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Peter Sharkey VP, Services Excellence, Everything I Learned in Business, I Learned From My Kids

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Peter Sharkey
VP, Services Excellence, Global
IBM Global Technology Services
Same house, same parents,
completely different kids.My wife and I raised two daughters. Being just over two years apart in age, they
grew up in the same house, environment, with the same parents, even ate the same
food. Despite everything being the same, they are complete opposites. From the
day they were born, they were different. Their differences quickly taught me a life
lesson: people are different and environmental factors don’t change who we are.
Observing this with my own children has helped me be a better manager. People
have certain traits or skills that come naturally. Some are great sellers. Some are
great developers. Some like to be in the spotlight and some like to work behind the
scenes. Learning to align people to roles they will excel in not only helps them
personally succeed, but also helps with the team’s success.

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