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Hello Travel Affiliate program

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People who are trying to find new ways to create an income from home, usually look into affiliate marketing and very often the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs .

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Hello Travel Affiliate program

  2. 2. Hello travel Affiliate Program is the only affiliate program in Travel industry which pays on the sale of a travel enquiry. You bring enquiries and we sell it to our trusted network of more than 7500 travel specialists.We share up to 100% of the enquiry value. Every enquiry can get sold up to 4 times and travellers can choose any of the package of our connected travel specialists. Therefore, your website can also become a brand in travel industry.
  4. 4. REVENUE SHARING MODEL For Example: 1st Sale: 40% of $20 =$8 2nd Sale: 40% of $20=$8 3rd Sale: 40% of $20 =$8 4th Sale: 40% of $20 =$8 Total Revenue = $32
  5. 5. BANNER Email templates, subject lines will be provided. Opt-in database needs to be used. Place enquiry form widget on your site. Customizable, Different sizes available. Available Sizes Min. Width: 120px Fixed : 300x250px Destination wise banners of different sizes are available. All Adsense sizes available. WHAT WE PROVIDE TO OUR AFFILIATE PARTNERS?
  6. 6. JOIN TODAY We offer a simple online sign up form where you have your affiliate link up and running in a matter of minutes. Go to http://affiliates.hellotravel.com to register today.eading
  8. 8. E-14B, 2nd Floor, Sector 8, Noida, Uttar Pradesh -201301 affiliates@hellotravel.com Phone no: +91-9873091961