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B2B Strategic Account Management - SAM

Is your company having trouble driving more revenue from current clients?

Are you losing your current clients to competitors?

Watch this presentation to learn how to build B2B strategic account teams to generate 3X more revenue and profit than originally believed, within a short period of time.

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B2B Strategic Account Management - SAM

  1. 1. Strategic Account Management (SAM)
  2. 2. Preface The purpose of this document is to present Strategic Account Management (SAM) issues and performance improvement elements that have been described to us by corporate firms throughout the world. These firms are selling a range of products, services and solutions to other corporate clients, but they have had difficulty creating effective sales teams to build strategic relationships, and sell integrated solutions. The document provides a framework for discussions with executives, with the goal of creating a prioritized list of outcomes and expectations for enhancing strategic account relationships, revenues and profit margins. These discussions will give you the information you require to create the kind of profitable growth in strategic accounts that has been achieved by our clients. .
  3. 3. Tactical Strategic Breadth of business issues Depth of business relationship Vendor Preferred Supplier Solution Provider Trusted Partner Potential for deepening existing relationship Source: Adapted from The Trusted Advisor Strategic Business Advisor WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CLIENTS?
  4. 4. Background
  5. 5. The Goal: Move Strategic Clients From “One- Service/Product” to “Many-Services/Products” Strategic: Two+ Services/Products Target: One Service /Product Chain: Value products Relationship Services/the “More Up Add Move Strategic Accounts Named Accounts Small/Medium Business (Clusters)
  6. 6. Present State: The Key Issues
  7. 7. High Level Issues We’ve Encountered: • Strategic Accounts are easier to sell to because you have already established a trust factor with them. Trust is mandatory for any B2B sale. • There is a need and opportunity to really grow your strategic accounts, to build on your trust & success, and to provide exceptional integrated solutions. • A need to build more strategic relationships at senior executive levels • Team Leadership needs Coaching and Strengthening. • What’s really going on in each account? Where are the opportunities? • Need to raise Motivation to the Next Level: Objectives, Metrics and Recognition/Rewards. • Need Regular Planning Agendas: More Strategic, fill the Funnels. • More Account Team Members to make client calls.
  8. 8. Future Vision What your client relationship will look like in the near future
  9. 9. Future Vision for Your Client Team A strategic relationship exists with the client and you provide a wide range of services to them. Their senior client executives consult with you prior to all key initiatives. You are a “trusted business advisor” to your client, and their executives periodically join your client team meetings to discuss their issues and future plans. Your client team has “heads up” enthusiastic participation from your staff who represent a wide range of potential services/products to your client. There is full attendance at all team meetings. Revenue growth from this client is accelerating at a pace much faster than your average client revenue growth and profit contribution is above average.
  10. 10. Benefits of Strong Strategic Client Teams
  11. 11. Some of the outcomes…….  Stabilized trusting relationships mean lower cost of sales, faster revenue growth and increased account profitability  Effective strategic account teams provide significant upside from new opportunities. Some of these opportunities can be identified by looking at unexploited opportunities, and by issue articulation and decomposition techniques described later in this presentation.  Strategic Relationships and Trusted Advisor status can be achieved using the methods described below. The key benefit is an ability to be “on the inside” learning about opportunities before they are issued as RFP’s and sometimes receiving directed bids.
  12. 12. Moving to the Future State: High Level Initiatives
  13. 13. Strategic Account Performance Early Client Focus • Some success • Limited Trusted Advisor Status • Early transformation to “solutions” Building The Client Focused Infrastructure • Trained Team Management • Enhanced Team Leadership • Implement New support systems • SAM Coordination High Performance Teams • Consistent performance • Friction Free Transactions • Improved Organic Growth • Higher Revenues & Profits
  14. 14. High Performance Team Framework
