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Case Story
Local Government
Performance Management
District Municipal Authority
A new management team wanted t...
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Case story local government performance

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Case story

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Case story local government performance

  1. 1. Case Story Local Government 2004 Performance Management District Municipal Authority Client A new management team wanted to develop an organization able to think and act as one. The team's first priority was to bring together a view of strategic and operational outcomes it had committed to with the aim of using this information to underpin the development of a performance management framework. It was important that the executive and elected members could obtain a transparent view of progress towards top-line strategic outcomes. The system needed to harness existing data held in planning documents and back-office systems. Problem A pilot enterprise action framework system was authored; a database-driven application that could translate strategy into an actionable information system for managing performance across the organization. Solutions www.encanvas.com To work with a mixture of word documents, spreadsheets etc. and manually enter known performance data. Options Spreadsheet and word processor data from strategy and budgeting documents was imported and used to create a Microsoft SQL database. Data entry screens were developed to assist in the exercise of enriching the data. A series of new tables were introduced to provide a comprehensive data model to meet the decision support needs of the council including portfolio responsibilities, organisational design, focus areas, golden threads, priorities and objectives. Once the data model had been formalized, a desktop application was developed to provide reports and charting capabilities. Application The creation of the data model and system took 6-weeks from concept to completion. Much of this time was spent addressing data quality and integrity issues that became obvious when the data was aggregated and presented in a more useful context. Timescales The resulting information system has helped the authority to identify its key priorities. Deliverable