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How to Avoid a Driving Ban With 12 points: A Speeding Offences Solicitor Could Help Determine a Defence

For advice on how to avoid a driving ban with 12 points for speeding visit http://www.ibblaw.co.uk/services/road-traffic-offences
Caroline Dunne is a speeding and driving offences solicitor at IBB Solicitors. If you have 12 points on your license for speeding, you could lose your license for a period of time. This driving ban would of course have a huge affect on your income especially if you are self employed and / or rely on using a car or other vehicle, for work eg taxi drivers, goods delivery,medical sales reps, sales reps, or other self employed or employed function.

If you are facing a driving ban or disqualification then it is essential to obtain legal advice from a solicitor specialising in road traffic law and offences as soon as possible. There may be arguments which can be advanced on our behalf to seek to persuade the court not to disqualify.

If you receive a summons or postal requisition requiring you to attend court you should seek advice from a solicitor who specialises in road traffic law as soon as possible. Here at IBB we can offer you a fixed fee appointment to discuss the allegation you face and how the prosecution will attempt to prove the offence. You will be provided with advice on whether to plead guilty or not guilty and the likely consequences if convicted.

If you or a family member has been charged with a road traffic or driving offence, we can help. Call one of our speeding and driving offences solicitors on 0870 442 1500 for immediate help or 01895 207848. Alternatively, email us at criminaldefence@ibblaw.co.uk.

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