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Wordpress workshop slides

  1. Digital Champions - Back To The Future Wordpress Workshop Paul Webster (Twitter : @watfordgap) 22nd / 23rd February 2013
  2. Wordpress Workshop • Introductions • Aims of Back to the Future • What is Social Media • Wordpress and Blogging • How to … - Create account & Dashboard - Commenting on Posts and Pages - Add & Edit Posts and Pages - Choose a Theme - Inserting links - Organise Menus - Using & uploading audio, - Use Tags and Categories pictures & video - Add Widgets Try on on own Wordpress page first, then on Have Fun!
  3. Social Media is ... . . media rich, interactive, content served based on preferences, open for comments, conversations WITH visitors encouraged. Web 2.0 =Social Media =New Media =Social Networking
  4. It’s about conversations….. Social media…is about pursuing relationships and fostering communities. Paul Adams, Google - 'The Conversational Web', not a Broadcast. Listen more than talk
  5. It's 'Relational' not 'Transactional' Social Networking builds collaboration “The Conversational Web”, not and conversations a Broadcast. Listen more than you talk – and interact Increased Reach - traditional reporting barriers broken down and communities empowered Immediacy - what took days, takes hours, what took minutes takes seconds! Be Helpful – Be Generous - Say Thank You - Share and you’ll be Common Craft What is Social Media Video amazed what you get back!
  6. Supporting Groups • Know your objectives and what you want to say • How can we support you to work better or tell your story • Research where your audience are – do you know? • Survey and find out, work in spaces where your target audience are • Plan how to use the tools – have a strategy • Run an event?, e-bulletin update? Do ‘as well as’ what you do • Choose tool to match audience and implement • Look at what other organisations have done, what works elsewhere? • Sustain the conversation and say thank you • Encourage people to return, keep it new, links from websites
  7. The best website for the job • Choose the way to convey message. – Audio → Images → Video – See Audioboo, Flickr, Pinterest, Bambuser, Youtube • Choose the context to engage with audience. – Blog → Facebook → Twitter • Choose a useful (FREE) tool/s to help streamline work – Finding out → Letting people know → Running events – See Survey Monkey, MailChimp, Eventbrite Can be a simple choice - Sharing a policy document between trustees Can be a strategic choice - Moving all docs to cloud and eliminating file server
  8. Wordpress Blog – short for weBLOG Not just an on-line (sometimes) personal or project related journal Also simplest way to get a full website Don't worry it's not finished – some of the best blogs build as conversations
  9. Two flavours - .com & .org Open platform for community led content & story development Contains text, pictures, video, audio and commentary on a chosen topic Start conversations, get feedback from visitors, more informal than website Multiple users can have permission to access website and add content Other spaces – Blogger & Tumblr Commoncraft Video - explaining Blogs
  10. Create an account & the dashboard Go to Choose a name for your blog Need a Password and Email address To get back to logon add /wp-admin This is your blog. Update settings, but we will come back to themes... To get back to the dashboard click grey menu bar Dashboard links to all your blogs features & settings, also statistics
  11. Add & Edit Posts and Pages Multiple static Pages of information A reverse chronological list of Posts containing news & discussions When ready … Open for comment to spark debate – a 'magazine editorial' Preview Changes, Save as Draft, Edit and Quick Edit features. Similar to a Word Editor. Add into categories Publish (Or date in future for post) Aim for approx 500 words & picture / media with a call to action or interaction
  12. Inserting Links Website link (http://), email address (mailto:) or 'Contact Us' form Link to others talking about the topic Reference other posts you have written elsewhere on the blog Make links descriptive to reader
  13. Using & uploading audio, pictures & video Sites to try ... Audioboo, Youtube, Flickr Can be uploaded from your computer to Media Gallery and edited Check Copyright – Use Creative Commons Use Shortcodes for ease Don't forget captions and 'Alt Text'
  14. Media Ideas A Picture gallery tells a thousand words – Gradual redevelopment of a site Video can make a compelling case study or capture a moment forever – The crowd an the opening of a project Some prefer Audio for telling a story – Story telling of memories captured forever
  15. Any Questions, so far?! Lunch
  16. Use Tags & Categories Applies to Posts Brings order and helps readers search for similar posts. So keep well organised Are interactive and 'clickable' Category can also have description Try and limit to 8 – 10 top level Categories Use more Tags, think of reader searching
  17. Commenting on Posts & Pages It's what makes a blog into a community Set Moderation so you review first Make sure you have Spam filter activated (Askimet) Comment other people's blogs to raise your profile
  18. Choose a Theme Experiment! But changing a theme can also affect some functionality has some themes built in that are customisable Need to use hosted for full flexibility
  19. Organise Menus Determines the order and structure of the pages and posts Add Links, Pages or Categories
  20. Add Widgets Not all themes have same so see which suits your needs best Adds features such as Calendar, Archive, Search, Categories etc. Link to social networks to show latest Tweets and Facebook updates
  21. Users Can be set with different levels of permission Members only area Username descriptive but not too revealing – e.g. 'paulw' Posts and uploads are tagged with a user, good for searching & tracing
  22. Plugins Wordpress extension written by developers Check reviews & ratings. Can make site unstable Check updates often & apply e.g. Askimet, BackUpWordpress, Jetpack...
  23. Other Considerations Dashboard statistics recording to show popular posts and comments Interested visitors can subscribe by email or follow the RSS feed Include a Comments & Moderation policy statement ( Views are of 'posters' not 'site owners' Don't restrict interaction, but respect privacy
  24. What have we made?
  25. Wordpress Tips • Look for similar organisations, follow them, learn & share with them • Don't 'over' moderate, allow the community to shape the discussion and for it to feel like an open community where all are welcome • Post when inspired or when you have news. Don't post for the sake or it or leave it too long. Readership may decline if no new content. • Be real, authentic and honest. People read blogs as personal account of your work and organisations activity. • Consider linking posts in series on your blog or with other similar organisation in your area or with the same interests • Don't worry if a post seems 'half finished', blogs are meant to be a conversation, encourage dialogue and debate in the comments. • Comment on other's blogs that are similar and link back to yours. • Mention your blog on your website, email, social media, posters ...
  26. Wordpress Considerations • Prepare to have less control over your messages and brand so keep scanning and monitoring for mentions. • A free site site is sufficient for most groups, but does lack some flexibility for advanced users. • Be ready for Trolls & Spam. Respond consistently with posting guidelines and make sure Spam filter is in place (Askimet). • Don't underestimate time it takes to build a community, feed it with new content & reply. Consider sharing load as a team. • Don't ignore your readers, they've invested time and interest in your blog so return the favour and reply to their comments. • sites are automatically backed up, but on a site, export your pages or use a Backup Plugin.
  27. Measuring Success - Check how many times links are clicked if using - Listen what's said about your organisation using Topsy - Monitor. Google Analytics, Facebook Insights & Wordpress page visits, combine in - Measure. Tweetreach, Twitalyzer, SocialBro, - Visualize. Infographics on Visual.y, My Social Strand BUT …. real success is not just about the numbers - Tell stories of real people and real changes - Find out how people heard about you - Build relationships & success by joining in conversations - Social media presence an reflection of your organisation - Engage press, funders, authorities with pictures and video - Say Thank You!
  28. Any Questions? Things you'd like to be able to do? Other websites Anything else …. (Technology related!) Guides and Links ... , and
  29. Thank You Paul Webster (Twitter : @watfordgap)