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  1. Retail & Wholesale Industry Qlik has over 1,100+ Retail Customers worldwide of all varieties. Including Wholesale distribution we have 3,000+ customers Present by Vu Tien Hung, PMP@
  2. 2 Agenda • About Qlik • Qlik for Retail & Wholesale • Qlik Retail & Wholesale - Customer Success • Qlik Retail & Wholesale – Screenshots • Additional Resources
  3. NASDAQ: QLIK Founded in Lund, Sweden in 1993 Headquartered in Radnor, PA, USA 37,000 customers and 1,700 partners in more than 100 countries High growth rate outpacing marketMore than 2,000 employees 37,000 1,700 100
  4. 37,000 happy customers Communications, energy and utilities Manufacturing and high tech Financial services Healthcare and life sciences Retail and services Public sector
  5. What’s the difference?
  6. 10 Common Qlik ® solution areas by industry sector Manufacturing and high tech • Sales and marketing • Supply chain • Manufacturing operations Financial services • Risk management • Customer intelligence • Cost reduction Retail and services • Customer intelligence • Merchandising • Supply chain • Operations Healthcare • Clinical and outcomes • Operations • Finance and performance improvement Communications • Sales and marketing • Customer intelligence • Finance • Operations Life sciences • Sales and marketing • Clinical and operations • Supply chain Energy and utilities • Sales and marketing • Customer intelligence • Finance • Operations Public sector • Government spend analysis • Workforce performance • Crime analysis and intelligence
  7. 11 Common Qlik ® solution areas by function Finance • Financial planning and analysis • Expense management • Revenue and profitability • Cash-flow and balance sheet • Risk and compliance IT as a user • IT infrastructure • Asset management • Governance and security • Software and licensing • Project management Human resources • Total rewards • Recruitment • Workforce management • Learning and development Marketing • Market planning • Brand management • Campaign performance • New product development and innovation • Digital analytics Supply chain • Procurement • Vendor management • Transport warehousing and distribution • Supply chain performance • Supply chain planning R&D and engineering Service and support • Contact center • Warranty analysis • Field service • Customer experience and lifetime value • Support cases / helpdesk Sales • Pipeline and quota management • Customer analysis • Product analysis • Channel analysis • Sales planning • R&D pipeline • Quality • Health and safety • Manufacturing operations • Asset management and integrity
  8. Qlik Sector and Industry Segmentation
  9. Qlik for Retail & Wholesale
  10. IDC Future Scape: Worldwide Retail 2016 Prediction
  11. 15 Qlik’s Globally Strong Retail Presence Broad Adoption Across: Store Operations, Merchandise, Customer, Supply Chain, Finance, HR, & IT • 1,100+ Retail Customers worldwide of all varieties • 3,000+ Retail & Wholesale Distribution Customers • Qlik Retail Apps on ─ Omni-Channel Analytics ─ Retail Store Performance ─ Supply Chain - Order & Inventory Management • QlikMarket – Retail Apps ─ Qlik’s Version of an App Store • Key Technology Partners ─ Teradata, Cloudera, & HortonWorks Joint 7-Eleven/Qlik Booth – Gartner BI Conference
  12. Retail Data Discovery 17 Operational Data Historical Data External Data Combine Sources It is not about the first question. • We know sales are trending down. • We know we missed plan • We know too many products are returned • We know shipping costs are too high Data Discovery is about the Next Question. SCM ERP POS MMS E- COMM WM S EDW 1 EDW 2 ODS 1 ODS 2 Instant Association
  13. 18 Qlik Moves fast • Large US Grocery Chain - The existing “in house” sell through application was assembled in roughly one year, the new Qlik application was assembled in 2 weeks by 1 Qlik consultant. • Leading US Based Outdoor Lifestyle Retailer - First Qlik Campaign Analysis Application rolled out in one week. • Leading US Based Luxury Brand Retailers - Rolled out a complex multi data source Qlik Supply Chain app (air vs. ocean) in 12 weeks. • Leading US Based Affordable Price Retailer - Rolled out set of Project Portfolio Management Qlik apps in 12 weeks • Leading US Apparel Catalogue Retailer - In 2 Days a Logistics Qlik App was assembled to determine why shipping costs were negatively impacting profitability by isolating outliers. As it turned out Bean Bag Chairs were sold for $5 and cost $45 to ship. Bean Bags chairs were removed from the Catalogue -100 0 10 0 Time to Value 39% deployed QlikView in 1 Month 74% deployed QlikView in 3 Months 51% reduction in information access and analysis time Findings from independent survey of Qlik Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution customers
  14. Transportation & Logistics Warehousing & Distribution Merchandise & Buying Marketing & Customer Store Operations IT/HR Finance & Executive Management Sales Key Retail Customers by Solution Focus
  15. Qlik Success Stories Retail & Wholesale Industry
