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Coaching Leadership Teams to Mindfulness

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Because of their visibility and roles, leadership teams have a disproportionate impact on the culture of an organization. If they’re frantic and overwhelmed, everyone else will be as well. If they show up with a mindful approach, the rest of the organization will reflect that. As coaches, if we can reach the leadership team, we can have a positive multiplier effect across the entire organization.

Join the Team Coaching Community of Practice for this interactive webinar with Scott Eblin, executive coach and author of The Next Level and Overworked and Overwhelmed, who will explain how he brings his work and approach on mindful leadership to leadership teams in Fortune 500 organizations. Participant insights for this presentation include:

How to establish more mindful leadership as a practical goal for a leadership team.
How to use a colleague or self‐ assessment process to set an agenda for the development of a leadership team and its individual members.
How to help leadership teams grasp and act on the understanding that leadership presence requires being present.

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Coaching Leadership Teams to Mindfulness

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