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Moment of Magic:Lighting up Barton Le Clay

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Here's what can happen when members of a community, Reach in, Reach out and Reach together!

Starting with the question, "Why doesn't Barton Le Clay have lights like other villages?"
A small group of Barton residents formed an" ideal project team"all looking in the same direction together they:
identified and dared to dream a Big Dream.
Moved in its direction.
Actualized it by weaving their dream into others dreams and made it happen!

Members of the Barton Le Clay community are Dream Weavers and you can be too!
Just look for a dream you can share with others,including your local Rotary Club,
latch onto to it and don't let go!

To help you Connect with the members of your community use the universal
language of iMA and make it happen!

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