  16. Qlik Retail Deployments Customer Store Operations Merchandise Customer Intelligence Supply Chain Finance, HR, & IT Sales Analysis, Traffic, & Shrink Market Basket Analysis Event & Promotion Pricing Product Aging & Inventory Management Profit & Loss Alerts Sales & Store Performance Merchandise Performance Web Kiosk Analytics & Loyalty Card Analysis Purchasing, Sourcing, & Logistics Data Quality Analysis Sales Analysis Merchandise Performance Campaign Analytics & Customer Analysis Staffing Analysis Sales & Store Performance SKU Analysis & GMROI Analysis Customer & Purchase Pattern Analysis Inventory Management Payroll Analysis Sales & Profitability Analysis Merchandise & Assortment Performance Segmentation & Campaign Performance Supply Chain Management Reporting Profitability Analysis & IT Service Analysis In Store Data Capture & Store Performance Campaign Analytics & Omni-Channel Analysis Financial Analysis
  17. Ted Baker: Customer Snapshot Challenges • Brand marketing team was struggling with creation of targeted customer communications & targeted offers achieving a measurable sales lift • Blind spot around customer demographics and buying behavior due to lack of insight into customer information • Consolidating and analyzing large volumes of customer data across their shopping channels, promotional types, and transaction types Solution • Customer Intelligence - A rolling data report (RDR) was created allowing area managers to rank the stores data capture performance, monitor compliance, and measure new customer acquisition • Omni-Channel Campaign Performance– Dashboard created to bring together customer data across stores, e-commerce, mobile, gift cards, and historical sales to segment customers and create more targeted campaigns Benefit • A QlikView Omni-Channel dashboard provides a single view of the customer across all shopping channels for 1.2 million shoppers • A November UK Shopping Event generated 17,237 discount code downloads 16,330 new customer profiles for the marketing database and a 50% increase in on-line sales vs. the previous month The wealth of data we now have on our customers through Qlik has changed the way we develop and run our marketing communications. The extensive customer insight means we can proactively build and drive more results-oriented campaigns. - Craig Smith, Brand Communication Director, Ted Baker About Ted Baker • UK Based Lifestyle Brands Retailer • 250 Stores in 22 Countries • Annual Sales of 200 Million Sterling 60% In-Store Data Capture Increase “ “
  18. MAF Carrefour Hypermarkets: Customer Snapshot Challenges • Large amounts of retail data in the corporate data warehouse with limited ability to access in a timely fashion, resulting in decisions made on latent data. • Lengthy development time to analyze and report on retail data led to lost opportunity • Limited business user self service led to lengthy IT backlogs around mission critical requests Solution • MAF Carrefour Hypermarkets deployed Qlik applications for store operations (ie. store performance dashboard), finance, and sourcing to more than 150 of its management staff in less than 6 months. • The next rollout with take Qlik further into the executive management domain, followed by loyalty card analysis. • Carrefour sees further value in Qlik—namely, for human resources and other ad-hoc data analysis where there are large volumes of data Benefit • Reduced time to data visibility enabled faster decision making. • Reduced development time resulted in the delivery of the first three applications in less than six months • Overcame the challenges with low bandwidth environments With Qlik, store managers can view sales and operations related KPIs and benchmark with other stores and year-on-year performance. The advantage is ease of benchmarking with similar stores and drill down to very low level . “ “ -Shahrukh Dastur, General Manager Business Analytics, MAF Carrefour About MAF Carrefour • A joint venture between Carrefour SA France & UAE • 90+ stores comprising hypermarkets & supermarkets • Carrefour is the 2nd largest retailer in the world • Industry: Retail
  19. Best Buy: Customer Snapshot Challenges • Unable to access huge data sets – required deep technical skills • BI tools not moving at speed of business - managed to “averages” • Standardized reporting didn’t meet everyone’s needs Solution • Deployed Qlik to Sales, Operations, Marketing, and Supply Chain functions. BI Center of Excellence built alerts, advanced analytics, value targeting models, and standardized reporting for: – Sales, Traffic, Conversion, Service & Shrink Analysis – Fraud Detection and Best Customer Alerts – Merchandising & Market Basket Analysis – Margin, Event & Promo / Pricing Performance Analysis – Extreme Discount Override Alerts – Inventory Management, Seasonality & Supply Chain Analysis – Product Aging & Profit and Loss Alerts Benefit • Enabled self-service ad-hoc analysis based on request frequency • Leveraged infrastructure investments to support growth • Grouped like resources to better achieve economies of scale I used to be handcuffed, not able to access my own data, but QV unlocked my world.“ “ - Anonymous, Best Buy About Best Buy • Industry: Electronics Retailer • Operates 3700+ Stores in North America, Europe, & China • Over $45 Billion in annual revenue & Over 150,000 associates 81 Access databases replaced with 1 QV
