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Wills lifestyle

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Wills lifestyle

  1. 1. A guide to social media marketing
  2. 2. Looking for a new you? A minor tweak in yourwardrobe can help you change your personality, andalso give you a new surge of confidence! ITCs WillsLifestyle puts on offers a complete fashion wardrobefor every facet of your personality, at work, for casualdays, for party time and even for special occasions.
  3. 3.  Apart from the Youth, the brand can target young executives, college students, party-holics and the fashion conscious Products like Fiama Di Wills and Essenza Di Wills can have a more wider audience coverage Products like Wills Signature and Wills Sport would attract a more niche audience
  4. 4.  Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to target youth and offer wide coverage Apart from new launches, they can engage into communication with buyers and get a market prospective before launching products Viral campaigning and WOM today can be game changers Address consumer grievances in a jiffy Indian Social media platforms like iBibo can help garner eyeballs locally as these seem to have a good link with visual media (like TV, films, etc.)
  5. 5.  Building brand loyalty with contests, quizzes and give- aways Launching teaser campaigns to increase curiosity element Promoting brand usage by creating product usage scenarios Garnering user feed back about recently launched product Responding to user grievances as quickly as possible
  6. 6.  Creating a Fan Page on Facebook to for feedback, announcements , discounts and giveaways Informing of upcoming event details on FB Put up event pictures to connect to audiences post the event Promoting conversations / event launches on Twitter Using DM on Twitter to maintain grievance privacy Creating interactive games on websites like iBiBo.com Creating blog posts for more detailed information about Facebook posts and creating viral campaigns Using webs pace for PR activities Creating e-mailers for informing registered users about events (fashion week / new collection etc)