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Checklist: Essentials for eCommerce Success

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Learn what technologies are essential for a successful eCommerce experience that will meet shopper expectations for online experiences and drive revenue growth for your business.

Learn more: https://ibm.biz/BdrbFw

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Checklist: Essentials for eCommerce Success

  1. 1. Checklist: Essentials for eCommerce Success They want WHAT they want, WHERE and WHEN they want it – and retailers that expect to be around for the long run are responding. Do you have what it takes to succeed in today's ultra competitive digital commerce landscape? TO DO View the Forrester webcast, “The Essential Commerce Capabilities That Will Differentiate Your Brand.” The Way Customers Shop Has Changed Forever 1 IBM Holiday Shopping Benchmark Report, 2016 2 EConsultancy, The Consumer Conversation: The experience void between brands and their customers Flawless Omni-channel Service and Execution Can you meet customer expectations for fulfillment and delivery timing, BPOIS, ship-from-store, express delivery—and do it profitably? According to Forrester (2015), 91% of customers want a clear estimated time of arrival.¹ 3 Digital Divergence: The Future of Digital Commerce - RSR 2016 1 Get Personal Know your customer or your competition will! Treating each customer as an individual requires insight into behavior and intent– across all channels. 88% of consumers say the average retailer does not understand them.² Design for the Mobile Shopper Does your eCommerce platform automatically deliver the mobile optimized experiences shoppers expect? Mobile traffic now exceeds desktop for many brands. Grow Sales Beyond Existing Segments Ensure your eCommerce platform can deliver rapid time to value for initiatives to expand your digital footprint into new markets and segments. According to Retail Systems Research, retailers’ top business challenges include maintaining revenue growth and finding differentiation in a fiercely competitive market.³