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Culture code - HYS Enterprise

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It's time to aim high!

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Culture code - HYS Enterprise

  1. 1. hys-enterprise.com
  2. 2. Mission We make information technology easy and human-friendly
  3. 3. “When we launched HYS, we had a feeling that we can do it better. We can make our work fulfilling for everybody.” Hans Uithol Co-founder and CEO
  4. 4. “To make the work fulfilling for everyone, we follow five principles: in what we do we have a vision, a purpose, autonomy, authority, and appreciation.” Yuri Warczynski Co-founder and Executive Chairman
  5. 5. Ambition for all-around development Sense of responsibility Working with the goal in mind Engagement The world of information technologies is growing too fast to stay in one place. We should think broadly and quickly. We should be moving along with the latest technological innovations and constantly improve our hard and soft skill sets. We expect each team member to act like an owner and take responsibility for every decision made, no matter how global or seemingly trivial. We don’t just do our work. We understand what it means for us, for our team, and for our partners. Having a clear end goal and understanding that goal is key to a healthy work process. Engaged people are happier and more motivated. They keep up with the latest corporate processes and features. Let’s create a great environment together Values
  6. 6. Fun Respect Transparency and trust Human interaction Fulfillment We believe that trust and transparency make work and communication easier. We respect our colleagues’ ideas, opinions, and work. We respect our management and our partners. Respect is the foundation of our collaboration. We’re all different. We have different interests, experiences, and approaches. But we’re always open and friendly. Fulfillment creates loyalty and encourages people to bring our company to a new level. We work hard but party harder ;) Values
  7. 7. HYS Culture Values Ambition for all-round development Sense of Responsibility Working with the Goal in Mind Engagement Fun Respect Transparency & Trust Human Interaction Fulfillment
  8. 8. HYS Spirit ● Helping each other to be awesome ● Open-minded ● Open to all technologies ● Ready to learn something new ● Proactive ● Self-motivated ● Respectful to colleagues and management ● Admitting when you’re wrong ● Using failures as opportunities to grow ● Making sure partners are happy ● Making fun of others’ failures ● Jealousy ● Judging others ● Aggression ● Arrogance ● Frivolous attitude toward responsibilities ● Overcontrolling ● Unreasonably critical ● Fearing to admit your mistakes ● Not motivated to improve Not HYS Spirit
  9. 9. An important part of our corporate culture is respect for the private lives and views of our team members. Please be thoughtful and sensitive, particularly when discussing SexPoliticsReligion Controversial topics
  10. 10. Everyone has their own personal style and development rate at each turn of their career. That’s why we never discuss We never discuss Compensation
  11. 11. Our Schedule Good culture shows up in good results. Our culture is built on responsibility and trust. We focus on what people get done and don’t measure them by how many hours they spend in the office. We work 8 hours per day on average, but we’re okay with flexible schedules and offer the possibility to work from home if necessary.
  12. 12. Becoming a part of HYS means doing incredible things in a team of talented professionals
  13. 13. A team that ● Good people want to work with good people. We’re proud of everyone who joins our team. ● We’re fun, people-oriented high performers. ● Our processes involve minimum bureaucracy. ● We use a win-win-win business model to benefit you, our partners, and our company. ● We’re helpful. Remember that you aren’t alone. If you need any assistance, you have a team to brainstorm ideas and find solutions. ● Social and moral aspects always matter. motivates
  14. 14. All-around ● We’re happy to support your professional and personal growth, so we do our best to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to develop your skill set. ● Our internal and external tech events are great for learning something new, getting in touch with interesting people, and discovering fresh ideas. ● Knowledge sharing pushes people to become better at what they do. We’re always ready to share our knowledge and experience with high schools and non-profit organizations, making investments in the local IT community. ● Enjoy what you do, learn from what you do, and improve yourself. development
  15. 15. WorkHard&HaveFun Sport Professional Days Team Games And Competitions Birthday Celebrations Parties Events
  16. 16. Some ● We create experts and grow stars. Any talented Junior has an opportunity to become a Senior in our company. The sky’s the limit. ● We’re okay with you switching to another technology or role. If you want to try something new, we’ll help you find a suitable position at HYS. ● We don’t take you for a project; we take you for HYS. This means that if your project ends for some reason, we’ll find a new one for you. We see ourselves as a platform for highly skilled professionals. ● No bureaucracy. Why would anyone need it? Here at HYS Enterprise, we follow other principles ;) ● You always have access to top management whether you want to ask a question, share your concerns, or just ask how they’re doing. ● We try to keep the atmosphere in the company open and friendly. A positive environment makes the work easier and the workplace much more comfortable. insights
  17. 17. It’s time to aim high!