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Better Customer Service Through Big Data and Analytics #TEDatIBM

"Today businesses are finally beginning to realize the ideal of complete customer satisfaction by using big data and analytics to ""reimagine"" and predict what customers want and how to give it to them.

For more information, please visit: http://ibm.co/1lqPfPA. Also, follow #TEDatIBM on Twitter to see our new roles-based Social Business content and engagement series inspired by TED@IBM (a TED-curated event on September 23).

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Better Customer Service Through Big Data and Analytics #TEDatIBM

  1. 1. INTERESTED IN LEARNING HOW MARKETING AND COMMERCE CAN USE BIG DATA? VISIT WWW.IBM.COM/SOCIALBUSINESS HOW TO CREATE EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCES USING THE POWER OF BIG DATA AND ANALYTICS. WITH COLLABORATION of CEOs plan to collaborate much more extensively with customers over the next three to five years.1 BY ENGAGING CUSTOMERS of CEOs expect digital channels to be a key way to engage customers.1 57% WITH PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCES better customer service reported by companies using social tools.2 36% BY PREDICTING TRENDS of executives use social business tools to understand market shifts.3 65% @IBM big data 90% 1) IBM Global C-Suite Survey, 2013 2) ESG Research Report, Social Enterprise Adoption Trends, June 2012 3) MIT Sloan Management Review, Social Business Study: Shifting Out of First Gear, David Kiron and others, July 16, 2013