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D4 I Intro Web

An introduction to the Design for Innovation (D4I) Performance Management and Improvement Process by Iain Sanders at www.designforinnovation.com

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D4 I Intro Web

  1. 1. The Design for Innovation (D4I) Process Performance Improvement Audit, Guide and Roadmap We help companies achieve better results by making better decisions 1
  2. 2. What does this mean? • We increase your business productivity without reducing your production capability • In other words… we help you achieve more with what you already have 2
  3. 3. The D4I Process is based on best practice principles drawn from Jim Collin’s work in “Good to Great”. "Breakthrough results come about by a series of good decisions, diligently executed and accumulated, one on top of the other" - Jim Collins, in Good to Great "Transformation is a process of buildup followed by breakthrough, broken into three broad stages: disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action" - Jim Collins, in Good to Great 3
  4. 4. We EXAMINE Best Practice Discipline ONE-ON-ONE WITH FIRST STAKEHOLDERS DIMENSION [INTERNAL] Assess current data from business AMALGAM SECOND DIMENSION [EXTERNAL] Assess current data outside business THIRD DIMENSION GAP ANALYSIS [BEST Compare against World Best Practice Tools provided PRACTICE] by D4I PRAGMATIC FILTER: What are the restraints unique to the 3D DATA-BLEND business that need to be factored? [D4I TOOLS] BASE POINT FOR FUTURE STRATEGIC DIRECTION 6 4
  6. 6. Design for Innovation provides a simple yet deeply insightful framework for making better decisions and achieving better results by design, on a continuous basis Stakeholder Perspectives Examined: • Investors • Customers • Intermediaries • Employees • Suppliers • Regulators • Communities • Pressure Groups • Alliance Partners • Other Stakeholders 6
  7. 7. What the D4I framework offers • Comprehensive performance improvement audit • Audit results summary • Value Creation SWOT • Value Management SWOT • Value Innovation SWOT • Better Decision-Making Guide to interpret results • Roadmap for Implementing the Audit’s findings 7
  8. 8. Here are some of the Benefits you Receive: Key Deliverables: [5] [1] 1. Business Performance STAKEHOLDER STAKEHOLDER Benchmark Assessment CONTRIBUTIONS WANTS & NEEDS Report TO SUSTAIN FOR PROVIDING 2. Business Performance CAPABILITIES CONTRIBUTIONS Roadmap identifying critical pathways to Best Practice 3. Identify and prioritize info- We EMBED gathering, info-measurement, management actions, and Best outcomes required for maximum value-creation 4. Identify and prioritize critical [4] CAPABILITES Practice [2] STRATEGIES needs, gaps and shortfalls to address TO OPERATE & ENHANCE Discipline TO SATISFY 5. Reassign and optimize existing STAKEHOLDER assets and resources to PROCESSES WANTS & NEEDS maximize value-creation opportunities 6. Set monthly targets and measures to manage and [3] monitor CRITICAL 7. Qualify improvements, and PROCESSES quantify value gains TO EXECUTE STRATEGIES 8
  9. 9. Here are some of the Benefits you Receive: Key Deliverables (Continued): 8. Customized audit caters to [5] [1] your strategic priorities and STAKEHOLDER STAKEHOLDER functional requirements CONTRIBUTIONS WANTS & NEEDS TO SUSTAIN FOR PROVIDING 9. Surveys compiled to address CAPABILITIES CONTRIBUTIONS your specific needs 10. Survey results consolidated and summarized in the final report We EMBED 11. We take responsibility for setting up interviews and Best distributing surveys to all the stakeholders [4] Practice [2] 12. Our recommendations draw CAPABILITES STRATEGIES upon the full wealth of resources, capabilities, TO OPERATE & ENHANCE Discipline TO SATISFY STAKEHOLDER wisdom and experience we PROCESSES WANTS & NEEDS possess 13. Quality of all work is guaranteed [3] 14. References and testimonials CRITICAL will be provided on request PROCESSES TO EXECUTE STRATEGIES 9
  10. 10. Most significant gains: • Focus on what matters • Improve your productivity most and get the best without destroying your results possible capability to do so: • Measure what matters – Avoid sacrificing capability most and constantly for profitability monitor and improve your – Maximize the current and potential profitability of all progress your existing customers • Discover how your and prospects decisions are – Attain continuous improve- interconnected and ment with best practices influence your overall – Create new opportunities effectiveness: for better for generating wealth and for worse – Achieve better results by making better decisions 10
  11. 11. Please contact us for more details info@designforinnovation.com 11