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Backoffice Au Pk HTD

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Backoffice Au Pk HTD

  1. 1. PK AU BACKOFFICE 1Company Profile HTD
  2. 2. Resources and Rates Charged By Leading IT PK setups Company Profile HTD 2
  3. 3. Company Profile HTD 3
  4. 4. PK AU BACKOFFICE Monthly Expenses Company Profile HTD 4
  5. 5. Target Companies • Companies that are small and where the IT staff to non IT staff ratio is low. • Good brands. • Companies that are not going for outsourcing yet. Backup strategy • HTD can offer all the IT domain services individually. • HTD can package them as a group of one or two tailored services for the company. When we see that a company is lacking in specific areas, we pitch only a couple of the most urgently needed ones. 5Company Profile HTD
  6. 6. Issues & Opportunities • Providing a complete IT development + operations team in one location. This includes Project Mgmt, IT Support, HelpDesk, Development, Testing, Media Design, BI / Analytics and solution architects. • Are cheap even when compared to India. • The necessary on shore staff will be available to address any issue during the course of this long term relationship. • Offer a proactive edge to companies with the state of the art consultancy prevalent in only the top notch consulting firms like IBM, Teradata, Telenor etc. The overall experience is professional, fun and enriching while taking away the burdens of delivery and maintenance from the company. Thus they can be focused on the actual problem and product. • The virtual distance is reduced as a result of rapid collaboration on the internet and also face to face interaction with key stake holders on timely basis.. • The company operates with a continuous delivery agile process. This is the need of the hour for all companies. • The cost of this IT staff is explained in different scenarios in the following slides: 6Company Profile HTD
  7. 7. Rates vs. Savings Staff Rates AUD Per/hr 60% Savings 7Company Profile HTD
  8. 8. Comparative Rates vs. Savings PK Vs. India Staff Rates AUD Per/hr ( Own Setup) 30% Savings 8Company Profile HTD
  9. 9. www.hihomes.pk http://hihomes.pk/tech-division/ • HTD – Hi Tech Div • Hihomes.pk is leader in product Design-Build-Market and it will use industry exposure and experience keeping its focus on technology driven innovation diffusion in the launch of the new products. • Hihomes.pk will support the launch virtually and through its international offices. • COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) will provide technical support to HTD from the huge resources of CIIT through Cubator 1ne facilitation center, especially focusing on providing IT, ICT and Security Products and Services for a better connected, easily accessed, safe & secure environment through technological innovation, product integration and implementation. 9Company Profile HTD
  10. 10. Hi Tech Div • Hi Tech Div provides Consulting services and IT solutions to their clients in the following categories. • Technology Consulting – Business Intelligence – Data warehousing – Mobility solutions – Service Oriented Architecture – Application Management, Infrastructure Management – Database Operations Management – ERP , CCM, EIM • Applications • Integration Services • Training and Coaching 10Company Profile HTD
  11. 11. Delivery Model options Delivery Strategy Description Insourcing Utilizing internal organizational resources for all stages in the lifecycle Outsourcing Utilizing the resources of an external organization or organizations Co-sourcing The combination of Insourcing and Outsourcing to co-source key elements within the lifecycle Partnership or Multi- sourcing Formal arrangement between 2 or more organizations to work together. Focus on strategic partnerships to leverage expertise or market opportunities Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Formal arrangement between two organizations to relocate and manage an entire business function (for example payroll, call-centre) from a low-cost location Application Service Provision Formal agreement with an Application Service Provider (ASP) to provide shared computer based services over a network (sometimes called ‘on-demand’ software/applications) Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Provision of domain based processes and business expertise requiring advanced analytical and specialist skills from the outsourcer 11Company Profile HTD
  12. 12. Service Level Management — Activities – Design SLA frameworks – Identify Service Level Requirements (SLRs) • Agree and document Service Level Agreements (SLAs) • Negotiate and document Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) – Monitor service performance against SLA – Measure and improve Customer Satisfaction – Produce service reports – Conduct service reviews and instigate improvements – Review and revise SLAs, OLAs and UCs – Develop contacts and relationships – Manage complaints and compliment 12Company Profile HTD
  14. 14. UI DESIGN 14Company Profile HTD
  15. 15. MOBILE 15Company Profile HTD
  16. 16. CLIENT SIDE SCRIPTING 16Company Profile HTD
  17. 17. SERVER SIDE CMS 17Company Profile HTD
  18. 18. DESKTOP BASED 18Company Profile HTD
  19. 19. CLOUD 19Company Profile HTD
  20. 20. CLOUD 20Company Profile HTD
  22. 22. DEVELOPMENT & TEST METHODOLOGY 22Company Profile HTD
  23. 23. Thank you 23Company Profile HTD