  20. Qlik Wholesale Distribution Deployments Customer Sales/POS Merchandise/Pro duct Customer Intelligence/Mark eting Supply Chain Finance, HR, & IT Sales Analysis by Market, Customer, & Division Measure Product Quality & Streamline Product Testing Inventory Exposure Analysis Financial Analysis - Gross Profit & Contribution Margin Sales Analysis by Market, Market Share & Customer Category Management & Pricing Analysis Campaign & Promotions Analysis Financial Analysis – Billing & Margin POS /Sales Analysis by key customer (Lowes/Home Depot) Promotions Analysis Inventory Availability & On Time Delivery Analysis Sales & Profitability Analysis Pricing Analysis Royalty & Trade Fund Management Sourcing, Procurement, Warehousing & Logistics Analysis Financial Analysis & SLA Reporting Sales & Forecasting Analysis – Retail & Wholesale Research & Development Tracking Transportation & Logistics Analysis Financial Analysis & HR Analysis Sales Analysis, Nielsen Data True Customer Intelligence – Wholesale/Retail Supplier Scorecard & Ship-To Analysis Finance - Full Trial Balance P&L & HR Compensation
  21. 26 Challenges SunOpta: Customer Snapshot • Upgrade existing disparate business intelligence and reporting solutions, including Oracle Business Intelligence • Maximize profitability with a daily view of gross profit performance across all divisions • Reduce inventory exposure and related costs Solution • Deployed Qlik to 120 users across six functions in Canada, the Netherlands and the United States: – Sales Analysis - Financial performance by market, customer, and Division – Supply Chain Analysis - Evaluate inventory exposure – Financial Analysis - Measure gross profits, sales & contribution margins – Quality Analysis - Measure quality specifications and streamline product testing • First Division Sales Application Developed in 1 Week Benefit • Gained ability to identify low margin customers and respond with price increases or product line discontinuation • Reduced inventory exposure through better visibility into inventory levels and age • Garnered up to 85% in employee time and cost savings from elimination of wait time for reports from Oracle and other enterprise systems • Improved manufacturing cycle times with the ability to make real-time operational adjustments Qlik has made a direct impact on companywide performance through improved visibility of inventory and customer margin. Our finance and executive teams can quickly monitor financial performance by market and by customer and make necessary adjustments to inventory, costing, production and pricing. “ “ - Gerry Watts, President, SunOpta Fruit Group SunOpta Inc. About SunOpta • Industry: Retail and Wholesale Distribution • Leader in the natural and organic foods and natural health products markets • Headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, Canada • Founded in 1973
  22. Beckett Associates: Customer Snapshot Challenges • Analyze data from multiple sources without having to develop an Executive Data Warehouse • Enable self service reporting and analysis for end users • Improve inventory management to prevent unusable merchandise Solution • Deployed Qlik to high level executives in less than four weeks • Implemented solution across Sales, Operations, Supply Chain, Finance and HR functions • With Qlik, Beckett Associates supports visibility while handling the large data volume of nearly 15-20 million rows of records Benefit • Implemented better business process for reporting and data analysis, along with increased revenue. • Prevented merchandise from going unused • Increased revenue Qlik allowed us to gain greater visibility in our data than we ever thought imaginable. Now, we are able to effectively manage our inventory and stay up to date with the latest industry trends. “ “ Heather Sterk, IT Director, Beckett Associates About Beckett Associates • The largest North American distributor of trading cards (gaming, sports and entertainment), related trading card supplies and hot trend items • Provides retail supply chain management and specializes in category planning, planogram development, initial distribution, replenishment and merchandising of the modular for its retail partners • Industry: Retail & Wholesale Distribution Qlik Partner:
  23. Qlik Retail & Wholesale Industry Demo and Screenshots
  24. Qlik Omni-Channel Analytics Dashboard
  25. Qlik - Store Performance Dashboard
  26. Qlik- Margin Erosion Dashboard
  27. Qlik - Market Basket Analysis (Statistical Approach) Cross Sell & Affinity Surfaced from Alteryx Analytical Models via Qlik
  28. QlikView - Market Basket Analysis – Comparative Sets Cross sell uncovered by business user selections
  29. Qlik – Pricing What-If Scenario Analysis
  30. Qlik - Supply Chain – Item Analysis
  31. Qlik - Executive Dashboard
  32. Qlik – Merchandise Attribute Analysis Attributes like color, size, style, vendor, etc.
  33. Qlik – Store Performance & Weather
  34. Qlik – Social Media Analytics (Facebook) QV Source Adapter connects to Facebook
  35. Qlik – Social Media Analytics (Twitter) QV Source Adapter connects to Twitter
  36. Qlik - Financial Dashboard