtube : TV• Blog : transcript of interview
  30. 30. Spin it on other Mass Media• Send info to other media for new pitches• Follow the format and record your own version
  31. 31. Questions & Answers
  32. 32. "Meet the Entrepreneurs Charity Concert 2012" Monday, 16th January 2012Serangoon Gardens Country Club 7pm-10pm