  15. 15. Some Recommended Initiatives: • Raise Motivation to the Next Level: Clearly define team Objectives, Metrics and Recognition and Rewards. • Implement Quarterly Team Activity Agendas: Define the weekly/biweekly agendas, strategy sessions client meetings with the team etc. • Increase the account team coordinator support • Engage more account team members to make client calls. Training and objectives required • Create and update the Industry and Client Points of View • Update the Relationship Funnels, goals, velocities and influencer diagrams • Ensure client participation in account team meetings • Create a quarterly External Audit of Team Performance • Expand Selective Coaching
  16. 16. Increasing the Rate of Organic Growth
  17. 17. Relationships  Focus on building client trust in your strategic account teams and your company… need to focus on more than one staff member for each of your client relationships  Develop content to engage your clients with thought leadership, and to help them grow.  Provide more staff training on relationship development. Note: Most team members usually have very little relationship training.  Help us to implement ways to understand your firm’s influence and contacts  Add to your internal systems the ability to handle relationship information  Spend more time on business knowledge; industry and client points of view need to be maintained in a current mode
  18. 18. Culture  Create more of a “Heads Up” culture. In orientation and other training sessions, push the concept of each person’s “Value to your Business”. In orientation courses…encourage staff to always think about “what can you do to help the client grow”?  Break down barriers between “silos”.  Improve focus…less pressure to chase too many things… everything that moves syndrome.  Engage those involved in delivering your services in meeting and understanding clients.  Stay the course to avoid loss of investment and “flavor of the week” problems
  19. 19. Transformation  Make your measures match your strategic client’s goals & measures.  Performance objectives and measures need to focus on the client issues  Need more support tools and feedback around strategic account processes and teams  Need to incorporate analytics into all decisions.
  20. 20. Performance Improvement  Fundamentals/foundation Know who to go to Know their objectives and roles  Need a mental shift of staff/cultural fit  More emphasis on selling Value  Learn and respect your Organization Structure  Make it “fun”
  21. 21. Enhance Your Strategic Relationships
  22. 22. Becoming a Strategic Business Advisor Requires Skills in Both Issue Development and Relationship Building Tactical Strategic Breadth of business issues Depth of business relationship Vendor Preferred Supplier Solution Provider Trusted Partner Potential for deepening existing relationship Source: Adapted from The Trusted Advisor Strategic Business Advisor
  23. 23. But it is a journey with few short cuts to Trusted Advisor Multiple Service Single Service Engage Client Integrated Client Teams Relationship Management Tactical Development Public Relations Reputation Building Marketing Business Development Contact Contracted Client Trusted Advisor The Loyalty Continuum Client
  24. 24. Developing the Relationship
  25. 25. Strategic Account Management Integration of POVs and Client Relationship Management
  26. 26. The Three Phases in Issue Articulation and Decomposition Issue articulation Solution development Issue decomposition 1. What is an issue? 2. How do we decompose issues? 3. How do we link decomposed issues to solutions?
  27. 27. Results Achieved
  28. 28. How Do YOU Benefit?  Faster Results - Shorter Payback - Greater ROI  Better Results with Greater Certainty of Success  Higher Value and Lower Cost  Fee Structure – Retainer + can be a percentage of Revenue Gain
  29. 29. Effective SAM - Key Benefits  Achieves sales force integration without reorganization  Creates more cross selling & “integrated” relationships with more account stability  Transforms business from project or campaign based to an annuity business…..fewer competitions = more profit  “Automatic” staff training on client issues through POV discussions  Revenue & Profits grow more rapidly in effective SAM clients
  30. 30. What We Do and What We Bring! • We blend our many years of executive sales, marketing and business leadership experience with world acclaimed academic research to guide and mentor our clients through a discovery and change process that achieves effective execution with measurable results. • To do it we bring: – Frameworks – Processes – Templates – Training – Coaching – Market Research – Sample Metrics
  31. 31. Lessons Learned Requirements for Success Strategy • Walk the talk • Business case with cost and benefits • Goals and accountabilities People • Compensation/measures aligned with strategy • Defined selection criteria • Clarify consequences of undesirable behaviour Technology • Integrated CRM • Analytical tools • Total Team Commitment Process • Overcome resistance to change • Discipline in execution • Dedicated and accountable resources
  32. 32. Strategic Account Management (SAM) Please direct any Questions/Inquiries to Ian Dainty at ian@maximizebusinessmarketing.com