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Virtual Worlds Introduction: Second Life and Beyond

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An introductory presentation about virtual worlds that focuses on Second Life.

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Virtual Worlds Introduction: Second Life and Beyond

  1. 1. Alja Sulčič (iAlja Writer) An Introduction to Virtual Worlds Second Life and Beyond http://ialja.blogspot.com
  2. 2. Virtual worlds defined http://ialja.blogspot.com
  3. 3. A virtual world is a computer-based simulated environment intended for its users to inhabit and interact via avatars. Wikipedia http://ialja.blogspot.com
  4. 4. Virtual worlds: evolving from ‣ social networks ‣ online games ‣ simulations ... towards a 3D Web? http://ialja.blogspot.com
  5. 5. World of Warcraft is a very popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMOG) that takes place in a fantasy virtual world... http://ialja.blogspot.com
  6. 6. ... but there are also more realistic virtual worlds, which don’t focus on gaming. These virtual worlds can be used as effective real-life communication, business, education and social tools. http://ialja.blogspot.com
  7. 7. why and how! ... let’s see http://ialja.blogspot.com
  8. 8. Living a Second Life http://ialja.blogspot.com
  9. 9. Second Life is one of the most talked about non-gaming virtual worlds right now... how it works! ... let’s see http://ialja.blogspot.com
  10. 10. Users download the Second Life client to enter the virtual world http://ialja.blogspot.com
  11. 11. Client/Server architecture open source client connects The to Second Life servers... ... that do most of the maths for the client. http://ialja.blogspot.com
  12. 12. Makers of Second Life Second Life servers are hosted by one company: ‣ SL development ‣ SL “central bank” ‣ SL “law” makers and enforcers ‣ financed by users purchasing virtual land on LL servers http://ialja.blogspot.com
  13. 13. ... but it’s the residents that make the world come alive! http://ialja.blogspot.com
  14. 14. User Stats > 5 million unique residents > 1,5 million logged in the last 60 days ≈ 40 000 users in-world at any time > 90 000 premium residents Demographics all users must be over 18* average age 33 43 % female users active users: 44 % EU, 26 % USA http://ialja.blogspot.com13 to 17 can use a more secure version of SL: Teen Second Life * teens from the age
  15. 15. Residents have different tools within Second Life... http://ialja.blogspot.com
  16. 16. Communication tools private in (Instant Messages -IM) - or - public in verbally (places or group IM) (text or/and voice chat) - and - non-verbally (visual appearance, proxemics, gestures and animations) http://ialja.blogspot.com
  17. 17. Tools for travel You can walk and fly... ... or teleport anywhere in an instant! http://ialja.blogspot.com
  18. 18. Tools for creating and shaping the world //pic ‣ 3D prim building ‣ Linden Scripting Language ‣ texture, sound and animation import http://ialja.blogspot.com
  19. 19. Berkman Sandbox Abbots Aerodrome Virtual Morocco Second Life is a user-created world! Second House of Sweden Teaching International Spaceflight Museum http://ialja.blogspot.com Little Roma
  20. 20. “You create it, you own it.” ... users retain full IP rights over content they create in Second Life http://ialja.blogspot.com
  21. 21. ... but what can we do with our Second Life? http://ialja.blogspot.com
  22. 22. Living a Second Life: Business http://ialja.blogspot.com
  23. 23. Linden Dollars Second Life currency real money trading (RMT) US$ L$ ≈ (1 US$ 270 L$) L$ can be used on the web or in-world http://ialja.blogspot.com
  24. 24. Business opportunities (for individuals and companies) ‣ selling virtual goods (C2C, B2C, B2B), ‣ building communities, ‣ costumer support, ‣ training & research, ‣ public relations, ‣ marketing, ‣ events, ... ‣ gambling http://ialja.blogspot.com
  25. 25. Economy stats (June 2007) > 400 residents had a monthly income over 2 000 US$ > 300 000 residents spent money in-world Lindex Virtual Currency Exchange almost 7 million US$ exchanged http://ialja.blogspot.com
  26. 26. Real companies in Second Life Nissan Altima Island http://ialja.blogspot.com
  27. 27. Living a Second Life: Education http://ialja.blogspot.com
  28. 28. Harvard Law School Many educational institutions already have their virtual campuses NMC Campus Ohio University http://ialja.blogspot.com
  29. 29. There are courses being taught within Second Life on a variety of subjects: ‣ programming, ‣ natural sciences, ‣ economics, ‣ law, ‣ foreign languages, ‣ literature, ‣ art, ... Learning about cell structure within a 3D cell model http://ialja.blogspot.com
  30. 30. Second Life residents can attend a number of educational events: (often free) ‣ conferences, ‣ lectures, ‣ discussions, ‣ interviews, ‣ book readings, .... http://ialja.blogspot.com
  31. 31. Living a Second Life: Politics http://ialja.blogspot.com
  32. 32. Residents (and political parties/groups) use Second Life to express their political views http://ialja.blogspot.com
  33. 33. French elections National Front HQ: Contra National Front: http://ialja.blogspot.com
  34. 34. USA elections Candidates’ headquarters: Politics + business: http://ialja.blogspot.com
  35. 35. Living a Second Life: Media http://ialja.blogspot.com
  36. 36. SL has high media coverage http://ialja.blogspot.com
  37. 37. ... and its own media News sites: TV channels: Magazines: News agency: http://ialja.blogspot.com
  38. 38. Living a Second Life: Art & Architecture http://ialja.blogspot.com
  39. 39. Second Life hosts different art exhibitions... http://ialja.blogspot.com
  40. 40. Multimedia installation Architecture Machinima ... and is a playground artistic expression for http://ialja.blogspot.com
  41. 41. Living a Second Life: Sports & Leisure http://ialja.blogspot.com
  42. 42. Residents also spend their time sports... doing http://ialja.blogspot.com
  43. 43. ... keep track of and experience sports events... real-life http://ialja.blogspot.com
  44. 44. have fun ... or just with their friends. http://ialja.blogspot.com
  45. 45. Virtual beyond Second Life http://ialja.blogspot.com
  46. 46. Second Life is just the tip of the iceberg ... and many more! http://ialja.blogspot.com
  47. 47. By the end of 2011, 80 % of active Internet users (and Fortune 500 enterprises) will have a “second life”, but not necessarily in Second Life. April 2007, Gartner Inc. 80 % http://ialja.blogspot.com
  48. 48. interested? http://ialja.blogspot.com
  49. 49. The best way to learn about virtual worlds try one! is to http://ialja.blogspot.com
  50. 50. see you in-world! Created by: Alja Sulčič (SL iAlja Writer) http://ialja.blogspot.com Disclaimer All the logos and trademarks that appear in this presentation are the property of their respective owners, who are not affiliated with the author. The views expressed by the author are her own and do not represent the views of the trademark owners. http://ialja.blogspot.com